How To Track Down Who Created an Instagram Account?

Instagram has some great location search functions built-in. They’re very useful for the curiosity of knowing where a photo was taken and as well who was the person taking the photo. There are locations features that can help from where the picture was taken. But the problem is to know who is the person who created that particular account.

There are several ways to find out who created an Instagram account. They are quite reliable and some are to the point perfect to track down the person who created the account. Below we are going discuss some of these process that actually works.

  1. Using a third-party application to track down the creator of the account.

    Yes, there is some third party application that actually works well and tracks down the creator of the account. One of the tools is Instatracker application that allows you to get all the information that you need. For using this tool follow the steps below:

    1. Go the application page by click here: [maxbutton id=”1″]
    2. Enter the account username that you want to track the creator.
    3. Confirm the account by viewing the profile picture.
    4. Let the application do all the process of tracking down the creator.
    5. Voila! You got your creator of the account.

  2. Tracking the creator by IP address.

    The only thing which comes to my mind if I want to track down who created an Instagram account is to make them click on a link made with an IP grabber tool. Wise, Isn’t it?

    Using the IP grabber techniques given here, you can find out the IP address of any Instagram user or profile easily. So let’s get started with finding Instagram user’s IP Addresses.

    How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram using IP grabbing tool?
    Just recently I wrote an article on finding and tracing fake Facebook user and it worked quite well for most of my readers. Now in this tutorial, you will learn how to use the same technique to find IP address of the Instagram user.

    All you have to do is, follow the Instagram user whose IP you need to find out and DM him/her a specially crafted URL.

    So how to craft this special URL and what it is exactly?
    The special URL we are talking about is just a normal website link. however, when you click on it, It grabs or records your IP address and logs it to the website’s server before serving you the content of the website. Now the user-crafted this special URL can later log into his account to check the recorded IP address.

    There are several IP grabbing tools that allow you to find someone’s IP address as well as trace its location.

  3. Asking the owner directly.

    You can directly message the person to their profile and asking them “Who are you?”. This is a straight forward way and sometimes it works as well. You need to tell them everything about why you want the creator. What are the reasons you are asking the person who they are so that they can be even with you and get a reason to give away their identity.

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