How To Get Followers Of Other Twitter Account

How To Get Followers Of Other Twitter Account

Searching for the followers of a certain account is not presently accessible on Twitter, nor is it available on Follower wonk (a site we use for most of our Twitter searching).

We performed some research and testing and discovered that, although there are relatively few websites that offer this sort of service, there is one called Triangulate that does an excellent job. Here’s how to put it to use.

How to Use Triangulate to Find Another User’s Followers

First and foremost,

Go to and create an account. To access the site’s features, you must first create a user account. Signing up is completely free and only takes a few minutes (you can register using your Twitter account).

Step No. 2:

Choose the Keywords tab. Once on this tab, you’ll see two search fields, one having a word like journalist in it and another with @(optional) in it.

If I’m searching for brilliant chefs who follow the Jamie Oliver Jobs account, I’ll create a Boolean string that searches for chefs or culinary experts who reside in the place I’m interested in and enter it in the e.g., journalist box, along with the @jo jobs handle in the @(optional) box.


Triangulate does not employ the conventional AND, OR, and NOT operators. It employs the following alternate characters for these operators:

AND: instead of, use &. Human and resources, for example.

Alternatively, use the pipe symbol | instead. This may be accessed by holding down Shift + Backslash (found on a standard PC keyboard to the left of your Z key, or to the left of the return key on a Mac). For instance, (recruiter | recruiting).

DO NOT USE! instead – without any gaps, this exclamation mark must be placed exactly in front of the term you are omitting. Junior, for example! senior

In this search, I’m seeking for persons who have used the phrases chef, combis, sous, cook, or culinary in their Twitter bio and have identified London or the United Kingdom as their location or bio. In this example, I have stated that I do not want to locate applicants who have declared that they live in Birmingham or Glasgow.

3rd step:

Select Retrieve. My test search yielded 15 items. That’s 15 potential applicants that have stated or cited London or the United Kingdom as their location or in their profile, have any of the keywords I’ve included in my string in their Twitter bio, and follow @jo jobs — just the individuals I want to contact about my job vacancy! Take a look at this man – @husvedat

If you click his Twitter username, you’ll be taken to his Twitter page, which is full of his tweets on food, recipes, and culinary programs. From here, I may Follow him, connect with him through Direct Message, or just tweet him openly.

I can also tell from his Twitter that he updates on Instagram on a frequent basis. Upon closer scrutiny, his Instagram account (with 2,170 followers) is quite popular, which he uses to upload photographs of his culinary masterpieces and items that inspire him. We’re not just salivating, but it’s also another way for us recruiters to engage with him:

But I can also learn a lot of helpful information, such as the hashtags chefs like @husverdat use while tweeting, as well as the other similar-minded individuals he chats to and mentions.

Fourth step:

While not required, this is a very beneficial step!

One of Triangulates biggest features is the ability to export the list of followers you obtain as a.CSV file (which you can store for future reference or add to your ATS), as well as the ability to construct a Twitter list with all of these followers. Both are wonderful methods for assisting you in developing your own database of eligible persons to contact:


Searching your competitors’ followers is a brilliant way to use Twitter to uncover individuals that might lead to a wealth of connections for you. All you need to do is spend some time investigating who has an audience of individuals who would be ideal for the position you’re looking for, and then build a search string to identify those prospective leads.





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