How to Link to a Certain Time in a YouTube Video’s Comment Box

This wikiHow teaches you ways to go away with a remark with a time stamp that hyperlinks to a spot in a YouTube video.

On Mobile

  1. Open YouTube. It’s a white app with the crimson YouTube brand on it. To put up a touch on YouTube, you want to be logged into your profile.
    •  If you are not logged in, faucet , faucet SIGN IN, enter your e-mail tackle and password, and faucet SIGN IN once more.
  2.  Navigate to a video. This needs to be a video on which you want to go away a remark. You can accomplish that in a couple of various methods:
    •  Tap a video on the Home display screen from one of your latest subscriptions. Tap the Subscriptions tab on the backside of the display screen (iPhone) or the highest of the display screen (Android) and choose a video.
  3.  Tap the video to pause it, then have a look at the time. You ought to pause the video on the level you want to hyperlink. You’ll see the time stamp in the bottom-left nook of the video part in hours:minutes: seconds format.
    •  For instance, for those who paused the video one minute and thirty seconds in, you may see “1:30” in the bottom-left nook of the window.
  4.  Scroll down and faucet the “Add a public remark” field. You’ll discover it under the listing of associated movies which might be instantly beneath the video itself.
  5.  Type the time stamp precisely because it seems. Doing so will robotically create a hyperlink to that time in the video once you put up your remark.
    •  For the earlier instance, you would possibly sort “Hey, what occurred at 1:30?” to name consideration to your paused level.
  6.  Tap the blue “Post” arrow. It’s in the bottom-right nook of the remark field. Doing so will put up your remark; the time stamp will seem like a blue hyperlink.

On Desktop

  1. Go to the YouTube website. YouTube will open to the Home web page for those who’re already signed in.
    •  If you are not already signed into YouTube, click on Sign in in the top-right nook of the web page, enter your e-mail tackle and password, and click on Sign in once more.
  2.  Navigate to a video. You can accomplish that by typing the video’s title into the search bar close to the highest of the web page and urgent ↵ Enter (or ⏎ Return), or you possibly can choose a video from the Home web page.
  3.  Click the video to pause it, then have a look at the time. You’ll see the time stamp close to the bottom-left nook of the video window, good of the amount icon; it will likely be displayed in hours:minutes: seconds format.
  4.  Scroll down and click on the “Add a public remark” field. It’s under the video’s description field, instantly beneath the “COMMENTS” heading.
  5.  Type in the present time stamp because it seems on the video. Doing so will create a hyperlink to that time in the video once you put up your remark.
    •  To use the earlier instance: you’ll sort one thing like “Check out 2:03” in the remark field.
  6.  Click Comment. It’s under and on the fitting facet of the remark field. This will put up your remark. The timestamp will robotically flip blue and hyperlink to the time you specified.
    •  If you need to make good movies attempt to scale back reverberations whereas recording.
    •  You can report in a closet with some garments to dampen the house or use a pop filter.
    •  Keep the microphone at the right distance whereas recording.

How to Link to a Certain Time in a YouTube Video’s Comment Box


Q: Can you hyperlink to a timestamp in a YouTube video?

A: The easiest method to create a YouTube hyperlink with a timestamp is to use the “Start at” choice when sharing a video. However, this selection is just obtainable when utilizing YouTube in a browser – not inside the YouTube app.

Q: How do you hyperlink to a sure part of a YouTube video from an explicit begin time to finish time?

A: Enter the beginning and cease instances in entire seconds (e.g. one minute and two seconds = 62 seconds) and ensure not to embrace any extra characters or areas or it won’t work. ? begin=67&finish=80 When the above is added to the tip of the YouTube URL the video will begin at 1:07 and cease at 1:20.

Q; How do you insert a timestamp?

A: To insert the present time, press Ctrl + Shift +; To enter the present date and time, press Ctrl +; which inserts a date, then press the Space key, after which hit Ctrl + Shift +; to insert the present time.

Q: How do I create a timestamp from a date?

A: If you as an alternative need to get the present time stamp, you possibly can create a new Date object and use the getTime() technique. const presentDate = new Date(); const timestamp = presentDate. getTime(); In JavaScript, a time stamp is the variety of milliseconds that have been handed since.

Q: How do you employ timestamp performance?

A: The TIMESTAMP() performs returns a datetime worth primarily based on a date or datetime worth. Note: If there are specified two arguments with this performance, it first provides the second argument to the primary, after which returns a datetime worth.