How To Indicate Trends On Twitter

Is There An Archive That Tracks Twitter Trending Topics Historically

Since Twitter broke the social media mold by introducing hashtags, it has become one of the most successful tools for businesses and marketers to engage with their target audience, boost social sharing, and create leads. This excellent method to communicate and monitor subjects was later adopted by Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, spawning a hashtag revolution across platforms – a revolution that is beneficial to both personal and professional users.

Your marketing team has most likely discovered and deployed numerous hashtags related to your content by this point. Whether you've done hashtag research in the past or played the guessing game, keeping up to date on current Twitter trends – especially those in your sector – may have a significant effect on your marketing objectives.

What Do Twitter Trends Indicate?

When looking for current content topics on Twitter, bear in mind that Twitter trends change quickly, vary by region, are affected by time of day, and have a limited shelf life. Take into account the time of day and how recent events have influenced trending themes in particular regions.

It's also worth noting that Twitter trends aren't necessarily indicative of popular issues in the general population, but rather of active Twitter users. If you're looking at Twitter trends in order to better interact with the Twitter community, you're on the right road. If you are studying Twitter trends in order to better understand current industry issues in order to better advertise to all of your target customers, you should exercise caution when basing a campaign on the data gathered.

That being stated, here are some resources for discovering Twitter trends:

Trends may be seen on Twitter's website in a column on the left side of the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me pages. Trends may be found on the Discover tab of the mobile and app editions of the site.

“Trends are generated by an algorithm and are customized for you depending on who you follow and your area,” Twitter says. This algorithm finds subjects that are now popular, rather than ones that have been popular for a long or on a regular basis, to assist you in discovering the hottest new topics of conversation on Twitter that are most important to you.”

Twitter Trends automatically tailors’ subjects to your interests, who you follow, and where you live. To see trends in a different area, use Twitter's advanced search option to choose a new location.

Hashtag is a free tool for searching and tracking Twitter hashtags. It displays the top ten relevant hashtags, top influencers by hashtag, use trends, popularity, growth by month and week, definition, and recent tweets. The popularity table shows the top 30 hashtags from the previous month, week, and day.

Hashtags. org’s homepage, being one of the most prominent Twitter trend websites, instantly shows the top 40 trending topics by growth. You may look for a particular hashtag or phrase relevant to your business to get a popularity graph broken down by day and time, as well as the most recent tweets, related hashtags, and influencers.

Statewatch, which claims to offer live updates, displays the top 500 ranks for hashtags, people, phrases, places, sources, and the top ranking for 60 languages. You can also search terms by each of the categories listed above as a hashtag search tool.

Trends map is a map that combines global and local Twitter topic trends. To scan 80 million tweets each day and assess how much a subject is trending by region, several algorithms are utilized. The most popular subjects are represented by big, dark bubbles. When you click on a subject, it will display the global and local tweet volume, trending places (as well as related tweets in these areas), pictures, links, and recent tweets.

Trends map, like Twitter Trends, utilizes your profile settings to determine your location. The more precise the location (state vs. city) on Twitter accounts, the simpler it will be for them to evaluate local messages.

Statewatch, is a hashtag search tool. You may see current tweets, influencers, site material, and relevant keywords and hashtags when you search a subject.

What the Trend – probably my least favorite and, in my view, least trustworthy of the three, but still one of the most popular — monitors over 300,000 subjects reported by website visitors. Anyone may contribute, and prior contributors can be found. What the Trend is a Hootsuite media business that offers the top ten trending topics, a search engine that produces a description as well as linked tweets and news articles, and a reports area that displays hot hashtags over the last 30 days. Surprisingly, the reports page includes a list of spam hashtags that you should avoid using.


After you've created a list of trending issues in your sector, you can include them into your tweets along with related information from your website. Another advantage of being current with Twitter content trends is that you can capitalize on them by producing fresh material on your website that will appeal to Twitter users. Use a social media manager or monitoring program that provides statistics to take your study to the next level. The proper social media analytics software can show you which hashtags and content subjects are producing the most leads and engaging Twitter users.

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