Why Did My Pink Heart Change to Smile Emoji on Snapchat

Are you midway between 13 and 27 years old? If yes, you probably have the Snapchat app loaded on your mobile device. The majority of individuals between these ages who have access to technology utilize the platform to communicate with friends and family. Snapchat understands just how to attract its target population, mostly Generation Z users. The platform is designed to make it look like a harmless and enjoyable activity; it is neither damaging nor time-consuming.

And speaking solely in terms of practicality, you are accurate. Snapchat may remain a little, unobtrusive presence in your life if it is utilized in the manner it was intended. Unfortunately, much as we disregard the serving amount on a Pringles box, people do not care how something is intended to be utilized.

Permit us to demonstrate how Snapchat’s seemingly innocuous features and minute nuances frequently entice users to overuse the tool.

Let’s speak about the little details: yellow is one of Snapchat’s themes, correct? However, did you know that our brains release endorphins when exposed to the hue yellow? When utilizing Snapchat, we physically feel happier and lighter. Snapchat’s streaks are a well-known core feature.

In today’s article, we’ll explore why your Snapchat pink heart turned into a smiling emoji. Stay with us until the finish of this blog to understand all about it!

Why Did My Snapchat Pink Heart Become a Smile Emoji?

If you’re a new Snapchat user, you likely need to learn the best friend emoticons. They’re a cool technique to determine which users you engage with frequently and which you don’t.

Here are the categories for these emojis:

Heart emoji in yellow (Besties): You are each other’s best buddy number one, which means you send the most snaps and text messages. It appears like someone is becoming friendly with their new acquaintance!

Red heart emoji (BFFs): You two have been number one best friends for two consecutive weeks. This is becoming grave!

Pink heart emoji (Besties): You have been number one best buddies for two consecutive months. You have attained the highest degree of friendship but be warned: keeping it is considerably more difficult. The game never stops!

Baby emoji (acquaintances): You’ve recently been acquainted with this individual. They have yet to qualify as best buddies. If you want them to rise the ranks more quickly, the only thing you can do is regularly snap and speak with them.

Smiley face emoji (BFs): They are one of your best friends; you connect frequently but are not each other’s best buddy number one. They are not now at the top, but they will get there. Or they could if you so desired.

Smiley face with sunglasses emoji (BFFs): One of their closest companions is also one of your closest companions. Is this an indication that you should also become best friends? Time alone will tell!

Smirking face emoji (One-sided friendship): You are one of their closest companions, but they are not one of yours. They send you several photographs, but you do not return the favor. Umm.

Grumpy face emoji (mutual friends): Your number one best buddy is their number one best friend. You and your friend send the most Snapchats to the same person.


On Snapchat, these emoticons represent a subsidiary level of friendship or the minor league of friendship levels. They depict certain connections but are not as intimate as the heart emojis, yet they serve a crucial role in elevating those pals to the top.

So, now that you know precisely what emojis signify, let’s address the first question: why did your pink heart emoji on Snapchat become a smiling emoji? It indicates that the person you were often snapping with no longer prioritizes you or that someone else has stolen your position.