Is Linkedin Free To Use? All You Need To Know

Are you curious if using LinkedIn comes with any costs? LinkedIn is one of the popular networking sites and the usage of it is common in the professional world. This article sheds light on whether Linkedin is free to use and all you need to know about it.

I. What Is Linkedin?

Linkedin is a business-oriented social networking platform, used for professional networking, job searching and employment opportunities. It is one of the most popular professional networking sites, with millions of users around the globe.


  • Create a profile, like a virtual CV, which you can use to share information, build your professional identity, showcase your skills and experiences, and present yourself to potential employers.
  • Connect with your colleagues, former teachers or employers, and other professionals, as well as people who share your interests.
  • Follow companies, search and apply for jobs, and research different industries.
  • Post content such as articles, blogs, videos, and opinions.
  • Take courses to learn new skills and get certifications.

Linkedin is one of the most powerful tools in the job market today. It can be used to create a professional online presence, search and apply for jobs, build a professional network, follow companies and research different industries, and update and refine your skills. So take advantage of this powerful platform and make it work for you!

II. What Services Does Linkedin Offer?

Linkedin offers a variety of services to its users, allowing them to efficiently manage their professional identity, build relationships, and access professionals and businesses. Below are some of Linkedin’s features:

  • Profile Builder: It allows users to create a profile showcasing their professional experience, skills, accomplishments and endorsements.
  • Job Search: Linkedin’s job search feature allows users to search for new opportunities, apply to job postings, and be found by employers.
  • Networking Tools: Users can connect with current and former colleagues, classmates, mentors and professionals in their industry, as well as find and join relevant professional groups.

In addition, Linkedin also provides services such as InMail, which allows users to reach out to LinkedIn members with whom they are not connected to in their contact list. Furthermore, users can use Linkedin premium services to access additional features such as expanded search capabilities, increased contact settings, and improved access to job postings.

There are also several resources for businesses on Linkedin, such as the ability to create company pages, post job openings, search for employees, and advertise a company’s products and services.

III. Is Linkedin Free To Use?

Yes, Linkedin is a largely free platform for users. However, there are certain features and services which are only available to members with a Premium account.

Free members have access to basic features including the ability to post updates, comment on other posts, browse and send messages to other members on the network. Additionally, with a free account users can build their profile, upload their resume and search for jobs.

    Features available only to Premium Members Include:

  • InMail messages.
  • A greater number of profile views in the Who’s Viewed Your Profile section.
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning.
  • A more powerful job seeker premium package with better job search criteria.

Premium members also have the option to receive job recommendations, which may make their search process more efficient and convenient.

IV. What Free Features Does Linkedin Offer?

Linkedin offers a wide range of features that can be accessed for free. With these features, users can create a profile and network with other professionals, find a job, or research a company or industry. There are also free options available for employers, who can use the platform to find and engage with potential hires. Following are some of the free features offered by Linkedin:

  • A profile on Linkedin to share one’s professional identity.
  • The ability to connect with other professionals.
  • Access to post updates and articles.
  • Search for jobs, individuals, and companies.
  • In-Depth analytics on the reach of posts.
  • Create and join professional groups.

Aside from the above mentioned features, Linkedin offers free access to resources such as tutorials and discussions, which provide a platform to learn from and inform others on certain topics. Linkedin groups are a great way to promote one’s work, make new connections, and discuss topics related to one’s area of expertise. For employers, Linkedin offers the ability to advertise open positions and connect with potential job candidates. Additionally, users can purchase premium subscriptions to access additional features such as expanded analytics, online training, and message management tools.

V. What Are The Benefits Of Using Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform which can increase your visibility in the professional marketplace. People are able to connect with colleagues, peers, and recruiters, encouraging future job opportunities. Here are a few advantages to using LinkedIn:

  • Foster Professional Connections: You can connect professionally with people in your industry, allowing you to create alliances and contacts with potential employers or job seekers.
  • Increase Your Visibility: LinkedIn allows you to build your professional brand, letting recruiters and employers discover your specific skills and interests that could match the job of their search.
  • Access to Content and Networks: LinkedIn is home to professional content and discussions on subjects related to what you’re interested in. It’s also home to countless professional networks, making it easier to join conversations relevant to professionals in your field.

By staying active on LinkedIn, you stay updated on the industry, demonstrate knowledge and experience, and connect with potential employers. The more you optimize your profile, the better chances you have of getting noticed by the right people.

Connecting with industry professionals on LinkedIn can help you to foster relationships and understanding of the field you’re trying to break into. This also provides insight on what hiring managers look for in a candidate.

Linkedin is a powerful social network with a variety of tools to help you connect and network with professionals. Whether you’re looking to find job opportunities, grow your network, or advance your career, Linkedin can be a great resource. Although there are limitations on some of the features of the free accounts, basic users can still make the most of the platform for free. Understanding the features and benefits of each of the subscription plans will help you decide which plan is better suited for your needs.

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