Few Simple Step To Get Verified On TikTok Easily

Even if your goal is not to become the next Charli D’Amelio, it is worthwhile to learn how to obtain TikTok certification.

The social media network has around 1 billion active users per month. That’s a massive potential audience to exploit.

Verified TikTok accounts receive higher visibility and a measure of credibility. A verification badge is essentially TikTok’s official seal of approval.

Read on if you’ve ever wondered how to obtain a blue checkmark on TikTok. This article explains what TikTok verification is, why it is important, and how to get your verification application accepted.

What does becoming verified on TikTok mean?

Similar to other social media sites, a blue checkmark on TikTok indicates that an account’s identity has been verified. Generally, verification is reserved for celebrities, companies, and influencers. Copycats are most likely to target these accounts.

However, you do not need to be incredibly popular to get verified on TikTok. In reality, a variety of businesses (even Spikeball!) are TikTok-verified.

Continue reading to get the most vital information about how to get verified on TikTok.

Why become verified on TikTok?

In conclusion, TikTok verification may assist in establishing and solidifying your brand. A TikTok-verified badge may propel your career to new heights if you are a singer, actor, writer, or even company owner.

However, here is a more extensive explanation of why becoming certified is advantageous.


On the day of the NBA trade deadline, social media profiles frequently pose as league insiders. A verification badge indicates that your identification has been validated by TikTok. This blue checkmark next to your user name establishes your authenticity and provides you credibility.


Unconfirmed claims indicate that the TikTok algorithm prefers verified accounts. This indicates that verified accounts are more likely to be displayed on your FYP. More visibility leads to more likes, which might result in more followers.


Verified accounts frequently engage with one another. Being verified on the app means that your favorite celebs and influencers may reply to your comments and direct messages. They may even respond to your business partnership inquiries.

How many followers or views are required for TikTok verification?

Regarding verification, there is no magic number of followers or views required. Because TikTok does not automatically check massive accounts, this is the case.

Some successful authors have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, but no blue checkmark.

However, similar to other social sites, TikTok allows users to seek verification.

In the past, TikTok utilized its private verification technique. Staff would seek out and provide TikTok verification badges to content creators whose videos are popular and of good quality.

Now, TikTok users may seek verification from within the application. However, applying is the simple part; demonstrating your eligibility for verification will be more difficult.

You can schedule postings, analyze them, and reply to comments from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

How to seek TikTok verification

In November 2022, TikTok launched the ability to seek verification, so you may not have access to this option just yet. If you do, though, initiating the verification procedure on TikTok is rather simple.

  • Hit your Profile in the bottom-right corner of the TikTok app, then tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Options and privacy.
  • Select Manage account, followed by Verification. You can only apply for Business Verification if you have a Business Account. If you have a Personal Account, you are eligible to apply for Personal and Institutional Verifications.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to submit a request for verification.
  • After submitting your request, you must wait for the TikTok staff to evaluate your application. It is unclear how long this wait may last. In certain instances, it might take up to 30 days.

Five suggestions for TikTok verification

The application process for TikTok verification is simple. Ensuring that your application is accepted? This is a bit more difficult.

However, the following techniques and tactics will increase your chances of being validated by the TikTok staff that hands out the coveted blue check.

1. Identify your specialty and continue to produce

Establishing a brand on social media requires regular publication of popular and credible content. Once you are recognized for anything, it is simpler to recruit, maintain, and expand your following. For this reason, it is essential to immediately begin creating captivating content and to keep your foot on the gas.

It aids in staying abreast of TikTok’s difficulties and current hashtags. TikTok customers like brands who engage in TikTok trends; this is an established truth.

And because music is one of the most significant things on TikTok, you should follow the hottest songs and musicians on the network. Incorporating them into your films is a simple way to capitalize on their popularity.

In addition, there is always the possibility that participation in a viral dance challenge will result in a stitch or duet from another TikTok-verified account.

Additionally, you will need to analyze your videos. What types of materials are performing well, and what types are performing poorly? This might help you assess the effect of your material and determine the optimal publication timings.

2. Become prominent in the media

It turns out that conventional channels for creating stars are still relevant! Who would have known?

However, traditional media coverage is not the only factor. Yes, it is beneficial to be featured in a magazine, newspaper, or on television or the radio. However, participating in online postings, YouTube videos, and podcasts alongside other well-respected producers is also an excellent method to share your message.

What was that? These locations are also seeking material. Simply provide them with a cause to want to showcase you.
Following relevant noteworthy or trending subjects is beneficial. If people want to hear your viewpoint on current events, your likelihood of getting featured increases.

3. Obtain verification on another social networking site

Other social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, also permit verification applications. And once you have been confirmed on one site, you have a far greater chance of being verified on another.

Each of these platforms has its own set of criteria that users must follow to be verified.

  • Facebook prefers to authenticate accounts that serve as authoritative, professional representations of a brand.
  • Twitter certifies noteworthy, active accounts belonging to one of six categories. In some instances, you will be required to produce evidence of authenticity or notability.
  • Instagram is difficult to master. Essentially, it will only check accounts with a high likelihood of impersonation.
  • Verification on other social networks enhances the likelihood of verification on TikTok. A blue checkmark on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram indicates to the TikTok staff that you are an internet celebrity.
  • And these accounts may be linked to your TikTok account. Verification on many other networks may even let you become TikTok-verified without any followers!

4. Go viral

This may seem somewhat clear. However, the majority of TikTik accounts have at least one viral explosion before verification. Getting on the platform’s “For You” tab may provide a significant increase in your followers and views, as well as bring you to TikTok’s attention.

There is no scientific recipe for becoming viral on TikTok, but there are techniques that improve your chances. Here are a few ways to accomplish that:

Introduce the video with an engaging hook. You must ensure that your video is captivating within the first few seconds, otherwise, consumers will just scroll away. The opening of this TikTok user’s video on friends’ reactions to your ex is quite catchy.

Respond to the remarks. This can help you engage potential fans and increase your video’s exposure. You should strive to establish a community with each post.

5. Observe the regulations

Similar to other social media platforms, TikTok will only verify accounts that adhere to its community standards and terms of service. If you break these guidelines, your account will be flagged by TikTok’s administrators. Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood that a flag may harm your prospects of getting confirmed.

One last tip
Even if it seems contradictory, do not place excessive emphasis on verification. If you follow the stages and achieve the aforementioned criteria naturally and genuinely, you will succeed. Just remember to have fun as well.

Questions often posed concerning TikTok’s verified verification

What does the blue check on TikTok indicate?
The blue check on TikTok is a confirmed badge. It indicates that TikTok has authenticated the identity of the account.

Can TikTok verification be purchased?
You cannot purchase TikTok verification. If someone offers to sell you a verification badge, avoid them; they are attempting to defraud you.

How many views or follows are required for verification?
TikTok does not automatically verify accounts with a large number of views or followers; nevertheless, these users can ask for verification! TikTok is ultimately more interested in certifying accounts that are either well-known or undergoing constant, exponential growth. Going viral doesn’t hurt!

Do you get paid if your TikTok account is verified?
This is a bit more difficult. Verified TikTokers do not get payment from the platform (unless they join the Creator Fund), but they are more likely to catch the attention of marketers seeking new content partnerships.

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