If I Delete a Contact on WhatsApp Can They Still Message Me

If I Delete A Contact On WhatsApp Can They Still Message Me?

It is common for users to delete contacts from their WhatsApp app for various reasons. But an important question arises: if a contact is deleted in WhatsApp can they message you?

The Short Answer

Yes, the contact will still be able to message your phone number if they are still in possession of it. They may not be able to see your profile photo and last seen information if they have been removed from your contact list.

The Long Answer

WhatsApp does not delete the contact from your end if you delete them from the app. The contact will still retain your phone number on their end and be able to message your phone number, though you won’t be able to reach out to them.

There are several ways of ensuring a contact cannot message you:

  • Block the contact: Blocking the contact ensures that they will no longer be able to message you. They will not be able to view your profile photo or last seen information.
  • Remove the contact from your phone: Entirely deleting the contact from your phone completely removes access to your phone number.
  • Disable ‘Who can contact me:’ You can disable the ‘Who can contact me’ setting on WhatsApp so that only contacts saved in your address book can message you.

It is a good idea to delete a contact from your WhatsApp if you do not want to stay in contact or do not want that person being able to reach out to you. Although, if you do want to keep the contact’s number, you can still block the contact.

5. Can I undo the action of deleting a contact on WhatsApp?

No. Once the contact is deleted, it cannot be undone. However, you can add the contact back by manually entering their number in the contacts list.

2. Does the other person receive a notification that I deleted them as a contact on WhatsApp?

No. The other person will not receive any notification or indication that you have deleted them as a contact on WhatsApp.

4. How long does it take for a deleted contact to be completely removed from my WhatsApp after I delete them?

The deleted contact will be completely removed from your WhatsApp after about 24 hours. This is to ensure that any messages sent to them before the contact was deleted will still be received.

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