How to Cite a YouTube Video in MLA

The MLA Works Referred to passage for a web-based video contains the video’s designer, the title, the site or stage in italics (for example YouTube), the channel or client that transferred the video, the transfer date, and the URL.

Assuming the video was transferred by the very individual or association that made it, or on the other hand, if no reasonable maker can be recognized, discard the creator component and begin with the video’s title all things being equal.

The in-text reference ought to match the principal component of the Works referred to (either the maker’s name or an abbreviated form of the title). You can likewise incorporate a timestamp instead of a page number.

Note that on the off chance that you are referring to an entire film that has been transferred to a video-sharing stage, you ought to utilize the organization of an MLA film reference all things being equal. The equivalent goes for a television episode. For a TED Talk, you can follow the YouTube design on the off chance that you refer to it from YouTube.

Tracking down data for an MLA YouTube reference

On YouTube, all the data you want can be tracked down underneath the video.

The name of the channel that transferred the video ought to be composed equivalent to what it is on YouTube, however the title of the video ought to keep guideline MLA capitalization rules.

Referring to recordings with a similar maker and uploader

YouTube recordings are much of the time transferred by the individual or association that made them. In this situation, their name ought to just show up once. Begin the reference with the title, and rundown the divert name in different donor components.

In the model beneath, the video was both made and transferred by the association BBC News, so the reference begins with the title. An abbreviated rendition of the title shows up in the in-text reference.

How to Cite a YouTube Video in MLA

Referring to recordings with an alternate maker and uploader

Some of time, you should refer to a video that has been transferred by somebody other than the maker.

For this situation, on the off chance that you realize who made the video, show them as the creator toward the beginning of the Works Referred to and in the in-text reference.

You ought to likewise utilize this configuration if you are referring to a meeting transferred to YouTube, involving the interviewee’s name as the creator.

Timestamps in YouTube references

If you straightforwardly quote from a video, or you need to allude to a particular segment, you can incorporate a timestamp in your in-text reference.


Q: When do I have to remember an MLA for text reference?
A: You should remember an MLA for text reference each time you statement or reword from a source (for example a book, film, site, or article).

Q: Are titles promoted in MLA?
A: Indeed. MLA style utilizes title case, and that implies that all chief words (things, pronouns, action words, modifiers, intensifiers, and a few conjunctions) are promoted.

Q: What is the simplest method for making MLA references?
A: The quickest and most precise method for making MLA references is by utilizing Scribbr’s MLA Reference Generator.

Q: Can I cite YouTube videos as a source?
A: Yes, you can cite a YouTube video in APA and MLA format. To cite a video in MLA or APA, you need to include the author, date, title of the video, where you found the video, and URL. The order in which you include this information varies based on the style you use.

Q: How do you cite an online video in MLA?
A: Format: Author(s). “Title of Video.” Website Title in Italics, Website Publisher (if different than title), uploaded by Name of User, Date of Upload, URL. YouTube: Example: “Biology: Cell Structure.” YouTube, uploaded by Nucleus Medical Media, 18 Mar.

Q: Can you cite an entire YouTube channel MLA?
A: To cite a YouTube channel in MLA format in a parenthetical or an in-text citation, use the shortened channel name or username and the year you accessed the source. Example: Parenthetical citation: (JFK 2022)

Q: How do you cite an online article in MLA?
A: “Title of Article.” Title of Website. URL. Date of Publication, URL.