How to Send Whatsapp Messages Without Showing Number

How to Send Whatsapp Messages Without Showing Number

Utilizing messaging services like WhatsApp to send and receive messages without showing your number can be done easily. Here we’ll explore how to go about it:

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

By far the most effective way to ensure your number is hidden when using WhatsApp is to download and use a VPN. VPNs protect your identity by enabling you to connect to the internet through a virtual private server, instead of using your regular internet connection.

Once connected to a VPN, you’ll be able to send messages anonymously through WhatsApp without worrying that your identity and personal information is being seen. Plus, VPNs also encrypt your data so any messages you send are completely secure.

Using a Fake Number

Another way to use WhatsApp without showing your number is to use a free online service like TextNow, which provides fake numbers to use for messaging. TextNow allows you to create a virtual phone number which you can use for WhatsApp and other messaging services.

Once you have a virtual number, you can use that to register with WhatsApp. Just remember that the fake number will only be temporary, so don’t send any sensitive information through it.

Using a Disposable Number

Finally, if you want to keep your number private when using WhatsApp, you can use a disposable number. Services like Hushed provide temporary numbers which you can use for messaging services like WhatsApp.

These numbers can be used for a few days or weeks at a time, and they’re ideal for keeping your number anonymous. Remember, though, they will expire, so don’t use them for anything sensitive.


Using WhatsApp without showing your number is relatively easy. For ultimate protection, we recommend using a VPN or free online service like TextNow. Alternatively, you can use a disposable number from apps like Hushed. No matter which method you choose, you can be sure your number will remain anonymous.

3. What application or software can be used to send Whatsapp messages with a fake number?

There is no available application or software to send WhatsApp messages with a fake number. This is due to the fact that WhatsApp requires a valid phone number for verification before the account can be used. There are some third-party services that provide phone numbers for use in creating a WhatsApp account, but use of these services is against WhatsApp’s terms of service and could potentially get your account suspended.

1. How can I hide my number when sending messages on Whatsapp?

In order to hide your phone number when sending messages on Whatsapp, you can disable your “last seen” feature in your privacy settings. This will prevent anyone from seeing your phone number when you last used Whatsapp. You can also make sure that “Who can see my personal information” is set to “Nobody.” This will prevent anyone from seeing your profile picture or other personal information. Additionally, you can customize the notifications you receive to make sure that your phone number is not included in them.

2. Is there a way to send Whatsapp messages anonymously?

No, there is no way for you to send Whatsapp messages anonymously. All messages sent via Whatsapp have sender’s identity attached to them, making them traceable. It is not possible to mask the phone number from which the message is sent, making it impossible to send anonymous messages using Whatsapp.

4. Are there any additional security measures that can be taken when sending Whatsapp messages using a hidden number?

Yes. When sending Whatsapp messages using a hidden number, it is important to ensure that the person receiving the message has a secure connection. Additionally, the user should use a virtual private network (VPN) when connecting to the internet, avoid providing any personal information via Whatsapp, and make sure to shut down the app when not using it. Lastly, it is also recommended to use a password protected lock screen on the device to ensure the security of the messages.

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