How Long Do Best Friends Last on Snapchat Find Out Now

Snapchat has become one of the most popular image-sharing apps among millennials and members of Generation Z. Since its debut in 2011, this social networking platform has consistently added new features and undergone frequent updates. Its vocabulary and algorithms are continually evolving, which frequently confuses infrequent users.

For example, the red heart emoji implies that you are each other’s best friend, the two pink hearts emoji is the Super BFF emoji, the yellow heart emoji is the Besties emoji, and the smiling face emoji is the Best Friend Emoji. If you have multiple connections on Snapchat, you may choose eight people as your Best Friends.

On this site, you are unable to nominate or pick your BFF or Super BFF. All of it is enlisted according to Snapchat’s algorithm. To master all of Snapchat’s functions, consistent use is required.

Snapchat Best Friend Emojis Algorithm

Snapchat does not fully reveal the details of the algorithm that governs your Best Friends list. The only thing that users are aware of is that their Best Friends are the individuals with whom they connect frequently; those who frequently send and receive snaps and messages from them.

Before 2018, Snapchat’s algorithm monitored users’ interactions throughout the previous week and created a list based on the number of interactions. Currently, the algorithm is more advanced and takes into account parameters such as the number of sent and received snaps and participation in group chats.

Snapchat Friend Emojis

If you examine your Best Friends list on Snapchat closely, you will see little emoticons next to each of their names.

The specific meanings of these emojis are detailed below.

Double Pink Heart: This emoji signifies that you have been each other’s number-one best friend for the past two months.

Red Heart: This red heart emoji signifies that you have been each other’s number-one best buddies for the past two weeks.

Yellow Heart: When this emoji displays next to a person’s name, it indicates that the two of you are Best Friends. This is the individual that sends and receives the most photos from you.

Smiling: When the smiley emoji displays next to a user’s name on Snapchat, the user is one of your Best Friends. This is a person with whom you interact often.

Grimacing Face: If the grimacing face emoji displays next to someone’s name on Snapchat, it means that you are a mutual best friend. This signifies that your best friend is also their best friend.

Now that you have a general understanding of the many types of best friend emoticons on Snapchat, you may proceed.

Let’s examine how long best-friend emoticons remain on Snapchat.

How Long Do Friendships on Snapchat Last?

You cannot expect to be a person’s Snapchat closest friend if you send them hundreds of snaps and messages every day. To preserve the Best Friend emoji, you must continue consistent communication.

Even though Snapchat does not explicitly declare its algorithm, the best friend emoji would probably disappear within a week or two if you and your best friend stopped sending each other snaps and messages.

Another way your best friend emoji might go is if your contact begins to send more snaps and texts to others than to you.

Can you view other users’ Best Friends?

In previous versions of Snapchat, it was possible to monitor the best friends of other users. However, this is no longer allowed on the platform following a recent upgrade. Only you can now access your best friends list on Snapchat.


We have concluded our blog. Today, we learned that Snapchat’s algorithm’s specifics are not publicly disclosed. However, if you fully cease interacting with your contact, the Best Friend emoji will disappear within one week.

Another important point from the blog is that you cannot directly modify your Snapchat Best Friends list. The application would adapt based on your level of contact with other users on the platform. If this blog post has helped you understand how Snapchat works, please let us know in the comment sections below. Please inform us if you have any more questions.

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