How To Change My Phone Number On Telegram

Changing your phone number on Telegram is an important step towards keeping your account secure. Keeping your phone number up-to-date on in apps like Telegram is a key part of protecting your data from malicious activities and potential breaches. It is additionally important if you have recently changed your phone number and need to make sure your Telegram is updated with the new one. In this article, we discuss the steps for changing your phone number on Telegram, covering the Android and iOS versions of the app.

1. Reasons to Change Your Phone Number on Telegram

In today’s digital world, telegram is increasingly becoming a popular messaging app, offering secure messages and bigger file transfers as a bonus. Despite its flurry of features, you may find reasons to change your phone number when using the telegram app.

Here are some of the main reasons why you’d want to change your telegram phone number:

  • You’ve recently had a new phone, and your old contacts have the older number.
  • You no longer want to be seen as someone connected to the old number for business, relationship, or any other reasons.
  • You want to change your contacts list to new contacts.
  • You are experiencing too much spam messages on the old number, or that number is linked to malicious accounts.
  • The old number didn’t have the option of- or was already activated on two-step authentication and you need the two-step authentication.

Changing your telegram phone number is a great way to stay a step ahead of any unwanted communication and maintain your communication safety and privacy. By changing the phone number in your telegram account, you can also easily start again with fresh contacts.

2. Creating a New Phone Number

Getting a new phone number is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide for :

  • Choose the type of phone you want: landline, cellphone, and VoIP.
  • Contact the phone service provider from whom you want to obtain the services – get the contract, discuss with them the pricing and the type of services you can obtain.
  • Choose your preferred number range and finalize a contract.

Application and Activation: Once the contract is finalized and you receive the subscription materials, you will need to fill the application, sign the document showing you accept the terms and conditions, and provide the necessary proof of identity and address. Then, follow the steps suggested by the service provider to obtain the activation.

Activation Cost: Depending on the country of residence and selection of phone services, you may be charged an activation fee which can range from zero to few hundred dollars. So, it is important to find out the applicable activation charges while signing the contract.

3. Deleting Your Existing Telegram Account

If you wish to delete your existing Telegram account, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Telegram web version and sign in.
  2. Go to Settings by clicking the button in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Scroll down to find Delete My Account button.
  4. Type in your phone number and click on Delete Account.

On the Delete My Account page, you will be asked to explain why you are leaving Telegram. Please select the appropriate option before you proceed.

To complete the deletion of your account, click Yes, Delete My Account. Your account will be deactivated and all your messages, contacts and media will be removed from both your devices and Telegram’s servers.

4. Connecting Your New Phone Number to Your Telegram Account

Now that you have successfully set up your new mobile phone number, you can use it to access your Telegram account. In this section, we will walk you through the various steps to enable you to do so.

Step 1. Log into Your Telegram Account
Open the Telegram app on your device, then tap on the login option. This will open up a new page where you need to enter your registered phone number for your Telegram profile. After doing so, click on the ‘Log in’ button.

Step 2. Change Mobile Number in Telegram
Once you have entered your new phone number, you will be directed to the main page. To add the new phone number to your account, tap ‘Settings’, then ‘Account’. Here, you should select ‘Change number’ where it will ask you to enter the new number. Then, click ‘Continue’ to initiate the process.

Step 3. Validate the Number by Verification Code
You will receive a verification code that needs to be entered in the appropriate field. Once done, click the ‘Finish’ button to confirm the new phone number. The process is now complete and your Telegram account will now be connected to the new phone number.

  • If you did not receive the verification code, click on the ‘Resend code’ option and confirm
  • You can also click on the ‘Call me’ option to receive the code via a phone call
  • If you experience any other difficulty, contact the customer support team for assistance

5. Finishing the Process and Using Your New Number on Telegram

After you successfully completed the registration process and received a confirmation message, you will be free to use your new phone number on Telegram. To start engaging with your contacts in the app, you must first complete the following steps:

  • Start the app and log into your account.
  • Tap on Settings: Next, select Settings
  • Select “Add Account”: After that, you must select the option labeled “Add Account.”
  • Select “Add Phone Number”: Then, you will be directed to a new window where you can select the “Add phone Number” option.

Once you press the “Add Phone Number” option, a new window will be displayed asking for your phone number. Type your number in the designated field and confirm it by pressing the “Continue” button. You may be asked to enter the code you received via SMS to confirm the process.

Once you verify the code, your new number becomes connected to your Telegram account. From now on, you can use your new number and enjoy the app.

Changing your phone number on Telegram does not have to be a difficult process. By following this step-by-step guide, you will easily be able to update your number with no hassle. With a few simple steps, your new phone number will be up and running on Telegram. We hope this article was a helpful resource to you in making the most of Telegram and its features.