Did Your Yellow Heart Emoji Disappear on Snapchat? Here’s Why

Instead of learning anything of depth or worth, the majority of Internet-using youth have learned how to abuse it for cheap dopamine hits. This is why those that emerge wiser and smarter receive credit and accolades, even though this should be the desired outcome for everyone. Initially, content providers and social media platforms attempted to produce relevant and useful material. Nonetheless, it has been evident over time that this generation is not interested in learning.

They truly want mindless, entertaining stuff that makes them enjoy it while it lasts but leaves them numb thereafter.

TikTok is an excellent illustration of this hypothesis; it’s out there, disguised as a sheep in wolf’s clothes. Every user on the platform is aware of the negative impacts of frequent scrolling and mindless media intake, yet nevertheless chooses to engage in it.

Snapchat is another practically worthless social media network, yet teens today like using it. Snapchat, to give credit where credit is due, is an innovative and aesthetically pleasing platform that has drawn users through bold innovation.

Snapstreaks, bitmojis, and tales are the platform’s Unique Selling Propositions. The most inventive of the three is Snapstreaks. This ostensibly innocent feature has achieved something few systems can claim: reliance. Users must use Snapchat regularly to maintain their streak.

Today’s blog will discuss why your Snapchat yellow heart symbol disappeared. Stay with us till the conclusion of this blog to understand all about it.

Did Your Snapchat Yellow Heart Emoji Disappear? This Is Why

If your actual best friend is on Snapchat, there is an unspoken requirement that you must be their number one best buddy on Snapchat as well. Confused? Let us explain why this is the case.

Snapchat is a vast platform; you can communicate with anyone on the globe who has a Snapchat profile. If someone you’ve never met is your number one best friend on a social media network, but your best buddy is only one of your best friends, this is not a good look.

There is nothing you can do specifically to make someone your Snapchat best buddy number one. Simply engage with them more frequently than everyone else on the site. If you are best friends in real life, you will not even notice when they become your number one best buddy; it is that effortless. Let us explain in detail how this occurs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see on Instagram that you are your best friend’s number one best friend? Snapchat’s design team is aware of the fact that everyone enjoys recognition and effort.

Consequently, Snapchat tracks the frequency of your interactions with other users on the network. Using this information, they then calculate the strength of your link and provide you with the findings.

You may be best friends, besties, lifelong best pals, and much more.

We are aware that you are likely feeling quite confused right now. We are here to assist you, and that is precisely what we will do.

Here is what the Snapchat emoticons signify in terms of friendships:

Yellow emoji heart: You are each other’s number one best buddy, which means you snap and talk the most. Amusing, right?

Red Heart Emoji: You two have been number one best buddies for two weeks in a row. This is becoming grave!

Pink heart emoji: You have been number one best buddies for two consecutive months. You have attained the highest degree of friendship!

These three are the highest degrees of friendship on Snapchat; if your best friend in real life does not have these emoticons, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship with them.

Baby Emoji: You have just become friends with this individual. Yay!

Smiling face emoji: This individual is one of your closest pals. You connect frequently, but you are not each other’s closest friend.

Emoji of a grin with sunglasses: One of their closest companions is also one of your closest companions. Aren’t mutual friends the greatest?

Smirking face emoji: You are among their closest companions, yet they are not yours. They send you several photographs, but it appears that you are not reciprocating. Umm.

Grimacing face emoji: Your number one best buddy is also your number one best friend. You and your friend send the most Snapchats to the same person.

These Snapchat emoticons represent the lower league of friendship levels. Although they depict partnerships, they are not as intimate as love emojis.

Why Did Your Snapchat Yellow Heart Emoji Disappear?

We’re certain that you now understand why your yellow heart emoji disappeared on Snapchat. Because you or your alleged closest buddy have begun interacting with another user on the platform. This other involvement is greater than their engagement with you, which led to the dissolution of your tie.

Or perhaps you have made a new acquaintance. The more you communicate with this new buddy, the more tenuous your relationship with your best friend will become, until you are no longer best friends except on Snapchat.

But don’t be alarmed; it’s only Snapchat. For that emoji to be reintroduced, all you need to do is interact with them and reduce your communication with other individuals.

Contacting Snapchat to reinstall the emoji would be a completely futile action in this situation since they will not comply.


As we conclude this blog, let’s review everything we’ve talked about today.

Snapchat is a big social media network with several appealing and addicting features, especially for adolescents and young adults. We have covered the functionality and meaning of Snapchat’s friendship emoticons.

Something is amiss if your yellow heart emoji disappears from the platform. However, it’s not a huge problem; simply reengage with your closest buddy and it will return in no time. No, you cannot contact Snapchat by email or phone to get this issue corrected.

If our blog has been of use to you in any way, please let us know in the space below!