How to Screenshot a Message of a Blocked User On Snapchat Without the Other Person Knowing

Snapchat is the most private social networking platform available on the Internet. Snapchat has a good understanding of how to preserve the privacy of its users, both in terms of the many privacy-oriented tools it offers and its fundamental functionality. Some Snapchat users may find some of the app’s privacy features implausible and honestly a bit annoying. In terms of privacy and security, however, millions of users favor Snapchat over other platforms due to these advantages.

For instance, the fact that all communications are deleted unless they are stored offers its users a sense of security. However, if you are not as privacy-conscious as others, you may view this as an excessive measure. And just in case a user takes a snapshot of the chat screen to capture the messages before they vanish, Snapchat has another notification system in place to alert all conversation participants.

However, what if the user has been barred before the screenshot is taken? In other words, will they know if you take a picture of a blocked user’s message? This question will be the focus of the remainder of this blog.

This blog will be entertaining, so please do not quit reading before the conclusion.

Will They Know If I Screenshot a Snapchat Message from Someone I’ve Blocked?

Snapchat is loaded with various quirks. As a Snapchatter, you are likely to be perplexed and startled by how differently things function on Snapchat, especially if you are new to the app and attempting to navigate the maze of new features.

Snapchat has surprises for us around every corner. Want to communicate? The shock of deleting communications emerges. Need to capture a screenshot? The surprise of screenshot alerts arrives. You cannot locate anyone on the page. Even a person’s list of common friends cannot be located. In summary, everything you do on Snapchat is unexpected.

But why are we giving you all of this instead of immediately responding to your question? To inform you that another surprise is forthcoming.

We realize that you wish to take a screenshot of a banned user’s message without their knowledge. But can you capture the screenshot, to begin with? Is it even feasible to view the messages of a prohibited sender?

The response is an emphatic NO. Once you block someone on Snapchat, their stored and unsaved messages are removed from your account. You will not be able to view their previous messages on your Chats panel or elsewhere in the program.

In other words, you are unable to capture screenshots of the messages since you cannot access them in the first place.

Can a Snapchat user who has been blocked view your messages?

After reading the preceding part, you may have pondered a question. When you block someone on Snapchat, their messages will no longer display in your Chats. And there is no way to communicate with them on Snapchat while they are blocked.

However, what occurs on the other side? Are your messages visible on their Chats screen? Or are the texts deleted from their account as well?

It is possible that you will not like the solution. When you block a user on Snapchat, their messages will only be removed from your Chats screen. The prohibited user can continue to view these messages as before. Therefore, they may still view the communications they got from you before your blocking them.

They cannot, however, add you as a friend, search for you on Snapchat, or send you snaps or messages. Although they will be able to send you messages and view the status as Delivered, you will never get them.

Will you know if the blocked individual takes a screenshot of your messages?

You are eager to learn the solution to this question.

You are aware that there is no method to get a screenshot of a banned user’s message. Or, more properly, the communications cannot even be seen.

But what happens to the blocked individual? Can they view previously-stored messages? Yes, we are aware of it. Can they capture a screenshot of the message? Why then? They can take screenshots of anything they view on their Snapchat screen. Will you be alerted when a screenshot is taken? NO.

Since you have banned the user, you will no longer receive any kind of communication from them. Regardless of how many screenshots they capture, you will learn nothing. Similarly, they might take a snapshot of your profile screen without your knowledge.

Even if you subsequently unblock the user and access their conversation, you will not see the alerts. This is because any messages and alerts sent to you by a banned user are lost in the cloud. Saddening, you will never know if they captured screenshots while being banned.

How do I unblock a Snapchat user?

If you are still reading this article, blocking someone may not appear to be the greatest decision in light of the advantages and disadvantages we have mentioned. So, if you change your mind and want to unblock someone on Snapchat but don’t know how here are the steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat and sign in to your account.
  2. You will arrive at the app’s Camera menu. Tap on your bitmoji in the upper-left corner of the display to access your profile.
  3. Click the Settings gear icon in the profile’s upper-right corner.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen.
  5. The Blocked option is one of the final options on the Settings page. Choose this option to view the list of individuals you’ve blocked.
  6. Tap the Cross (X) symbol to the right of the preferred user’s username in Step 6. Selecting YES will unlock them.


As we conclude this blog, let’s review all that has been mentioned.

If you wish to capture a snapshot of the messages from someone you have blocked on Snapchat, you have gone about it incorrectly, as blocked users cannot view their messages.

The chats from the blocked person are removed from your Snapchat, but the blocked user may still see and screenshot the messages. If you wish to unblock the user, you can do so by completing the preceding procedures.

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