How To See Someone’s Snapchat Friends From Profile

Snapchat is undeniably one of the leading social media platforms currently available. With over 300 million active users utilizing the app’s tremendous features, it is easy to understand why.

Since its release in 2011, the app’s usage has seen major adjustments. One such alteration is how individuals see the friends of others.

The ability to access a person’s Friends List directly from their profile has been deactivated following a privacy assessment.

Viewing a user’s Snapchat pals has become difficult. So, how do you view a Snapchat user’s friends?

The only method to view a Snapchat user’s Friends List is via logging into their account. Solicit their login credentials and access their Snapchat account, or seize their device and access their Friends list.

This article describes how to access a user’s Friends and Chat List. It also gives instructions on how to delete friends from the list.

How to View Someone’s Snapchat Friends From Their Profile.

Snapchat, unlike other social media networks, is intended for private rather than public chats. You can only view anything sent directly to you by friends or posted publicly.

To view a person’s Friends List, you must have access to their account.

If you have access to a user’s account, you can browse their Friend List directly as follows:

  1. Launch the Snapchat client.
  2. Authenticate with their account if required.
  3. Tap the Bitmoji located in the upper left corner.
  4. To view the whole Friend List, select the “My Friends” option.

You may search for a certain contact using the alphabetical order of the Friend List.

Viewing the Friends List in the Chat Section

This approach makes it easy to view a user’s Friends List. It also requires access to the user’s phone number or login information.

Your chat list contains the names of every buddy. This makes your chat box an ideal location for seeing friends in order of priority if you need to contact them immediately.

Here’s how to examine a user’s Friends List by scrolling through their conversation history:

  1. Launch the Snapchat client.
  2. Authenticate with their account if required.
  3. Tap the conversations symbol at the bottom of the screen or swipe right.
  4. Examine the list to find their buddies.

This straightforward procedure will display the Friend List in order of the most recent talks. Additionally, you may search for a conversation using this option. You might also begin the chat with the contact immediately.

How Do You Remove a Snapchat Friend?

If you locate a buddy on this user’s Snapchat account that you do not wish to see, you have the option to remove them.

They will be unable to speak with them and read their stuff unless their privacy settings are set to public.

How to Remove a Friend From the Friend List

You can delete contacts from the Friend List, as well as perform other actions.

How to delete a buddy from your Friends list:

  1. Launch Snapchat on a smartphone.
  2. Tap the Bitmoji located in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select “My Friends” from the menu.
  4. Long-press the desired friend to delete them.
  5. Select “Friendship Management.”
  6. Select “Remove Friend
  7. To confirm, hit “Remove.”

Once completed, the contact is deleted from your Friends list.

Deleting a Friend From the Chat Section

You may also delete a buddy from the chat section, which is a rather straightforward process.

Listed below are the steps for removing a buddy from the conversation section.

  1. Launch Snapchat on your mobile device.
  2. Swipe right to the bottom of the screen and hit the chat icon.
  3. Long-press the conversation you wish to delete with a buddy.
  4. Select the “Friendship Management” option.
  5. Select “Remove Friend
  6. Tap “Remove” to confirm the deletion.


Snapchat has made it simple for users to browse, add, and remove contacts from their profiles.

To access this information, you will need access to their login credentials or a phone.


Q:Can I hack into a Snapchat account?
A:Yes, you can. Phone tracking and Snapchat surveillance applications enable you to observe their account activity. This, however, is not recommended.

Q:Can I use Snapchat without an internet connection?
A:Yes. You may use Snapchat without an internet connection; however, some functions will be unavailable. You can take snaps and use a few filters, but you cannot communicate with or view your Snapchat friends’ snaps and stories.