How Long Does It Take for Yellow Heart Emoji to Disappear on Snapchat

If there were a “originality meter” that measured and ranked people’s creativity based on how differently they did things in comparison to others, Snapchat’s inventors would be among the most inventive software developers in history. Snapchat is without a doubt one of the most inventive social media applications ever created. Active users of social media are familiar with its out-of-the-box capabilities. A few days of using the application reveals that it was created with a remarkable combination of creativity, comedy, and originality.

Snapchat’s specific emphasis on Friends and Emojis, and how they interact together, is especially obvious. Avid Snapchat users are aware that Snapchat was designed for conversing with friends and that it rewards users with emoticons for doing so.

The more often you communicate with a buddy, the more emojis you receive. Each emoji serves as a status that reflects your friend’s talking habits. One of these emojis is the yellow heart emoji, which signifies “best friends” status.

Snapchat’s Friend Emojis are among the most intriguing features of the site. Learn the meaning of Friend Emojis and how long it takes for the yellow emoji to fade by reading on.

What do Snapchat’s Friend Emojis mean?

Before answering your first question concerning yellow emojis, let’s investigate the meaning of Friend Emojis.

Snapchat is noted, among other things, for its interactive features that are either exclusive to Snapchat or inspired by Snapchat. Consequently, if Snapchat is the most engaging social media network, emojis are largely responsible for its interactivity.

Creators of the site are aware of the significance of emojis in the contemporary online environment. Consequently, they included emojis to keep users on the platform for weeks, months, and even years.

Friend Emojis symbolize the manner in which you converse with your pals. Different emojis display on the Chats screen beside each buddy’s conversation based on the frequency of your interactions with that friend. In a sense, emoticons represent your proximity to Snapchat.

Snapchat offers an extensive library of emoticons. Here is a list of Snapchat’s buddy emojis:

Best Friends

Your best friends on Snapchat are the individuals with whom you engage the most. Simply put, you send the most photos to this individual. Obviously, it is possible to have numerous BFs concurrently.

Best Friends

The yellow heart emoji displays next to a buddy if you are each other’s number one best friend. This indicates that you both send the most Snapchats to each other.


When you and your buddy have been each other’s number one best friend for at least two weeks but less than two months, the red heart emoji will display next to your friend’s name.

Super BFFs

The double pink heart emoji displays next to your BFF’s name in Chats once you’ve maintained your BFFs status for two consecutive months. In other words, this emoji occurs after at least two consecutive months of being each other’s best buddy.


This emoji shows next to a friend’s name on their birthday, so that you don’t forget.

Shared Besties

This emoji shows next to a friend’s name if you and that buddy share a mutual best friend who is also your best friend.

Mutual BFFs

This emoji shows next to a buddy if you both share a best friend.

Snap streak

If you and a buddy exchange daily snaps, this emoji shows next to the friend’s name. To sustain a Snapstreak, each of you must continue emailing each other at least one photo every day. If one of you forgets to send the other a Snap, the streak is ended and the emoji is removed.

Snap Streak Is Ending

This emoji serves as a daily reminder to send a Snap to a buddy in order to maintain your Snap streak for the day.

Each of these emoticons represents a snapping behavior between you and your buddies. Let’s now concentrate on the Yellow Heart emoji in particular.

How Long Does It Take for Snapchat’s Yellow Heart Emoji to Disappear?

As previously described, the yellow heart emoji appears when you and your friend are each other’s number one best friend.

Keep in mind that all of the aforementioned friend emojis are dynamic, meaning they can emerge, vanish, or switch from one buddy to another on their own. This occurs due to the inherent nature of these emojis. As your snapping habits evolve, so will these emoticons.

It is still unclear how long the Yellow Emoji takes to fade. Snapchat has not made this obvious, and users appear to provide conflicting responses to this issue. We only know that emojis appear and disappear based on your most recent photograph.

Given that each of these emojis represents your and your friends’ current and prior snapping actions, you may one day realize that the Yellow Heart Emoji has vanished from its previous location. This might have two meanings:

You no longer send as many Snapchats to your buddies as you once did.


Your acquaintance has ceased sending you as many photographs as before.

If that person is no longer at the top of the Best Friends list on your Chat screen, you are responsible (1st reason).

However, if the same buddy remains at the top of your list of Best Friends, it indicates that they have recently been excessively snapping with someone else, which is unfortunate.


Without emojis, it would be impossible to picture Snapchat being as entertaining and engaging as it is now. However, they can emerge and vanish at any time, which may be perplexing.

This blog post explores the meanings of certain frequent Snapchat emoticons and why the yellow heart emoji may abruptly disappear. Although there is no set duration after which the emoji will disappear, it will constantly depend on your most recent behavior.

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