How To Merge Two Twitter Accounts Together

If you’ve ever tried to manage several Twitter accounts, you know how difficult it is. Not only do you need to keep your brand messaging consistent across all accounts, but you also need to engage your fans by creating targeted, useful content.

It’s possible, which is why combining your Twitter accounts may be a better option. You may enhance your brand narrative and reach a larger audience by integrating your Twitter presence across two or more accounts.

What is the issue? There is no formal method to “combine” Twitter accounts as of now. Even if you can’t physically combine your current accounts, you can still advertise them as a single entity.

I’ll show you when, to the degree feasible, it’s worth “merging” Twitter accounts as a marketing tactic, and I’ll walk you through particular situations when dual account management is extremely important.

Why Should Your Twitter Accounts Be Merged?

Depending on the circumstances, there are many reasons why combining Twitter accounts or controlling them more closely may help your company. Here are the three main advantages of merging your Twitter accounts in a nutshell.

Marketers frequently find it simpler to plan, develop, and publish content with just one Twitter account. This is particularly true if you’re also in charge of numerous social media accounts.

Recognizability: By combining several Twitter accounts, you may create a stronger, more readily recognized social media brand than if you had individual accounts.

Clarity: Rather than confusing your fans by having numerous accounts for each element of your business, you may unify everything under one umbrella.

In essence, combining your Twitter accounts offers your followers a better image of your company’s values and services. It makes it simpler for individuals to contact you online, which may lead to more conversions.

It’s easy to be buried in all the noise if you don’t have a consistent, recognized, and strong Twitter approach. Merging your accounts may help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business from the competition.

Now that we’ve established how unifying or combining Twitter accounts may assist your company, let’s look at four scenarios in which this approach could be beneficial, as well as how to handle your accounts until merging becomes a possibility.

When a company merges, how do you manage two Twitter accounts?

A merger or acquisition of a company is an exciting moment. You’re going to form a partnership with another firm to become a new, stronger corporation with more potential than ever before.

Consolidations, on the other hand, may be difficult in terms of social media. Because you’re starting a new business, you’ll need to generate buzz for it while keeping your current followers on both Twitter accounts.

It’s much more difficult when you’re attempting to combine two businesses with distinct approaches.

Maybe your approaches to Tweeting and engaging followers are totally different, or maybe your target demographics are vastly different. Furthermore, it’s possible that you were formerly rivals and are now attempting to unite your following.

Doesn’t it seem like a challenge? Here’s how to go through it without a hitch.

Using Your Dashboard, Merge Twitter Accounts

While you can’t combine Twitter accounts, you can connect them on your computer or via the Twitter mobile app.

 Log in to your account, choose “More” from the right-hand sidebar, and then click the little “+” sign.

To continue, click “Create new account” or “Add existing account”:

For both iOS and Android applications, the procedure is the same.

This method allows you to create up to five accounts, therefore it’s useful to know.

Make Contact With Your Fans

Because Twitter isn’t the best place to share long remarks, pin them from your website or other social media sites to clarify the issue.

Use the identical messages on both Twitter accounts at the same time to establish brand continuity and consistency straight immediately.

Recruit influencers

Do influencers have a positive impact on your audience? Consider employing a few influencers to help spread the news and generate excitement for your new company.

Marketplaces, influencer marketing firms, and internet searches are all good locations to look for influencers.

Make use of Twitter Ads.

When you consolidate, you’re not simply trying to keep your current following. You, too, are searching for new clients. Consider advertising Twitter advertisements on both accounts at the same time.

Are Twitter advertising, on the other hand, really worth it? Absolutely.

For starters, we’re witnessing a 35% boost in ad interaction across Twitter, indicating that there’s a market for your business advertising. Furthermore, since the typical Twitter user loves highly focused, very specialized information, promotional but instructive advertising may provide consumers with exactly what they desire.

When a Business Is Acquired, Here’s How to Handle Your Twitter Accounts

An acquisition occurs when a bigger business buys a smaller company and takes control of its assets. While the acquiring firm’s identity may be somewhat altered to reflect the merger, the acquired company no longer exists.

Mergers and acquisitions, unsurprisingly, provide a slew of marketing difficulties. For one thing, who decides how Twitter accounts are handled in the long run if they are part of the purchased company’s assets? Also, who controls the trajectory if you decide to close the purchased company’s account?

These are just a few of the issues that digital marketing teams encounter while managing Twitter accounts after a merger, but here are some suggestions for getting things back on track.

Examine your Twitter profiles

First, examine both Twitter profiles to see what you have in common and where you differ. For instance, you could offer identical goods but Tweet in different ways. Perhaps you’re both active on Twitter, but your follower numbers are vastly different.

Here’s an illustration. MoonPie has an unique Twitter presence that is both amusing and memorable:

If they merged with a business that Tweeted with less wit, the marketing team would have to come up with a new voice that was appropriate for both brands.

Use your discoveries to figure out how to bring both accounts forward in a more cohesive manner. Don’t forget to engage your legal teams if legal problems emerge as a result of the merger.

Get Your Audiences Used to You

Introduce your followers to the new business and its executives to prepare them for the major shift.

To begin, publish about the impending merger on a regular basis to ensure that the information reaches as many people as possible.

Do some cross-posting after that. If you’re the acquired business, this may entail sharing or even tweeting Tweets from the acquiring company’s account. Engage your audience by starting a discussion.

Finally, ensure that you are available to answer inquiries. Users on Twitter demand a response within 30 minutes, so if you can’t keep up with your DMs or Tweets, direct your followers to an email address.

Official Announcements are pinned.

Make it a practice to pin important news to the top of your Twitter feed. A merger notification, any logo or branding modifications, and the formal merger date are all things you should pin.

Mergers may be difficult, but they can also be a chance to propel your business ahead and build your brand online.

When Your Business Name Changes, Here’s How to Manage Your Twitter Accounts

A name change may launch a bright new future for your company, whether you’re redesigning your brand or expanding into new product or service offerings.

If you’ve been managing your Twitter account(s) well, you’ll likely have a growing number of followers who recognize you by a certain name or handle. If you alter your Twitter account or company name without notice, they’ll be taken aback!

How can you successfully communicate the name change to your followers? Here’s how to convey a company name change with minimum hassle, no matter how many accounts you have.

Make a new username

Change your username to the new company name in your account settings. Before you do this, let your fans know that you are still alive.

Consider launching advertisements or other promotional materials to educate your audience about your brand’s history and the reasons for the name change.

Update Your Bio

Make the necessary changes to your Twitter bio(s) to reflect the new name. Because your bio is shown to every follower when they view your profile, using your new company name guarantees optimum exposure.

You may also pin a Tweet with the information.

Make Contact With Your Fans

There’s a possibility you’ve lost followers if you’ve switched accounts. Perhaps they haven’t yet received the notification, or they have chosen to stop following you.

There’s just one way to figure out what’s going on: contact your followers who haven’t switched to your new handle yet. Marketing solutions like Audiense and Sprout Social can help you find them. Then, either use advertising to remind them or use email (if you have it) to remind them.

Deactivate your previous accounts after you’re certain you’ve gained as many followers as feasible.

How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts for Different Departments in Your Company

Having several Twitter accounts for a same company may be advantageous. You’ll be able to reach a larger audience, and you’ll be able to keep your marketing material distinct from, say, your customer service department.

Last not The List

Segmenting your information across different accounts may, in this case, enhance your customer support and overall user experience.

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