How to Convert YouTube Videos Easily and Quickly

This wikiHow will show you how to download and change over YouTube recordings into video and sound documents that you can play on any gadget.

Utilizing a Transformation Site

  1. Open YouTube on your PC. The simplest method for changing over a YouTube video is to utilize committed transformation sites from your PC.
  2. Open the video you need to download.
  3. Feature the video’s location in the program.
  4. Duplicate the featured location. You can right-tap the featured location and select “Duplicate,” or you can press ⌘ Command+C (Macintosh) or Ctrl+C (Windows).
  5. Open a YouTube downloader site. There are a few sites that will change over the video into an MP4 design and furnish you with download joins. This guide will zero in on the clip converter. cc/, however, the cycle is comparative for most destinations. Other famous converter destinations include:
  6. Glue the YouTube URL into the Video URL to Download field. Click the field and press ⌘ Command+V (Macintosh) or Ctrl+V (Windows).
  7. Click the button for the arrangement you need to change over completely to. Contingent upon the site you’re utilizing, you might have different configuration choices. On clip, you can browse a few different sound and video designs:
  8. Click the Proceed button.
  9. Click Start. This will interact with the video with your picked design settings.
  10. Click Download. The video or sound document will be downloaded to your PC. You’ll track down it in your Downloads organizer.
  11. Move the downloaded document to your iPhone or iPad. To play the sound or video document on your iPhone or iPad, you can utilize iTunes to move it.
    • Recordings and sound documents can be brought into iTunes and afterward matched up to your gadget.

How to Convert YouTube Videos Easily and Quickly

Utilizing youtube-dl

  1. Open your PC’s internet browser. If you’re not scared of utilizing your PC’s order line, you can utilize an open-source program called youtube-dl to download YouTube recordings in sound or video design at the most elevated conceivable quality with no promotions.
  2. Visit in your program.
  3. Introduce youtube-dl (Windows). Assuming you use Windows, follow these moves toward introducing youtube-dl:
    • Click the Download button on the youtube-dl site.
    • Click the Windows exe interface.
    • In the wake of downloading, duplicate the youtube-dl.exe document into the C:\Users\yourUsername\ envelope.
  4. Introduce youtube-dl (Macintosh). On the off chance that you utilize a Macintosh, follow these moves toward introducing youtube-dl:
    • Click the Go menu from the work area and select Utilities.
    • Double tap Terminal.
    • Type/usr/canister/ruby – e “$(curl – fsSL libation/introduce/ace/introduce)” and press ⏎ Return.
    • Type mix introduces youtube-dl and press ⏎ Return.
    • Type mix introduces ffmpeg and press ⏎ Return.
  5. Introduce FFmpeg (Windows). You’ll require this encoding programming for youtube-dl to work. Macintosh clients have proactively introduced it. Windows clients should introduce it independently:
  6. Open the YouTube video you need to download to your program.
  7. Duplicate the location of the video.
  8. Open the Order Brief (Windows) or Terminal (Macintosh). You’ll utilize youtube-dl from the order line on your PC.
  9. Type youtube-dl and press Space.
  10. Add the MP3 order (sound as it were). To download the video as a sound MP3 record rather than a video, add the accompanying to the youtube-dl order:
  11. Press Ctrl+V (Macintosh) or Ctrl+V. This will glue the duplicated video URL to the furthest limit of the order.
  12. Press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return. The video will consequently start downloading and will change over into MP4 for video or MP3 for sound.
  13. Track down your new record. You’ll find your new video or sound record in your Client envelope.


Q:How would I switch a YouTube video over completely to PPT?
A:In PowerPoint, go to the slide where you need to embed the substance. On the toolbar strip, select the Supplement tab, select Video, and afterward, select Internet-based Video. The Supplement Video discourse box opens. Glue the implant code in the crate named From a Video Implant Code, and afterward press Enter.

Q:How would I change a YouTube video over completely to a Word report?
A:How might I switch a YouTube video over completely to a Word record? To change a YouTube video over completely to a Word record, you first need to duplicate the connection to your video and glue it into Flixier. Utilize the Produce Caption choice to naturally make a record in a moment or two, then click on Download Captions.

Q:Is there a safe free YouTube converter to MP4?
A:If you’re searching for a solid and safe device to download YouTube recordings in mp4, then, at that point, Wave. video’s web-based YouTube to mp4 converter is a dependable choice. It’s an online free converter, and that implies that you won’t have to introduce programming to download YouTube recordings in HD.

Q:Is it lawful to involve a YouTube video in PowerPoint?
A:Indeed, a YouTube video can be displayed in a study hall, as long as: the video is transferred straightforwardly from the webpage and isn’t downloaded. remember a reference to the video for the powerpoint for the show.

Q:Might I at any point change the YouTube video over completely to a message?
A:It’s simple with VEED! Transfer the YouTube video, click ‘Captions’ > ‘Auto Captions’, press ‘START’ and your free video to message record will start! What amount of time does it require to translate? When your video is transferred and you have clicked ‘Captions’ > ‘Auto Captions’, ‘Begin’ your text records are programmed!