How to Download YouTube Videos Straight to Your PSP Without a Computer

The PSP is nice for video games, however, utilizing it as a transportable media participant might be a little troublesome. This is particularly true in case you are attempting to watch movies online. The PSP’s browser has a problem with YouTube movies specifically. If you need to watch your favorite movies on-line, observe this information to find out how.

Using a Video Download Site

  1. Open your PSP’s internet browser. In the handlebar, enter the handle Make certain to embody the “m” so that you just load the cell website.
  2.  Search for the video that you want to obtain. Not all movies will work. You will almost certainly get the most effective outcomes from movies uploaded earlier than 2010.
  3.  Move the cursor to the video you need to obtain. Press the Triangle button to open the menu. Click on “Address” within the menu.
  4.  Press Start twice. This will reload the web page. In the handlebar, go to a YouTube downloading website. KeepVid is, without doubt, one of the hottest ones, and is almost certainly to work with the PSP.
  5.  Use your cursor to choose the URL area. Press the Select button thrice to make the History button seem. Click it together with your cursor.
  6.  Click the video’s URL. In the historical past listing, it is best to see the video’s URL on the prime. Click on it together with your cursor to place the URL within the area on the KeepVid website.
  7.  Click the Download button to the suitable URL area. This will generate a listing of obtaining hyperlinks to the video.
  8.  Download the “High-Quality MP4” file. This is the format that’s almost certainly to work in your PSP. Clicking on the hyperlink will obtain the file mechanically to your VIDEO folder on the PSP.
  9.  Close the net browser. Navigate to the Video menu in your XMB. Scroll till you see your reminiscence stick.
  10.  Select your video. All of the video information in your reminiscence stick will probably be listed. Find the file that you just downloaded and take a look at enjoying it. If the playback fails, you may attempt downloading it in a completely different high quality.

How to Download YouTube Videos Straight to Your PSP Without a Computer

Using a Hacked PSP

  1. Ensure that your PSP has the newest customized firmware put in. You will want a hacked PSP running custom firmware to use this methodology. Any model of the PSP or PSP Go might be hacked.
  2.  Download a YouTube homebrew program. These applications can translate YouTube movies into a format that may be streamed to your PSP since it could usually play Flash information. Two of the extra widespread applications are GoTube and PSPTube.
  3.  Plug your PSP into your laptop. Go to the Settings menu within the XMB and choose “USB Connection”. Copy the homebrew program’s folder into your PSP’s GAME folder.
  4.  Press the Circle button on your PSP. This will disconnect it from the pc, and you may take away the cable.
  5.  Run this system. Navigate to the Game menu in your XMB. Scroll till you discover the YouTube program that you just put in. Press the X button to open this system.
  6.  Search for the video that you want to watch. The navigation varies relying on the system you selected. These applications are not going to at all times have the opportunity to translate movies. This is particularly true for newer HD movies on YouTube.

Using PSP2b

  1. Open up your PSP’s internet browser. You don’t want any particular internet browser put in. Visit the PSP2b website. The website isn’t very dependable and is probably not working while you attempt. If it’s not, attempt once more at a later date.
  2.  Click the hyperlink to begin looking out. Enter your search phrases into the sphere, or use the dropdown menu to choose widespread searches. Click the Search button to start trying to find movies.
    • Videos have to be transformed by the PSP2b service earlier than it turns into obtainable, so newer movies is probably not obtainable.
  3.  Download the vLoader file. A hyperlink will seem on the prime of the display screen when you choose your video. Use the hyperlink to obtain the vLoader file to your PSP. This file is required to play Flash movies from YouTube.
  4.  Download the video. Once the loader is downloaded, you may obtain the video that you want to watch. You will probably be given the choice to obtain both the High-Res or Low-Res model. You could have extra success enjoying the High-Res variations of movies.
  5.  Watch your video. Once the video is completed downloading, you’ll have the opportunity to discover it within the VIDEO folder in your XMB.


Q: Can I obtain YouTube to watch offline?

A: If YouTube Premium is out there in your location, you may obtain movies on your laptop or cell machine by changing into a YouTube Premium member. If you are a YouTube Premium member, find out how to handle your obtain settings.

Q: Can I obtain video games straight to my PSP?

A: Do you need to obtain PSP video games for your PlayStation Portable? Your PSP can play each PSP and PS1 video game. To obtain PSP video games, you want to make certain your PSP has the newest firmware.

Q: Can PSP run GTA?

A: Many gamers nonetheless love to play the GTA video games on a PlayStation Portable (PSP). However, there are solely three video games from the franchise that may be performed utilizing a PSP. They are GTA: Vice City Stories, GTA: Liberty City Stories.

Q: How many PSP motion pictures are there?

A: The most full listing online counts over 650 video discs, however, the listing is lacking many recognized entries, and the actual determine could also be extra within the area of 800–1,000.

Q: Can PSP play MP4 movies?

A: Aside from motion pictures and music movies obtainable commercially on UMD, the PSP may play video information from the Memory Stick. This information should be in MP4 or AVI format. Use a free video file converter for those who want to convert a video to a format playable on the PSP.

Q: Can I play YouTube in PiP?

A: You can use picture-in-picture (PiP) to watch content material throughout YouTube, with a YouTube Premium membership. If you do not have YouTube Premium and are within the United States, you may nonetheless use PiP, however, you may watch sure content material, like music and movies.

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