How to Make a YouTube Plush Series

Do you want plushies/stuffed animals? Might you have a YouTube account? Well, you could like to make a plush sequence!

Buy plushies!

  • Order plushies from websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, or purchase them from a native retailer. Make certain they’re high-quality plushies – you don’t need one with no head and stuffing popping out of it!
    •  Make certain all the plushies are the sizes that are essentially the purest. If your dragon is smaller than your frog, then you definitely would possibly want to get a smaller frog plush or a greater dragon plush.

Gather your recording tools.

  • You can document with a high-quality webcam, iPhone, Android, or video digital camera. No matter which kind of digital camera you select, you will additionally need to get modifying software program on your completed movies.
    •  Don’t shake the digital camera an excessive amount! This is a drawback many inexperienced persons have.

Choose your characters.

  • Select the plushies that may star in your video. Which of your plushies would you like to use? Which ones would be the foremost characters? What are their personalities like? Do they get alongside, or do a few of them love or hate one another? Answer questions like these to flesh out the characters in your sequence.

Create a plot.

  • While making up the story as you go will be enjoyable, you will find yourself with plot holes and free ends. Write down your concepts, sketch out the main storylines, and plan out the plot for every episode.
    •  Make certain the plot is authentic! There are tons of “Peach is kidnapped by Bowser” and “Sonic has to defeat Eggman” movies, in addition to the Super Mario Logan Jeffy ones. Why not a sequence about one thing different?
    •  Make certain your plot can assist as many episodes as you need to make. Each episode can assault one small part of the primary plot, or every episode will be about one thing fully different. They can all use the identical solid of characters, or every episode can concentrate on a different character.

Write a script.

  • Write your script earlier than you begin recording. Make certain you might have all of the characters and props you will want. You may even memorize the script to make filming simpler if you’d like.

Choose a filming location.

  • Find a place with good lighting and never an excessive amount of background noise. This will assist your movie’s look and sound pretty much as good as potential.

How to Make a YouTube Plush Series

Record your first episode.

  • Edit the video after recording to be sure it appears good. You can even add music to match the temper if you would like, after which put up it on your YouTube channel.
    •  Make a playlist on your sequence so that each one of the episodes will be present in an identical place.

Create future episodes.

  • For every new episode, write a script earlier than filming. Each episode ought to have a different plot and focus, however, they need to all match cohesively into the sequence.
    •  If you do not like the best way a sequence goes, make a sequence finale. If you don’t need something to do with a sequence more than simply announce the cancellation of the sequence.
    •  Have an enjoyable whereas making your sequence! You should not be confused when making an episode. Take a break should you aren’t within the temper to make plush movies.


Q: What was the primary plush YouTuber?

A: The first plush channel was created by a small channel referred to as ElmoFan, on February 27, 2006, after they determined to share their plush house movies with public viewers. They launched their first-ever video and in addition the primary plush video ever on March 3, 2006.

Q: What age are plushies for?

A: According to Erin Hawks, a youngster and adolescent psychologist at the Oklahoma University College of Medicine, it is protected for kids to begin sleeping with a stuffed animal after the age of 1 (not earlier than, because it poses security dangers); and from then on, sleeping with stuffed toys is “completely regular,” even into teenagehood.

Q: Who created plush?

A: Who Created Stuffed Animals? The three outstanding individuals identified first to create them are Margarete and Richard Steiff and Morris Michtom. It all began in 1879 when Margarete began stitching patterns for an elephant, which was the primary animal she created.

Q: How many plushies are simply too many?

A: Matthew Taller, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s division of allergy and medical immunology, advises sufferers to restrict themselves to one stuffed animal and to preserve it off their mattress in the evening.

Q: Can adults have personal plushies?

A: Psychologists see nothing improper with adults proudly owning stuffed animals. During childhood, teddy bears and comfortable blankets act as transitional objects to assist when a youngster transitions from dependence to independence.

Q: How do you copyright a stuffed animal?

A: Fill out a trademark utility utilizing the Trademark Electronic Application System. You will want to present your identity, deal with it, the identity of the toy you need to trademark, a description of the toy, and a drawing or image.