If Someone Blocked Me on Whatsapp and Change My Phone Number, Will I Still Be Blocked?

What Happens If Someone Blocks Me on WhatsApp And I Change My Phone Number?

Do you wonder what would happen if someone blocked you on WhatsApp and you changed your phone number? This can be an awkward and daunting scenario for many, but it is important to understand when it comes to using the popular messaging app.

What Does It Mean to Be Blocked on WhatsApp?

Being blocked on WhatsApp means that a specific contact can’t see your online status and won’t be able to message or call you. You won’t get notifications when they message you either.

Will I Still Be Blocked If I Change My Phone Number?

  • Yes. The person who blocked you on WhatsApp will still be able to block you if you change your phone number.
  • No. If you delete the WhatsApp account associated with the old phone number, the person won’t be able to block you anymore.

In other words, if you change your phone number but you do not delete your old WhatsApp account, the person still has the ability to block you. However, if you delete your old WhatsApp account, the person won’t be able to block you anymore, as the contact would no longer be found within WhatsApp.

What Can I Do To Avoid Being Blocked Again?

If you have recently changed your phone number and want to avoid being blocked on WhatsApp, there are few things you can do to mitigate your risk. Here are some tips:

  • Be sure to let the person know that you have changed your number.
  • Don’t reach out to them or message them until you have received confirmation that they have unblocked you.
  • Try to resolve any issues between you both before the number change.
  • Be mindful of your messaging etiquette by not sending any messages that could be seen as offensive or inappropriate.

By taking these simple steps, you can reduce the risk of being blocked on WhatsApp again.

5. Can someone still block me on WhatsApp if I have changed my phone number?

Yes, a user is capable of blocking you even if you have changed your phone number. This is because WhatsApp associates your account with your contact number, and this is the primary way of identifying user accounts.

4. Are there any repercussions for blocking someone from my WhatsApp contacts list?

No, there are no immediate repercussions for blocking someone from your WhatsApp contacts list. The contact will no longer be able to contact you and will be unable to see your online status or any changes to your profile picture. However, they may be able to see your name in a group chat, if you are both present in the chat.

2. Does blocking someone on WhatsApp affect their ability to send me messages on other platforms?

No, blocking someone on WhatsApp does not have any effect on their ability to send messages to you on any other platform. However, depending on the platform, you may be able to block them there as well.

3. Is there a way to unblock someone who changed their phone number on WhatsApp?

Yes, there is a way to unblock a person that has changed their phone number on WhatsApp. To do this, open WhatsApp and select the “Settings” option. Select “Account” and then “Privacy”. Under “Blocked contacts” there should be an option to unblock the person. Select this option and confirm the action.

1. Does changing my phone number cause me to lose access to my old WhatsApp account?

No. If you only change your phone number, you will not lose access to your old WhatsApp account. However, if you uninstall the app or get a new device, you will need to use your new phone number and a two-step verification code sent to your new phone number via SMS in order to regain access to your old WhatsApp account.

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