How to Hide Someone on Whatsapp Without Blocking

How to Hide Someone on Whatsapp Without Blocking

The popular messaging app Whatsapp allows you to block and unblock anyone you don’t want to communicate with. However, sometimes blocking isn’t the best course of action. In this case, you can opt to hide them instead so they cannot see your messages or profile picture. Here are the steps to take to hide someone on Whatsapp without blocking them:

Using the Starred Messages Feature

  • Open Whatsapp and go to the chat window with the person you want to hide.
  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner to open the chat window settings.
  • Click on Starred Messages and enable the feature.
  • Once the feature is enabled, all the messages you receive from that person will be marked with a star.
  • You can now view these messages without them appearing in your main messaging window.

Hide the Contact on Whatsapp

  • Open Whatsapp and go to contacts.
  • Find the contact you want to hide and tap on it.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap on More and then select the Hide option.
  • The contact will now be hidden from view in Whatsapp.

You can now hide someone on Whatsapp without blocking them. This gives you more control over who can see your messages and profile picture. However, keep in mind that the person you hide will still be able to send you messages, so make sure you check your Starred Messages regularly to ensure you don’t miss anything important!

4. How can a hidden contact be unhidden on Whatsapp?

To unhide a contact on WhatsApp, open the app and go to the Chats tab. Click the Menu button at the top right of the screen and go to Settings > Contacts > Hidden Contacts. Here you can select the contacts you want to unhide.

2. What is the difference between hiding and blocking someone on Whatsapp?

Hiding someone on WhatsApp will remove the person from your contacts list but they won’t be notified. Blocking someone on WhatsApp will prevent the person from sending you messages, viewing your stories, and make calls to you. It will also prevent that person from seeing when you are online or when you last used the app. The person will be notified that they have been blocked.

1. How can someone be hidden on Whatsapp without blocking the contact?

Someone can hide on WhatsApp without blocking a contact by using the “Go Offline” feature. This feature allows the user to appear offline while remaining connected to the contact. The user can also control when they can appear online, allowing them to remain hidden if they prefer. Alternatively, the user can also mute notifications for specific contacts, allowing them to remain hidden while still receiving notifications.

5. Is there any way to detect if someone has been hidden from view on Whatsapp?

No, it is not possible to detect if someone is hidden on WhatsApp. WhatsApp does not provide any features that allow users to detect whether someone has been hidden from view.

3. Can messages still be exchanged with someone who is hidden on Whatsapp?

No, you cannot send messages to someone who has hidden their profile on Whatsapp.

What happens if I hide someone on WhatsApp without blocking them?

If you hide someone on WhatsApp without blocking them, they will still be able to view messages you send to group conversations, view your online status, and call or message you directly. However, you will no longer be able to see when they are online, and any messages they send to you will not be delivered.

What is the difference between hiding someone on WhatsApp and blocking them?

Hiding someone on WhatsApp hides the conversation from you, but the other person is still able to contact you. On the other hand, when you block someone on WhatsApp, the person will not be able to contact you anymore and any past messages, calls or updates from the person will be removed from the conversation list.

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