Discover the Most Popular Videos on Any YouTube Channel

How satisfied on YouTube can keep you occupied for quite a long time. This shouldn’t imply that all the substance on YouTube merits watching. Indeed, even among the most well-known recordings on YouTube, some will feel like an exercise in futility.

Notwithstanding, assuming you’re hoping to begin your own YouTube channel, you should look at the opposition first. Figure out how to track down the most seen recordings on YouTube by channel, utilizing catchphrases, or utilizing unique YouTube graphs.

Instructions to Track down the Most Seen Recordings on YouTube by Classification

Whether you’re looking for the most well-known recordings on YouTube for diversion or as a piece of your exploration, the least demanding method for finding them is to look by classification or utilizing watchwords. To track down the most seen recordings on YouTube by class, follow the means underneath.

  1. Settle on the subject (classification, or a catchphrase) of the recordings. Whether it’s tech help or relationship guidance you’re looking for, settle on your watchwords and type them into the pursuit bar on YouTube. Then select Inquiry.
  2. You’ll see the rundown of recordings consequently arranged by Importance. That implies that YouTube will sort the list items as per your survey inclinations, not as per the video’s view count.
  3. That’s what to change, select filter to open pursuit channels.
  4. Under Sort by, select View count.

Presently the recordings in the first spot on the list are the most-seen recordings on YouTube in your picked classification.

Step-by-step instructions to Look through the Most Seen Recordings by Channel

Assuming that you’re investing a great deal of energy in YouTube, you presumably have a couple of your number one channels, similar to those channels that you figure everybody ought to buy into. YouTube permits you to see any channel’s most-seen recordings involving Channels also. To look through the most seen recordings by channel, follow the means beneath.

  1. Open YouTube and find your desired channel to see the most famous recordings.
  2. Select Recordings from the channel’s menu. You’ll see the rundown of the recordings arranged by Transfer Date.
  3. That’s what to change, in the upper-right corner of the screen, select Sort by > Generally famous.

The recordings that you find at the start of the rundown are the most-seen recordings on the channel.

Instructions to Track down the Most Seen Recordings Ever on YouTube

Imagine a scenario where you simply need to watch out for the most seen YouTube content without arranging it by any channel or class. You can do it by looking at the pages that practice YouTube patterns. If you likewise have any desire to keep informed about the newly popular video patterns, we suggest bookmarking these pages for some time later.

Discover the Most Popular Videos on Any YouTube Channel

Statista and Wikipedia

If you have any desire to see the most-seen recordings on YouTube at all-time, sadly, there isn’t some method for doing this on YouTube itself. To see this kind of information, you want to investigate locales that track YouTube sees like Statista or Wikipedia. You’ll get a rundown of the recordings with the most perspectives ever on YouTube, refreshed frequently, yet not continuously:

Famous on YouTube

The Famous on YouTube is a channel that assembles the most recent viral recordings, most saw trailers, well-known music clasps, and parody snaps that individuals are right now watching.

You can peruse the recordings by classifications, such as Famous at present, The Day to day “Aww”, The present Most entertaining Clasps and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can see by the number of perspectives on every video as this channel just exhibits the most-seen YouTube recordings ever.

YouTube Music Graphs

YouTube Music Outlines is a decent spot for looking for the most well-known music recordings in the U.S. on YouTube. You can look through the classifications, similar to Top Melodies, or Top Specialists, or just deal with the main 100 music recordings that are positioned by their ubiquity on YouTube.

YouTube Patterns

YouTube Patterns is a blog that covers each of the current and past patterns on the stage. You can track down the most seen gaming recordings there, as well as the record-breaking most-seen music recordings, and a rundown of Moving Recordings that is continually refreshed by the YouTube group.

Step-by-step instructions to See Your Seen Recordings

For those clients who now have their channel on YouTube and their own YouTube studio, realizing what the most seen recordings on their channel are fundamental for future development. To see your most-seen recordings on YouTube, follow the means underneath.

  1. Open your YouTube channel.
  2. In the channel menu, select Examination > Top Recordings > See More.

You’ll then see the rundown of your transferred recordings on YouTube with the most-seen ones at the first spot on the list. You can likewise find other helpful data in the Examination area, like the number of perspectives, the typical view term, and all-out watch time in minutes.

Keep steady over YouTube Patterns Consistently

One method for keeping YouTube’s famous substance within reach is by saving everything to your own YouTube playlist. You can make separate records for various classifications of recordings, or hold them generally together in one major graph. To continuously approach these recordings, figure out how to download total YouTube playlists.

What’s your #1 YouTube video? Has it at any point been moving on YouTube? Share your YouTube different preferences in the remarks segment beneath.


Q:What is the most famous video on a YouTube channel?
A:In January 2021, Child Shark Dance turned into the main YouTube video to outperform 10 billion perspectives, after grabbing the crown of most-seen YouTube video ever from the previous record holder “Despacito” one year prior. “Child Shark Dance” presently has 12.3 billion lifetime sees on YouTube.

Q:Who is the #1 watched Youtuber?
A:The most-bought in feed is that of Indian record mark T-Series, which has its music recordings on its channel. With more than 235 million supporters as of February 2023, the channel has stood firm on the top foothold since April 14, 2019.

Q:How much pay per 1,000 perspectives on YouTube?
A:Because of these reasons, among others, the genuine compensation per video perspective on YouTube is around $0.003 to $0.005. This implies a YouTuber makes $3 to $5 per every 1,000 perspectives their recordings get. You can utilize the AdSense income number cruncher to get a good guess of the amount you can make every year from YouTube.

Q:How would I track down the most seen recordings?
A:How might I track down my most-seen video on YouTube? You can track down your most-seen video on YouTube by going to the YouTube Channel page of your record and going to your recordings and arranging it by choosing the Most Famous Choice.

Q:Could Youtubers at any point check whether you watched the entire video?
A:How would you take a look at your perspectives on YouTube? Anybody can perceive the number of watchers that watched a given YouTube video by checking the number on the lower left-hand corner of the edge.

Q:Who is the No 1 individual YouTuber?
A:Who Is The #1 Most Bought in YouTuber? As of December 2022, MrBeast is the most-bought in YouTuber, with 116 million supporters.