How Long Does It Take to Lose Super BFF on Snapchat

Snapchat is immensely popular among users, and its white ghost logo is instantly recognizable worldwide. Many of us use the app as a preferable alternative to other social media sites that allow users to peruse feeds and post publicly visible likes and comments. With Snapchat, you can just take photos of your closest friends or anybody you’ve added and share your stories; nothing else is required. If you enjoy Snapchat, you will value the thoughtful features it gives to brighten its users’ days.

We are positive that you and your closest friends have sought to attain those outstanding BFF double pink hearts. Do you know why the super Bff emoji is the most distinctive of all the available stickers?

Only after two months of being best friends on the site will it appear next to your best friend’s name. However, you may lose it instantly, although it takes both of you two months of dedication to become amazing Bffs on the app.

How long does it take to drop a Super Bff? Knowing this will allow us to practice greater caution and be better prepared for the occurrence so that we can handle it.

Consequently, let’s discover the answer to this issue today.

How Long Does It Take to Lose a Snapchat Super friend?

If you have not been living under a rock, it is likely that you have used Snapchat or are at least familiar with it. Moreover, if you use Snapchat, you are likely already aware of the stickers that display in the upper-right corner of some messages.

The maximum number of best friends on Snapchat is eight. And it allows users to assess the level of friendship between themselves and other app users using stickers. The objective is to obtain a fantastic Bff sticker, which indicates that you and your friend have gone a long way.

Everyone is aware that losing a Snapchat super BFF frequently occurs. Software developers have never mentioned exactly how such an algorithm operates. We can only recommend that you be as consistent as you have been over the past two months. And if you continue to be successful, you will never lose the pink hearts.

Interactional patterns on Snapchat with others

This might be determined by the number of people you send snaps to and how frequently you send and receive them! Consequently, your contacts are of great importance.

For example, if you submit 50 or 60 photographs every day, it would take the platform fewer days to remove your amazing Bff label. The snapshots contain text, photographs, and videos. However, it should also imply that they are constant and their participation is reciprocal.

The breaking becomes unilateral

Possibly, you and your closest buddy are not truly snapping that often. You will indeed lose your awesome BFF stickers if your interactions with your BFF diminish. Nonetheless, you may counter that you’re maintaining the same consistency as before. Then your friend has likely been exchanging regular Snapchat with someone else, resulting in the loss of your great BFF status.

Keep in mind that your super Bff status will be affected if any of you increases your friendship status with another user on the platform to an excessive degree. As soon as Snapchat’s algorithm recognizes this, you will begin to lose your super BFF loves.


This concludes our debate on how long it takes to lose your best Snapchat friend. We observed that the software conceals the period and does not disclose it directly.

However, while the length varies from person to person, it is influenced by several diverse factors. We’ve discussed a few topics and offered you tips on how to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your amazing BFF.

Also, keep in mind that losing a wonderful BFF is more troublesome than keeping one. Maintain constancy and do not let your efforts go to waste!