How to Delete Recommended Videos of YouTube in Android

It is unimaginable to delete content material that seems in your feed of really helpful movies. However, since your feed depends on info saved in your browser to provide options, you can filter these out of your feed, successfully getting rid of the litter in your feed. You can even individually reject movies helpful to obtain an identical impact. Whichever you select, quickly your feed might be a tidier place, crammed with content material extra fitted to you.

Using the Youtube App or Browser to Clear Your Feed

  1. Open the YouTube app on your Android machine. You can even open your browser and go to Youtube’s homepage. You will want to enter Youtube’s settings to clear and conceal your feed. From each app and the homepage, so long as you’re logged into your YouTube account, you’ll be able to enter and alter the settings vital to cover your feed.
    •  Do not overlook logging into your YouTube account. Failing to achieve this will result in adjustments not being saved.
  2.  Access settings in the drop-down menu. In the higher proper hand nook of your browser or app, it is best to discover three vertical dots that symbolize your menu button. Tap this to see a listing of choices and select “Settings.”
  3.  Tap the “Privacy” button. Within the “Settings” menu, it is best to discover the “Privacy’ button third from the highest. From the privateness menu, you’ll be able to select to clear your search and watch historical past, and you may as well pause the recording of every one of these features, which can prevent you from having to clear your historical past once more later.
    •  Some older variations would possibly require you to faucet on a heading labeled “Channel Feed Content.”
  4.  Pause and clear your histories. By clearing the info cached and related to your YouTube account, you’ll make it unimaginable for YouTube to advocate new movies on your feed, as there might be nothing on which to base advice. Pause your watch and search the historical past to preserve your account from accumulating knowledge to make extra options.
    •  There need to be 4 choices: clear watch historical past, clear search historical past, pause watch historical past, and pause search historical past.

How to Delete Recommended Videos of YouTube in Android

Removing Individual Recommendations

  1. Open the YouTube app on your Android. If you do not have the app, use your browser to enter the YouTube homepage. Be positive you’ve logged in so that the adjustments you make are utilized to your account. Both the app and browser, as long as you’re logged in to your account, will work for making these adjustments.
  2.  Flag every undesirable video as “Not .” Scroll to the really helpful movies on your account in your app or browser. You ought to discover three vertical dots to proper of every video. These symbolize the choices obtainable for every really helpful video. The topmost possibility after you faucet the three dots ought to learn is “Not Interested.” Tapping this could take away the video on your feed.
  3.  Continue to scroll and take away undesirable movies. You can solely flag your undesirable movies one after the other, so you will have to faucet the three dots and choose “Not Interested” for every video you need to be eliminated.
  4.  Curate your really helpful movies often. For so long as your YouTube account has knowledge of which to make suggestions, YouTube will proceed to advocate movies that you could not need in your feed. Regularly eradicating undesirable movies will preserve your feed cleaner and your content material targeted on the movies you need.


Q: Can you make YouTube not present really helpful movies?

A: Press and maintain the choose button at your distance. Select Not. Select Tell us why to share why you’d just like the video eliminated. You can choose I’ve already watched the video, I do not just like the video, or Don’t advocate channel to customize your suggestions.

Q: Why does YouTube preserve recommending movies I don t like?

A: When YouTube’s highly effective advice algorithms push customers towards movies they do not like, the corporate encourages these folks to hit the “Dislike” or “Not Interested” buttons to inform YouTube’s software program not to floor that sort of content material.

Q: Why is YouTube recommending random movies?

A: YouTube is endlessly recommending movies for you whether or not it is in your dashboard or after the video you are already watching. These suggestions are based mostly on your viewing habits and also you’re solely directed to movies you are in.

Q: How do I cease suggestions on my cellphone?

A: Make positive you see your profile right here, in any other case you will want to log in. Step 2: Tap the overflow menu in the highest proper nook and head to Settings > Notifications. Step 3: Toggle the swap after Recommended movies. While you are right here, examine the remaining notification settings.

Q: How do I get rid of instructions on my cellphone?

A: It’s a choice with a gear icon. Tap the General possibility. This is at the high of the Settings menu. Turn off “Autocomplete with trending searches.” To do that, you will need to faucet the swap after this selection so it turns off (grey or white).