How To Promote YouTube Videos On Twitter

How To Promote YouTube Videos On Twitter

Because of the growth of social media and its widespread acceptance, we have no lack of sites to advertise our YouTube videos when the time comes. There are short form messaging platforms, long form messaging platforms, image-only platforms, and so on.

In truth, the primary quandary you face while advertising your work on social media is not where (the answer is as many places as possible), but how. And, as you would anticipate, the response varies based on the platform to which you are marketing. You wouldn’t advertise your work the same way on Facebook as you would on Twitter. You could, but you’d be passing up a chance to maximize your abilities.

In this piece, we’ll look at how to advertise YouTube videos on Twitter.

What makes video promotion on Twitter unique?

In reality, it does not have to be. You could simply write a single update notifying everyone about your new video, including a link and maybe a few hashtags, and share it across all of your social media sites if you chose. It would disseminate the knowledge, which is preferable than doing nothing.

The problem is that individuals do not utilize every social media network in the same manner. It’s similar to evolution and natural selection. Animals may coexist in distinct niches, but when two organisms compete for the same resources, one of them must die.

This is how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tok-tok, and numerous more social media sites with their own distinct perspectives can coexist. Meanwhile, sites such as Myspace, Vine, and Path have vanished.

Because each network is utilized differently, it stands to reason that advertising products on each platform would take a distinct shape.

More Than Just a News Feed

One of the key things Twitter users expect from you is that your material has intrinsic worth. In reality, this applies to all social media platforms, although the shape that value takes varies. What we mean by value is that your Twitter account should provide people a reason to follow it in and of itself, rather than merely because of the YouTube channel it promotes.

If a Twitter account just exists to tweet the most recent videos, relatively few people will follow it. And, if there aren’t many people following it, there won’t be much use in advertising your films there.

You should aim to utilize your account on a regular basis, posting information that your target audience would love. If you are an instructional YouTuber, tweet out tips and techniques on a regular basis. Tweet jokes if you’re a comedy YouTuber. The goal is to get people to follow your Twitter account because of the stuff you provide there. As a result, when you promote a video, it won’t seem like you’re simply advertising to them, and they’ll be more inclined to check it out since they already like your material.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share the Content of Other YouTubers

Technically, this is a supplement to the previous point, since it is effectively a means to increase the worth of your Twitter account. If relevant material from other YouTubers has some value for your fans, don’t be scared to share it.

Yes, sharing material that may rightfully be called “competition” may seem contradictory at first, but consider this: what are the possibilities that your viewers would never have discovered your “competition” on their own?

The fact of being a content producer nowadays is that there is no such thing as an entirely untouched sector, and there will always be competition. The key is to be true to yourself. You may be giving the same stuff, but you’re doing it in your own unique manner.

However, posting valuable information from other YouTubers on occasion not only adds value to your Twitter feed, but it may also help you create good connections with those other YouTubers.

Include it in your bio.

Unlike on YouTube, many tweeters will read your bio before clicking the follow button, making your bio very critical. You don’t have a lot of room to pack everything in, but you should make an extra effort to get over what you do, and if YouTube is your major focus, certainly include a link to your channel.


Another manner in which Twitter differs from YouTube is the platform’s reciprocal nature. Regardless of the comments, YouTube is mostly a one-way experience. Twitter, though, is an exception.

Twitter is a place for talks, and conversations are an excellent opportunity to meet new people who are interested in the topics you cover in your videos. Of course, you must strike a balance between participating in Twitter and spending way too much time on Twitter, but that is a learning curve that we must all master.

Always make use of hashtags.

If you’ve been active in the relevant groups, you should already be aware of which hashtags are suitable for your material. But, if you don’t, do some research to figure out where the action is with the videos you produce.

You don’t have to go crazy and fill your tweet with nothing but hashtags and a link, but at least one or two should be included to get your video in front of the proper people.

Last Thoughts

Twitter is just one weapon in your video advertising armory, but it is the one with the most instant reach. Sure, Facebook has more users, but your work has much less potential to expand outside your close group on Facebook than it does on Twitter.




To get the most out of it, it, like other tools, must be utilized appropriately. However, as usual, a solid foundation of quality material is required. No matter how effective your Twitter approach is, you must have great content to promote with it.

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