Canceling LinkedIn Premium: How to Stop Your Subscription

As the digital landscape has evolved, business networking platforms have become an important part of the business world. LinkedIn is one such platform, offering users the benefit of networking with businesses and individuals across the globe. While many users opt for the free basic version, some businesses opt for the premium version that offers additional features. If you have decided to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription, this article will explain the steps necessary to do so.

1. Introduction to Canceling LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is a powerful platform for professionals who need to stay connected with their colleagues and find their next job opportunity. It offers a range of features, such as generating searchable profiles, advancing up to date career-related news, and engaging with key industry influencers.

However, with the changing needs of professionals, they may sometime find themselves uninterested in continuing their subscription. We will discuss herein the steps to cancel the Premium subscription and its corresponding benefits.

Here’s what you need to do to cancel:

  • Desktop
    • Log in to LinkedIn and open the Home page
    • Navigate to the navigation bar and there select “Settings and Privacy”
    • Select “Account” from the sidebar
    • Under Account tab select “Billing”
    • Choose to “Cancel your subscription” and select the “Do it” button
  • Mobile
    • Log in to LinkedIn
    • Tap the “Me” icon under the navigation bar
    • Tap the “Settings & Privacy” button
    • Tap “Billing” under “Settings & Privacy”
    • Tap “Cancel Your Subscription”
    • Tap the “Do it” button

2. Reasons for Canceling LinkedIn Premium

Cost: The most prominent reason for individuals to cancel their LinkedIn Premium account is due to costs. After the free trial period, users are required to pay a monthly fee. Even though LinkedIn Premium offers great services and value, not everyone may have the budget or financial resources to make the purchase.

Unnecessary for Job Search: Many users join LinkedIn Premium in an effort to improve their job search, as the premium subscription offers extras like deeper insights into job application data. However, this service may be unnecessary in some cases, if candidates already have a recruiter or if they apply through job aggregator websites. In addition, some users may find that the free version of LinkedIn is sufficient for their job search efforts.

Already Utilizing Other Services: Another potential reason for wanting to cancel LinkedIn Premium is that users may simply prefer taking advantage of other services for the same type of features. This can include services like social media platforms, video chatting apps and other career-specific websites. Each of these offer the kind of features that LinkedIn Premium offers.

3. How to Cancel Your Subscription

If you wish to cancel your subscription with us, our team of customer support agents would be glad to assist you. There are two methods you can use to cancel your subscription:

  • Method 1: Cancel the subscription via our website
  • Method 2: Contact customer support agents

Method 1: Cancel the subscription via our website
The first method is to use our website for cancellation. All you have to do is log into your account and under the “Subscriptions” tab, you’ll find a “Cancel” button. Click this button to initiate the cancellation process. You may be asked to fill in a few details in a form about why you are cancelling the subscription.

Method 2: Contact customer support agents
The alternative method you can use to cancel your subscription is to contact our customer support agents. You can either email the team at [email protected] or call them on 123456789. They may ask a few questions regarding why you wish to cancel the subscription and provide you with additional assistance as needed.

4. Considering Alternatives to Cancellation

When faced with the decision to either proceed with a certain event or cancel it, looking for alternative strategies might be the smarter choice. Before delving into this, it is important to outline key factors to determine possible alternatives.

To begin, assessing available budget is a must. Despite the situation, expenses might have already been incurred, and a plan must be prepared to manage allocated money. Additionally, the amount earned must be calculated to detect potential loss. As a result, different strategies may be necessary to recoup some costs.

Furthermore, discovering alternative methods of engagement is essential in this process. Using technologies such as virtual events, live streaming platforms, or even maintaining a presence on relevant social media pages are all ways to keep the public engaged with the event. Utilizing creative and innovative approaches like these in the situation can prove to be beneficial and cost-effective.

  • Assess available budget and potential loss
  • Discover alternative methods of engagement
  • Make use of cost-effective and creative approaches

5. What to Consider After Canceling LinkedIn Premium

Maintain Your Revised Network: If you recently downgraded your service, consider reaching out to all of your contacts. Let your network know that you are still engaged and plan to remain actively involved. Invite your contacts to join you on other channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Leverage Free Options: Many of the features that LinkedIn Premium offered are also available on the free version. For instance, you can still send message requests and manage your account, just with a few restrictions. Take the time to determine which free options are the best fit for you.

Alternative Paths: By canceling LinkedIn Premium, you may have also blocked yourself from significant growth opportunities. Consider other paths of advancement, both on the platform and outside of it. One of the most effective strategies is to diversify your approach with an integrated approach, including contributions to personal websites, forums, and other outlets.

  • Reach out to your contacts
  • Utilize free options
  • Explore alternative paths

In conclusion, canceling your LinkedIn Premium subscription is a straightforward process. Once you have followed the steps outlined above, you will not be charged for the service going forward. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the LinkedIn Premium cancellation policy to understand the timing involved with your subscription and to ensure that your data is maintained after cancellation.

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