Copying Your LinkedIn URL: A Quick and Easy Guide

Copying and sharing your LinkedIn profile URL is an important step in connecting with potential employers, networking partners, and more. But if you don’t know how to find and properly copy your URL, it can be difficult to get started. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. This quick and easy guide will show you exactly how to find and copy your LinkedIn URL in a few simple steps.

1. Introduction to Copying Your LinkedIn URL

Having a publicly available URL of your LinkedIn profile is a great way to share your professional experience with others. You can include this URL on your resume and other digital resources to give employers and potential networking contacts an easy way to see what you have to offer and what you have accomplished. The following guide will help you determine how to copy your LinkedIn URL and use it in various forms:

  • Shortening Your URL
  • Finding Your Profile ID
  • Including Your URL on Other Platforms

To get started, first you need to copy your URL. You can copy your URL directly from your profile page. On the right-hand side, find the URL listed in the “Public Profile” section. Copy the entire URL and save it in a text document or other resource. This is your original URL and can be used as-is.

If you need to shorten the URL, you can use a free web service such as All you need to do is paste your URL in the box and click the “Shorten” button. Bitly will then create a shorter URL which you can use as-is or share with others.

2. Benefits of Sharing Your LinkedIn URL

Sharing your LinkedIn URL is key in professional networking. Through this simple action, you can open yourself up to a variety of different opportunities.

1. Strengthen Your Personal Brand
By sharing your LinkedIn URL, you can add credibility to your professional standing. Employers, recruiters and colleagues alike can view your page, witness your accomplishments, and get a snapshot into who you are. As you continually nurture your profile, more information will be visible and the stronger your professional brand will become.

2. Expand Your Network
By allowing peers and colleagues to view your profile, you will open the door to future connections. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and is a great way to stay connected with your fellow professionals and build relationships in the industry.

3. Gaining Visibility
Your profile and the content you share through LinkedIn can boost your visibility among employers, recruiters and colleagues. If a potential client or employer is searching for someone with your qualifications, your profile can help you stand out and make an impression.
To gain maximum visibility:

  • Keep your profile up-to-date
  • Set your profile to public
  • Regularly post relevant content
  • Engage with the community by commenting and liking other posts

3. Steps to Easily Copy Your LinkedIn URL

Have you ever needed to quickly copy the link to your LinkedIn profile to share with an employer or recruiter? Here are easy steps to locate and copy your LinkedIn URL:

Step 1: Send Yourself a Message A simple way to copy your LinkedIn URL is to send a message to yourself. Once you’ve sent the message, go to your Inbox and select the message you sent by clicking on it. This should take you to your profile page. In the address bar at the top, you’ll find your LinkedIn URL.

Step 2: Locate Your Profile Settings First, click on “Me” in the top navigation bar of the LinkedIn page. This takes you to your profile page. On the right side of the page, you’ll see a settings icon. Expand the list and select “View my profile.” This will take you to a public version of your profile that has its own URL.

Step 3: Copy the LinkedIn URL Once you’re on the public version of your profile, select the URL in the address bar. Right click and select “Copy,” or use the shortcut Ctrl + C on your keyboard. Your LinkedIn URL has now been copied and can be shared with anyone you like.

4. Prevention of Error When Copying Your LinkedIn URL

When it comes to sharing your LinkedIn URL with potential connections, accuracy is key. A typo or forgotten character can render the entire link useless. Follow these tips to ensure that your URL is always copied correctly:

  • Use a shortened URL – use a service such as bitly to create a shorter version of the URL. You will be able to copy the shortened URL without accidentally omitting any characters.
  • Check the auto-filled link – when you go to copy the link, take a few moments to make sure that it is cut off. If it is, make any corrections before you send it.

Test the URL – manually type the URL to your browser and check that you can access your profile. This is the most fool-proof way to make sure that your LinkedIn URL was copied correctly.

5. Conclusion: Quick and Easy Guide to Copying Your LinkedIn URL

Browsing LinkedIn is a great way to expand your professional connections. It’s also a great way to advertise your qualifications to potential employers. But if you want to share your LinkedIn URL, you need to know how to copy it. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you out.

Step 1: Log into Your Account
Open up the LinkedIn homepage and log into your account. Make sure you do this from a secure browser.

Step 2: Open Your Profile
Once you’re logged in, click the “Me” icon on the top bar. This will bring up your profile. You’ll see your profile photo, headline, and details of your profile.

Step 3: Copy Your URL
Look to the top right corner of the profile. You’ll see a box with your name and a long string of numbers and letters. Highlight the entire URL and right-click to copy it.

  • Log into your profile.
  • Open your profile.
  • Copy your URL in the top right corner.

And that’s it! In just three simple steps, you can easily copy and share your LinkedIn URL. Now you’re ready to start networking!

By following the steps laid out in this article, you can now easily and conveniently copy your LinkedIn profile URL. Knowing your profile URL is important as it allows you to share your profile with others in seconds and makes it easier for interested parties to access your profile.

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