How to Know if a User Hid Their Story from You on Snapchat

The Internet has altered the world in the most extraordinary ways. It has transformed our understanding of the planet, life, and everything that revolves around them. It has altered the meanings of things and generated new ones, not only metaphorically but as well. As social media has experienced tremendous growth, so has our vocabulary. Consider a handful of the more notable instances, but there are innumerable.

The term “shorts,” which formerly referred to an article of clothing, is now mostly associated with films lasting between 30 and 60 seconds. Reel, a term with several connotations, is currently overwhelmed by a new one: the Instagram counterpart of shorts. In terms of their literal definitions, a great number of these words have changed, but one of the most fascinating is tales.

Snapchat, the app that debuted stories in 2013, deserves credit for this innovation. These vanishing stories have recently grown so popular that they are now available on nearly every social media site.

If you use Snapchat, we know that you like seeing stories on the site, as do we all. Occasionally, though, you may observe that one of your acquaintances has abruptly ceased to share stories. Or should we say that their stories ceased to be shown on your account? Well, one possible explanation is that the individual has concealed their tale from you.

Read on to discover how to determine whether someone has hidden their Snapchat stories from you.

Is It Possible to Determine Whether Snapchat Users Hide Their Stories?

To put a stop to your burgeoning curiosity, there is no definitive method or secret trick to determine if someone has blocked you from seeing their Snapchat stories.

There is no way to determine who has concealed their Snapchat stories from you.

Nonetheless, there are ways to discover this information. They might indicate the possibility that someone has concealed their story from you. Even though these techniques cannot necessarily provide a definitive solution, they can help you locate one.

Before continuing, you must rule out the potential of a technical fault or bug. Occasionally, a technical issue prevents Snapchat users from viewing stories. Sign out of Snapchat, remove Snapchat’s cached data, then log back in. You can return to this blog and continue reading if you are still unable to view the content.

Here are three methods for determining if someone has concealed their Snapchat story from you.

Ask a mutual friend

Trust us. This is the most straightforward method for determining whether someone has prevented you from viewing their Snapchat story.

Simply ask a common Snapchat friend (one of your Snapchat friends who is also a friend of the individual in question) if they may view their Snapchat story.

If they can view the story, it indicates that the other person has likely concealed their story from Snapchat. Nonetheless, there exists a further possibility. The worried Snapchatter may have shared a private anecdote with the common buddy.

In both instances, you may be certain that you are unaware of this tale.

Check to see if you’ve been blocked

If someone blocks you on Snapchat or any other site, you are immediately disconnected from any interactions with that individual. Therefore, if someone blocks you on Snapchat, you can be certain that their story is concealed from you.

Thankfully, it is far simpler to determine if you have been blocked than if a story has been kept from you. If a user blocks you, you will no longer be able to speak with them and all of your prior conversations will be removed from the Chats menu. You are unable to view their Snapchat stories or profiles (if you could earlier). Also, they are not searchable using the search box.

All of the aforementioned indicators indicate that you have been blocked.

Create more accounts

This arduous step will assist you to determine if you have been removed from the list of story watchers. It functions similarly to the first way, with the exception that you do not require a common buddy.

You may create a Snapchat account under whatever alias you see appropriate. Then, send the person a Snapchat friend request. You must wait for the individual to accept your request to be their friend. Once they add you back on Snapchat, you may view their stories when they are posted.

If you can view their Snapchat story on a false account but not on your account, their story has probably been hidden from you on Snapchat.


Snapchat is adept at keeping information confidential. Therefore, there is no way to determine whether a Snapchat user has concealed their story from you. While there is no direct method, there are hints that suggest the potential.

In the preceding paragraphs, we explored three techniques to determine if Snapchat has prohibited you from reading a user’s story. These methods may not provide definitive information, but they typically yield accurate results.

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