How To Recover deleted Instagram Account?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps used by people today daily. It is an American photo and video sharing social media app which is owned by Facebook. It was previously created for the users as a platform for sharing photos and videos. Now, it allows users to upload all kinds of media, which can be edited with filters and organized with tags and location information of the user. Users can post anything that can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other user’s content by tags and locations and also view their trending contents like stories. They can like and react to their photos and follow other users, so they can view their contents in the feed. Now, there might be new users on Instagram and like all the newcomers they don’t know much about the features of Instagram and want to learn about it.

Now, like any other social media app users, the Instagram users face some problems like losing their account by losing their username, phone number, email, getting hacked, or mistakenly deleted the account. After all this, they want to recover their account. They want to know about ways to recover their deleted account. Well, we will surely help you with how you can recover the deleted Instagram account easily.

Let’s discuss the ways to recover a deleted Instagram account. You have come to the right place, we assure you that we will help you with every way we can and help you conveniently recover your lost or deleted account.

Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Account: 

Recovering the Account using Third-party Apps or Tools 

We recommend that you use third-party apps and tools for recovering a deleted app because it would be easy for you to recover the account. You need to provide your personal information like your name, email address and so. After that, you need to follow the given instructions and then you will get your account back. The app will help you recover your deleted Instagram account with ease as it will do the hard job for you. You can get the link for the app here: [maxbutton id=”1″]

Recover using the Instagram App

This is when you have accidentally deleted your account and that too permanently. Because either you can disable your account or permanently delete it as the options given there for you to select when you want to deactivate your account. The steps to recovery are:

1. First, you need to open the login page.

2. Then, you have to write your username and then click on “Get help signing in” below the Login button.

3. After that, it will take you to a new page where you will find the title “Trouble logging in”, tap on it.

4. Most of the time that page will not be of any help so you need to click on the option that says “need more help” which will redirect you to a new page again.

5. In the new page, you will have to give your email address you used for the deleted account. Also, the page will ask you for your contact email, if you have it then it will be easier for recovery. If you haven’t specified the contact email then go on with the general email address of your account.

6. After that, you have to specify the type of account you owned. Either it was a business account or a personal account or any other account.

7. Then the next step is to click on the option that says “my account was hacked”. After that, you will get a box that asks you other additional details. Fill it up if you want to or you can skip it.

8. After completing the procedures, you will get a mail on your specified email address. 

9. You will be asked to fill up a verification paper with your personal information along with a photo of yours. You need to make sure that you have a photo in your account that will help you to verify your account easily with the provided information and photo.

Also, keep in mind that deleting and deactivating your account are two different things. You can easily login when your account is disabled but it is hard to recover when you have permanently deleted it. Following the above steps, you can easily recover your deleted Instagram account.

Recovery using Facebook

You can use Facebook’s help for recovering your deleted Instagram account. You need to fill a form with tall the information it asks you to fill and then submit it. Once it verifies and agrees with your proposal then you will get your account back. Since Facebook and Instagram are connected it can be useful for such times.


In this way, using the above-explained methods you can easily recover your deleted Instagram account with ease. You can also check the link for the third-party app given above so that it helps you with reducing your hard work for the recovery of your account. It does all the work once you fill-up the necessary information.

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