How to Rotate a YouTube Video

In this article, we will give a fast aid on the best way to turn YouTube recordings. We will likewise share a helpful video proofreader – Filme to pivot video for YouTube.

Turn YouTube Video with iMyFone Filme [Windows and Mac]

iMyFone Filme is a quick-rising video-altering programming famous among YouTubers and video darlings the same. This device is famous for its adaptability, ease of use, and adaptability. Aside from making and altering recordings, iMyFone Filme can be utilized to turn YouTube recordings. You can utilize it to turn YouTube recordings effectively in 2 different ways. Also, beneath are the basic moves toward doing that.

Helpful elements of iMyFone Filme:

  1. Pivot recordings by 90, 180, 360, or any degrees.
  2. For video pivot, yet additionally fundamental video altering: Cut, Trim, Yield, Sound, Progress, Text, and so on.
  3. Plentiful impacts and assets for you to alter YouTube recordings with top caliber.
  4. Moment reviews the video while altering.
  5. Trade your recordings as different organizations in the wake of altering.
  6. You can share your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter.
  7. This apparatus is accessible to Windows and Macintosh clients.

Pivot YouTube Video Way 1:

  1. Import your video to iMyFone Filme.
  2. Double tap on the video you need to alter or click once and select to move to the course of events.
  3. Pick the “Alter” choice on the toolbar.
  4. To pivot, move the slider on the right half of the screen and change until you come by your ideal result.
  5. Click “Alright” to save or “Reset” to begin once again.

Turn YouTube Video Way 2:

  1. Import your video to iMyFone Filme.
  2. Double tap on the video you need to alter or click once and select to move to the course of events.
  3. Snap and move the white speck at the top. Watch the video pivots. Go on until you get your ideal direction.
  4. Click “Alright” to save or “Reset” to begin once again.

How to Rotate a YouTube Video

Turn YouTube Video in YouTube Manager – YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is where you deal with your YouTube channel. It will save you from having to re-film and yet again transfer your video on YouTube. On the off chance that your video seems topsy turvy after your transfer, you can follow this basic methodology to flip it back to the ordinary with the YouTube studio.


  1. Go to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click on recordings (to see all recordings).
  3. Click on the video you need to pivot.
  4. Click on the “Manager” button on the left menu choices.
  5. Right-click on the “Add Obscure” button and snap “investigate”.
  6. Alter the line and erase the thing ‘hidden=”true”‘.
  7. Click fresh to save. The pivot buttons will naturally show up on the video alter menu.
  8. Presently, close the HTML code box and begin turning your video to taste.
  9. Remember to save after accomplishing your objective.

Turn on YouTube Video While Watching on a PC

One more technique to turn a YouTube video while watching on PC is through Video Revolution expansion. This expansion is accessible as an extra on Chrome and Mozilla. This augmentation upholds 90, 180, and 270 degrees revolution of YouTube recordings while watching.


  1. Introduce the Chrome or Mozilla augmentation on your Program accurately.
  2. The expansion ought to consequently show up on the YouTube menu next to the “Buy in” button.
  3. Invigorate your YouTube page if the button doesn’t show up naturally.
  4. Use ctrl+shift+9 or ctrl+shift+/shortcode to turn the video.

You can likewise utilize the expansion to zoom, move, and mirror video.

Rotate YouTube Video On the web

One more way by which you can pivot your video is by utilizing the web instruments like Clideo. Clideo is an across-the-board video advertising stage that has the devices to make, alter, pack, and bundle video for conveyance to pretty much any crowd on the web. It is online-based video-altering programming you can use to perform fundamental video-altering errands.

Clideo works on the web and you need to first choose the URL on your program.


  1. Visit the Clideo Revolution page.
  2. Glue your YouTube URL to turn.
  3. Select the turning bolt, it pivots 90 degrees when you click once.
  4. See the subsequent video.
  5. Download it to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Turn YouTube Video on iPhone and Android

If you have any desire to pivot YouTube video on your telephone, you can utilize some video revolution applications to make it happen. Here we will impart you two apparatuses to turn YouTube recordings on iPhone and Android gadgets.

Pivot YouTube Video on iPhone – Use iMovie

This video manager for iPhone is an optimal decision to rotate YouTube recordings. The following are the basic moves toward doing that.

  1. Download the iMovie application on your iPhone. Then click the “+” button to transfer the YouTube Video.
  2. In the wake of transferring your desired video to pivot, Snap on the alter button. you can look over the timetable and make your video cut shows up in the watcher.
  3. Presently you can move your two fingers and make a pivoting movement as you like. You can turn it in 90 degrees all at once, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  4. When the video turn is finished, just hit on the “Done” button to save the YouTube video.

Pivot YouTube Video on Android – Use Google Photographs

For Android clients, you can utilize Google Photographs to effortlessly pivot YouTube recordings. Simply follow the means underneath.

  1. Download Google Photographs on your Android telephone first. Then find the YouTube video that you need to turn and open it.
  2. Then, at that point, hit on the “Alter” symbol on the screen and afterward click the “Pivot” button. Presently you can turn the YouTube video to any degree you need.
  3. Whenever everything is finished, click the “Save” choice to save the changes.


Vertical Video Condition (VVS) is a difficult issue confronting YouTubers around the world. It influences the direction of the video and nullifies the point of the video. Presently you can utilize those strategies examined in this article to turn your YouTube recordings. if you need to turn video as well as require progressed highlights on video editing,iMyFone Filme is the best decision for you. It tends to be utilized on Windows and Macintoshes and permits you to make dazzling YouTube recordings. If you want to pivot your youtube video, you can utilize great video proofreader Filme, or pick some dependable video altering administrations.


Q:How would I change my YouTube video from vertical to flat?
A:Select “Video Settings” > “Direction” > “Scene (16:9).”
Presently your video will have dark bars on its sides so it fits a flat edge.

Q:How would I turn a video at a point?
A:To do this, you can tap on the video in the timetable and afterward press the Turn button to pivot the video 90 degrees clockwise. Rehash this however many times depending on the situation to get the right direction. You can likewise press the Harvest and Pivot button and afterward move the Point slider for a more unambiguous turn.

Q:How would I see YouTube recordings in an upward direction?
A:For using this astonishing token of YouTube, simply swipe up the video that you are watching to top off the showcase and swipe down on it to return to the picture direction. This is the underlying motion yet sadly, this can be not entirely obvious.

Q:How would I pivot a Youtube video in Chrome?
A:You can do this by swiping down from the highest point of the Home screen. Find the Auto-turn symbol. It’ll appear to be unique relying upon your Android model: If you’re utilizing a Samsung Cosmic system, you’ll see a screen turn button that will regularly be set to Auto Pivot — search for the symbol of two bent bolts with a telephone inside.

Q:For what reason are YouTube recordings level?
A:You ought to make flat recordings on the off chance that you need to: Shoot a video that you intend to watch on television or transfer it to a stage that predominantly utilizes even direction (e.g., YouTube). Catch numerous things without moving around something over the top or make still shots with a rich foundation.