How To Fix Picture Not Loading On Twitter

How To Fix Picture Not Loading On Twitter

Twitter, although becoming one of the Internet’s major social media powerhouses, is not without its peculiarities. Furthermore, this isn’t the first-time people have reported technical issues with photos and tweets not loading.

In2020, hundreds of users reported to Twitter that they were having problems loading photos due to a minor technical issue. So, if you’re experiencing trouble getting Twitter to load photos, KEEP CALM, you’re (probably) not alone!

Most of the time, viewers see a blank image rather than the real Twitter image, as seen below:

With that stated, our goal at Pleater is to assist YOU in resolving your issues. But first, we must identify the source of the issue. In cases like these, there are only two options: you’re on your side or they’re on theirs.

Without further ado, here are 5 quick remedies for when Twitter images, photographs, or pictures don’t appear or load.

  1. Sign in and out of your Twitter account.

You’ve surely heard the iconic IT Crowd phrase, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

While easy, folks who are experiencing problems with their gadgets often ignore this tried and proven solution.

If you’ve previously tried this and it’s still not working, you should absolutely try our next solution.

That being stated, the steps below demonstrate how to log out and log back into Twitter:

Users of Mobile Devices (Android & iOS)

  1. To begin, hit the hamburger menu icon () in the upper-left corner and choose Settings and privacy.
  2. Then, beneath your Twitter handle, click Account.
  3. Finally, at the bottom, press Log out and then Log out again when prompted.

You may try restarting the Twitter app now that you’ve fully logged out. Simply close the app, remove it from your Recent Apps list, and re-open it.

Users of PCs

To sign out, click the three dots beside your Twitter handle in the bottom-left corner. Then, on the little window, click the Log Out button.

Finally, after you’ve signed out entirely, try login into your Twitter account again. Check to see if the photographs on Twitter are loading again.

If it’s still not functioning, don’t worry; we have a couple more tricks up our sleeves!

Delete Twitter’s App Cache and Data

It’s common knowledge that social networking applications capture user data as we use them. (This is how firms such as Facebook and Twitter generate money!)

Apart from the privacy problems raised by user data collecting, this does assist to speed up the loading time of picture and video thumbnails by caching this data on your device.

However, when cached data accumulates, the app’s performance on your smartphone may suffer. Consider it a “drain obstruction.” In your situation, the accumulation of data may be blocking the Twitter app from loading fresh photographs, which is why deleting the cached data may be beneficial.

To delete cached data on the Twitter app, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, hit the hamburger menu icon () in the upper-left corner and choose Settings and privacy.
  2. Then, under General, choose Data Usage.
  3. Locate the Storage submenu, which will have options for Media Storage and/or Web Storage.

To remove the cached data, use the Clear Media Storage and/or Clear Web Storage/Clear Web Page Storage buttons.

  1. Reinstall the Twitter application.

If you’ve tried all of the above measures and they’ve all failed, it’s time to try something more radical. Yes… we will have to remove Twitter. But don’t worry, we’ll be reinstalling it soon.

While this is effectively a last-ditch effort, there is a potential that it may resolve the difficulties at hand.

As a result, an installation error or damaged data might occur, compromising the app’s connection. As a result, this might be the unnoticed cause of Twitter photos that aren’t loading or displaying up.

Overall, this procedure may help to narrow down the root of the Twitter image-loading issues.

Having said that, the methods for reinstalling Twitter (or any other software) are the same regardless of the device you’re using:

  1. To begin, remove the Instagram app, either by long-pressing for the selection menu or by going to Settings.
  2. Then click the Uninstall or Remove App button.

(Optional) Clear the app’s backup data from Google Drive before reinstalling it.

Simply open Google Drive and go to the Hamburger Menu (), which should be in the upper left corner of your device’s screen.

After that, go to Backups > Your Device > Apps > App Data. You will see a large list of all the programs that are installed on your smartphone. Find and eliminate Twitter from the list.

Finally, you may reinstall Twitter by going to the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone/iPad).


  1. Resetting Network Permissions on Your Device

If the problems remain after doing all of the above methods, the issue is likely to be with your device’s network permissions. If the issue only happens when you use mobile data, it’s possible that your device isn’t enabling Twitter to utilize mobile data. As a result, you should double-check your network permissions.

Different operating systems are incorporated into different devices, each with somewhat different versions. Fortunately, they are still essentially the same thing.

Here are several places to search for network permissions:

For Android users

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Apps or Application Manager are good places to start.
  3. On your phone, you should see a list of Applications. Look for Twitter.
  4. Select Data or Data Settings.
  5. Check that both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are enabled.

For latest Android versions:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Find Dual Sim and Cellular.
  3. Look for Apps that use Wi-Fi and Mobile Data in the Internet Connection Control Submenu.
  4. On your phone, you should see a list of apps. Look for Twitter.
  5. You should be able to choose one of three options: Close, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data. Make sure Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are turned on.

For the iPhone/iPad

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and choose Twitter from the list of available applications.
  3. Ensure that Twitter is permitted to utilize Mobile Data in this section.
  4. Download and Install an Older Version of the Twitter App

Sometimes the issue isn’t on your end, but rather in the app. There’s always the possibility that the last update accidently broke something.

If the most recent version of Twitter is just broken, we can always go back and install an older version. This may be accomplished by downloading the APK file straight from the internet.

Please keep in mind that this solution is only relevant to Android users.

It’s also worth mentioning that programs downloaded using this manner will not get updates via the Play Store, so this is simply a temporary solution, at least until the problem is addressed and corrected in a future version.

To install an earlier version of Twitter on your Android smartphone, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, remove any current Twitter app from your device. This is done by long-pressing the app icon and choosing the ‘X button.
  2. Navigate to the APK Mirror Website using your mobile device’s web browser.
  3. You may download any earlier version of Twitter from this website. It should be noted that versions that are too old may cause incompatibility difficulties.
  4. After that, launch or open the APK file. A easier method is to go to your mobile browser’s Downloads history and tap the APK file.
  5. You may also install it using the File Manager app. The APK file is often found under Phone Storage > Download. To begin the installation procedure, just touch on the file.
  6. However, you cannot install APK files without first obtaining rights. As a result, when prompted, touch Settings to get to the Install Unknown Apps tab.
  7. Turn the switch next to “Allow from this source” on.
  8. Finally, return to the APK file and re-install the previous Twitter app.

Thousands of individuals were self-quarantined or worked from home during the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, causing a similar problem. The unexpected rise in concurrent users caused latency spikes and complaints of strange malfunctions on the Twitter app.

However, customers claimed that the problems went gone on their own after a while, presumably when network traffic lessened.

On that topic, we suggest using Down detector to verify Twitter’s server health.

You may see the comments section and the live map from this page. You may then check whether other users in your region are experiencing similar issues.

So, if you find a large number of people encountering similar image-loading problems, consider waiting for a few moments before attempting again. Typically, such Twitter difficulties are resolved within a few hours, if not a day.


To summarize, we’ve compiled a list of 5 solutions for when pictures and photographs on Twitter aren’t showing up or loading.

You no longer have to be nervous while waiting for your favorite celebs’ selfies, which may be taking too long to load.

So, if you’re tired of seeing blanks or photos that won’t load on Twitter, this is the advice for you.

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