How To Track A Fake Instagram Account

Instagram is a massive platform, with one billion active users in just one month. Instagram is brimming with commercial potential and global trends. Many brands and consumers desire to be successful on Instagram, but many employ ineffective strategies such as purchasing a huge number of false followers. Many people will be misled by these bogus accounts, so how can you tell if the brand’s followers are genuine?

It’s simple to check for any fraudulent Instagram brand followers using BrandFollowers. We aim to make influencer marketing more transparent, thus we created BrandFollowers, a specific IG audit instagram tool.

The purpose of BrandFollowers is to:

1. Analyze diverse data to check and track all of the details of brand followers, and to determine the validity of users.

2. BrandFollowers categorizes people into four groups: genuine users, influencers, mass followers, and suspicious accounts.

Real users have a consistent IP address, engage with the brand, and their posts are updated in their accounts

Influencers’ evaluations are based on the following criteria: It has over 3,000 followers and a high engagement rate of more than 2%.

The following criteria are used to evaluate mass followers:

To promote their posts, the company started using Instagram advertisements. In this situation, however, the rise in brand followers will not exceed 5K in a single day

By purchasing robot followers, the brand artificially raises the number of followers

The brand did not create any material, yet in a short amount of time, it gained a big number of followers.

Suspicious Accounts: An account that has been banned by Instagram is a suspicious account.


3. Enter any brand name into BrandFollowers to check for phony accounts in your account. A thorough examination of the followers. BrandFollowers examines the followers’ country of origin, gender, and age. It also keeps track of daily changes in the number of followers and presents the data for new followers and unfollowers graphically.

Fake accounts are a risk.

We have used third-party apps to boost followers in the past in order to get a large number of followers in a short period of time.

These third-party programs may assist you in gaining more followers, but the followers you gain are extremely risky.

Because Bots are built into every program. Hundreds of false followers will be sent to your account by these integrated bots, and they will vanish within 24 hours

Third-party apps, on the other hand, generate money by showing your adverts

This type of activity is more detrimental, despite the fact that it boosts your account’s followers in a short period of time. Your account is extremely likely to be banned if you use these third-party apps

When Instagram recognizes your bogus followers, they take one of two action:

Remove the people who are following you.

Remove your account from the system.

As a result, adding followers to free third-party apps increases the risk of your account being disabled.

Because Instagram has been keeping an eye on the usage of robots to create bogus accounts. As a result, if you continue to use third-party programs to add fake followers, your account will be suspended.

I do not advise using applications to gain followers.

How can I tell whether an Instagram account is fake?

BrandFollowers You can find out how many real followers you have by using the Instagram review function. Assist marketers in spotting fraudulent followers and favorite persons on influencers’ Instagram accounts.

Machine learning is used to identify patterns of behavior that are related to real humans, automated robots, or infrequent use.

The phony account is judged by BrandFollowers based on the following five categories of data:

Insights into the audience: the followers’ geographic location and gender. Compare and contrast the influencer’s and target audiences

Followers, likes, and the genuineness of the remarks are all factors to consider. Machine learning is used to identify patterns of behavior that are related to real humans, automated robots, or infrequent use.

Find out how many of your followers will be able to see your sponsored posts.

Compare engagement indicators for other influencers in the Impactor Benchmark.

The quality of the audience that will see and respond to sponsored posts is measured by the Audience Quality Score. In less than a minute, AQS can determine whether or not working with the blogger is worthwhile.

Fake accounts are divided into two categories by BrandFollowers:

1. A large number of followers: All of the mass accounts cater to a large number of individuals. Instagram limits an account’s attention to a maximum of 7,000 individuals. More than 6,000 people are affected by these roaming accounts.

Furthermore, they have an excessive number of followers, so your postings do not appear in their news feeds, and they do not like or comment on your posts. We’ll categorize these accounts as Mass followers.

2. Suspicious Accounts: Suspicious Accounts are Instagram-banned accounts in a user’s follower list. Instagram tracks cheating on each account, and if major cheating is detected, Instagram will deactivate the account.

Verify your account’s legitimacy by doing the following:

How can I tell whether my Instagram followers are real?

To keep track of my account’s followers, I frequently use an internet application. I’d like to learn more about my followers so that I can form stronger bonds with them.

BrandFollowers is the name of the tool. Simply log in and use it; I use it to screen my followers for high-quality audiences, fraudulent accounts, and influencers

In addition to my account, I can examine the account of a competitor to obtain the following information:

It’s a free tool that you may use to learn more about your followers.

to summarize:

With BrandFollowers, you must verify and track the account’s legitimacy. Removing these bogus accounts can help the brand enhance engagement, reach more actual individuals, raise brand awareness, and increase transactions.

You must begin with content creation if you want to gain genuine followers. It is critical to have excellent originality.

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