How To See Your Twitter Username

How To See Your Twitter Username

The username and handle on Twitter is the same thing. If you are asked for your Twitter handle, they are referring to your username, and vice versa. On Twitter, your username is your one-of-a-kind identifier. There can’t be two accounts with the same username. You can log in to your Twitter account using your username, and you can also locate individuals using their Twitter username.

Twitter usernames are not permanent and may be easily changed. Additionally, usernames are public and accessible to everybody. In your tweets, replies, and messages, your username will display next to your name. The @ sign comes before it.

What Is My Twitter Handle or Username?

Now that you understand what a Twitter handle is, it’s time to find your own.

How to Look Up My Twitter Username on a Computer

On a computer, you may discover your Twitter handle in a variety of methods.

  1. To begin, go to and sign in to your account. Once logged in, your name and handle will appear in the bottom-left corner. Your name appears after the @ sign.
  2. Second, go to your profile page by selecting the Profile option on the left side of the Twitter site.
  3. The handle may be found beneath your Twitter name. Look for the Twitter profile URL on the same page as well. This also includes your username.
  4. Look for your handle in your tweets as an alternative. Any tweet you send will include your username. It’s the text that appears after the @ sign next to your name.

How to Locate My Twitter Username on a Mobile Device

Go to your profile page in the Twitter Android or iOS app. Under your name, you’ll see your Twitter handle (the one with the @ symbol).

If you want to share the handle with someone, either give them the username or hit the three-dot symbol at the top of the profile page and choose Share from the menu. Use your favorite messaging app to send the produced link to the individual.

Your username will appear above your tweets and responses, just next to your name.

How to Modify Your Twitter Username

As seen below, you may quickly change your Twitter username from the Twitter website on desktop or mobile.

It’s worth noting that the functionality to alter your Twitter handle is presently unavailable on the Android and iPhone/iPad applications.

  1. On a mobile phone, go to
  2. Access your account. Select the More tab.
  3. From the menu, choose Settings and privacy.
  4. Choose Your account, then Account details.

For security reasons, you will be prompted to enter your Twitter password. After that, choose the Username box.

  1. In the box, type in a new username. You will also be provided some username alternatives. Enter a new one or choose from the auto-suggestions. Save the file.

What Happens If You Change Your Twitter Username?

When you change your Twitter handle, it has no effect on your current profile. All of your followers, followers, messages, and tweets will be unaffected. People will see the new username instead of the old one on your profile. As a result, it could be a good idea to notify them.

Aside from that, no one will be able to locate you using your previous username. So, if you’ve shared it with anybody, you’ll need to email them the new username.


More significantly, your former Twitter handle will be accessible for use by other Twitter users. That implies that anybody who wants to use your former login may do so immediately. So, if you previously disclosed your old username with someone, they may now contact a different profile using your old username. That is why it is preferable to notify or update people when you alter your Twitter account.

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