Why Does Someone Appear Under Added Me Section Saying Added You Back After I Deleted Them

Snapchat keeps its users informed if any account-related activity occurs.

If you are not someone’s friend, you cannot read their profile or interact with their account. When you receive a “added me back” notice on Snapchat, you may question if this indicates that the other party is a buddy.

Read this page if you have got such a notification and wish to understand its meaning.

When someone adds you as a friend on Snapchat, you will receive an “added you back” notice. This is one method to confirm that they have done so. This article explains when users receive the notice, what it signifies, and how to confirm that they are now friends and may exchange snaps.

When Does Snapchat send “Added Me Back” notifications?

The “added me back” notice is a regular Snapchat occurrence.

You may have recently ended a relationship with your ex and received a notification that they have added you back. In such a case, your ex-partner deleted you from their buddy list and then re-added you.

When someone removes you as a friend, but you did not delete them, then subsequently adds you as a friend, you will be notified.

In addition, you will receive a message if you had added someone as a friend, but had not accepted your request to be their friend, and they subsequently added you as a friend.

What Does Snapchat’s “Added Me Back” Mean?

“Added Me Back” on Snapchat indicates that you are now friends with the other user.

Snapchat enables its users to send snaps and text messages to their pals. Even if the person you add does not add you back, you will not send them snaps.

However, after you receive the message that the individual has added you back, you are free to send them a snap and see her friends.

How Do I Confirm My Snapchat Friend Request Was Accepted?

If you have added someone as a Snapchat buddy and are unsure if they have added you back, there is a simple technique to determine this.

The following ways can be used to authenticate that you are friends with another Snapchat user.

Check your Friend List on Snapchat

Snapchat has no direct method for determining when a user has added you as a friend until you receive the added-back notice.

When you check your Snapchat friend list, you may see who added you as a friend after the fact.

  1. Open Snapchat on your mobile device
  2.  The Bitmoji symbol at the top of the display.
  3. Click “My Friends” in the “Friends” section as you navigate below.
  4. Click the search bar and look for your friend’s username.
  5. Alternatively, please peruse the list and search for their username.

If their username is displayed following a search, it indicates that they have re-added you as a friend and that you may now communicate with them.

View the Other Party’s Snap Score

Checking a person’s snap score might reveal if they have added you as a friend.

Snapchat only allows friends to view each other’s snap scores.

If you are not friends, neither of you can access the snap score until the other adds you as a friend.

  1. Open Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Proceed to the “My Friends” section.
  3. Tap the Bitmoji symbol on the individual’s profile page.
  4. Check the area beneath the Bitmoji symbol for the snap score.

If the snap score is visible, the individual has added you as a friend. If not, that individual has not yet added you as a friend. There may be a problem with the program if you receive a message indicating you have been re-added but cannot view your snap score. Restart the application or validate their snap score later by checking the app.


Snapchat is a safe platform for checking up with friends and connecting with them.

Snapchat, unlike Facebook and Instagram, only permits users who have followed each other to send snaps and messages.

If you have added a person as a friend but are unclear if they have added you back, this tutorial explains how to determine this.

In addition, it describes what adding you back on Snapchat entails and when users receive the notice.