How To Get One Million Followers On Twitter

How Does One Get 1 Million Followers On Twitter

Here are some helpful ideas on how to acquire more Twitter followers that social media professionals and gurus have been pushing that you've probably read a hundred times over the past few years:

Provide excellent material.

Create a fantastic bio.

Make use of hashtags.

Add a “follow me” button to your blog.


Make certain that your material is Retweet able.

It goes on and on.

All of these suggestions are sound. They are all correct and will function properly. They will all get you results, hands down. They will, however, operate slowly, since you will be gathering followers one by one and will most likely get tired from attempting to engage everyone you can find online using relevant hashtags.

But I'm sure I don't have to tell you that, do I? You've been following these guidelines, and you've been getting drips of new followers as a result. You're already using Buffer to schedule tweets, contacting influencers, and so on.

Even if you're following all of those brilliant marketers' advice, you're not seeing the exponential increase in Twitter followers you were expecting for. And I know you want to learn how to acquire a million Twitter followers for free, but I also know you want to learn how to gain a million Twitter followers quickly.

Are you ready to amass a million Twitter followers? Here's the deal.

For a moment, consider what Obama, Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres, Gary Anarchic, Chris Brogan, Neil Patel, and both Leo and Joel from Buffer have in common. They've all done incredible things, established incredible careers, written important books, or created products that people want to use. They've all accomplished something really remarkable and are all Twitter users.

They all use excellent marketing techniques on Twitter, but it isn't why people follow them. Kanye West did not get 1 million followers in a single day by posting “excellent stuff.” He got there because he was f***Ing Kanye West.

If Leo from Buffer had simply shared good articles but did not develop Buffer and produce (Note the CREATED) fantastic material on his own, he would not have become such a huge influencer. You know what? I doubt that just producing all of that material would have propelled him to the status of major influencer in such a short period of time if he hadn't founded Buffer. He has a fantastic product that people want to use, and he promotes it on Twitter. Do you see where I'm heading with this?

Want to see incredible Twitter growth? GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING AMAZING IN REAL LIFE. Create a fantastic product, publish a book, make speeches, and become President of the United States.

You are a component of another person's amplification process. You're not concerned with the sound system; you're concerned with the music that's playing. Be the singer, not the audience.

Following all of the “How to Grow Your Business Using Twitter” lists is a wonderful approach to optimize your current Twitter potential, but it will never lead you to Twitter greatness. Do you want to get famous on Twitter? Go ahead and accomplish something really monumental, and then tweet about it. Don't just ‘share awesome stuff.'

Making as opposed to Curating

You may work hard to become a valuable resource for people in your community. That's a good long-term plan. Is it a plan for expansion? No way. Nobody wants to sleep with the man who knows all of the words to Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral, but I know a few ladies who would kill for a night in Trent Reznor's arms.

You must produce wonderful stuff if you want to be really great on Twitter. It doesn't matter whether it's about content, goods, or fighting for human rights. Don't be the number one follower; instead, be the number one leader. The person who really does fantastic things rather than just sharing a tale about something wonderful that has occurred. The more significant your actions, the more followers you will get in a shorter period of time. Isn't that logical?

Most individuals think that by being helpful or posting fascinating information on social media, they will become famous and thought leaders, but this is false. Social media will assist you in amplifying your message. But, unless you're doing something very fascinating, you'll never be really large because you're not the one who creates the message. You are a component of another person's amplification process. You're not concerned with the sound system; you're concerned with the music that's playing. Be the singer, not the audience.

The Greatness Hierarchy

There are many ways to accomplish extraordinary feats. Running a blog with excellent ‘How To's' for your business is fantastic, as is creating a successful product, publishing an influential book is fantastic, and becoming a celebrity or a politician is another way of accomplishing something fantastic (be it singing, acting whatever).

I attempted to create a pyramid that best reflects the hierarchy of ‘Amazingness' in regards to achieving rapid Twitter growth.

Final Thoughts

To be clear about my conclusion, using Twitter for marketing is fantastic. It's a potent weapon for amplifying your message and getting you where you want to go quickly. However, not all Twitter users are created equal. The more value you provide to the world, the more it will show up on your Twitter account. When you think about it, it makes sense. The likelihood is that if you are the news, you will get more followers than the hundredth person reporting it.

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