Learn How to Edit Videos for YouTube

Things being what they are, you’ve recorded some video content and need to distribute it on YouTube. Altering is the main piece of after-creation, whether it’s to impart to family, companions, or your YouTube channel.

YouTube offers its underlying video proofreader that empowers fundamental video altering abilities; trim, cut, add music, and custom foggy spots. Notwithstanding, to deliver great recordings with titles, impacts, and different components that will draw in your watchers, you’ll require a more strong video manager.

While your most memorable idea might be to buy modern video-altering programming, there are many free choices to attempt first, which will give you every one of the elements you want without the expectation to learn and adapt or the exorbitant cost. Screencast-O-Matic offers simple-to-utilize video-altering applications for Windows and macOS PCs, and iOS and Android telephones.

We’ll expect you now to have your video film, either from your screen recorder, cell phone, or camera, and presently you want a method for editing it for YouTube. This is the way to utilize Screencast-O-Matic, YouTube Studio, iOS, and Android Telephones to alter your video and our top tips for the best by and large creation experience.

YouTube video altering fundamentals with Screencast-O-Matic

There are many free YouTube video-altering programming choices, albeit some give a preferable encounter over others, particularly for new makers. The freest internet-based YouTube video editors expect you to make a record. Many add a watermark to your video, which isn’t great for recordings that you are altering for YouTube.

There is one simple to-utilize YouTube video supervisor that doesn’t watermark your video and doesn’t need a record for altering, and that is Screencast-O-Matic.

You needn’t bother with any YouTube altering experience to utilize Screencast-O-Matic; it’s fledgling agreeable, natural, and offers all that you want to alter YouTube recordings for nothing!

Learn How to Edit Videos for YouTube

Send off the free video supervisor

Access the free video supervisor from the Screencast-O-Matic site.

Transfer your video

Click “Pick Video to Alter” and select your recordings from your PC. You can alter MP4, MOV, or web-m video records. Assuming that you have different video clasps to combine, transfer your most memorable video, to begin with, and you can continuously add more clasps in the proofreader whenever.

Then, click alter video, under late recordings, to begin. First-time clients will be provoked to download and send off the application.

Set your YouTube video size

On the right-hand side of the proofreader, you’ll see choices to set the size of your video material or angle proportion. Click “Resize” and browse preset material sizes, or alter your own. The 1080p and 720p presets are both ideal YouTube video sizes at the standard famous 16:9 viewpoint proportion.

Trim and cut your video

The most important phase during the time spent altering recordings for YouTube is to manage your video and removed any pieces of your recording that you don’t need in your last video.

Click “Instruments” and select “Cut.”

Drag the red bar along the video course of events to choose the part to cut.

Or on the other hand, click the beginning or end of your video cut, then utilize the bolt keys to go this way and choose the part of the video to cut. You can review your video to perceive how it will look with the chosen region cut, then click “Alright” or press Enter to cut your video.

You’ll see a run red line on your course of events where you cut your video. To fix the cut, just snap on that line, click the red scissor symbol, and afterward select “Eliminate” to eliminate that cut.

Watch a speedy one-minute video instructional exercise on the best way to manage and cut your video cuts.

Harvest, resize or add style to your video

You might need to trim your video, zoom in or out to resize your video, or style your video with a foundation tone or a few basic impacts.

Click “Fundamental Video” to get to the worldwide altering highlights of the video supervisor.

Click “Harvest” to trim your video or snap “Resize” to zoom in or out.

Click “Style” to change the video shape or add a shadow to your video. You can likewise set the foundation shade of your video material, then snap and drag your video to any piece of the material. You can without much of a stretch add pictures and different recordings as overlays, then, at that point, resize and style these overlays too.

This basic video alters are ideal for instructional exercise recordings, informative recordings, online courses, and other instructive recordings that you intend to transfer to YouTube.

Redo your video with free altering apparatuses

Click “Devices” to additionally modify your video and browse a scope of free video-altering instruments:

  1. As referenced, cut or trim the clasps of your video with the cut apparatus.
  2. Embed stops or uses freeze-outline anyplace on your course of events.
  3. Click “Describe” to record your sound over a segment of your video.
  4. Use overlays to add text and shapes to your video.
  5. Add and alter foundations utilizing the overlay devices.
  6. Add audio cues.
  7. Accelerate or dial back your video.
  8. Add changes.

Change sound and add music

You can alter the sound on your video as well as add extra music. On the right-hand side of the manager, you’ll see “Sound.” Here you can change your sound volume, trade your sound record, or import another sound document for your video.

To eliminate the first sound from your video, uncheck the PC sound box.

Click “Music” to import your music records or browse our free music tracks library.

Add text and inscriptions

While YouTube has a choice to add programmed inscriptions, the quality shifts. Numerous makers decide to add their inscriptions all things being equal. Screencast-O-Matic offers a few inscribing choices for YouTube makers. Click “Subtitles” to transfer your own inscriptions text record for nothing or redesign your record to utilize the programmed discourse to message highlight or the intuitive inscribing instrument.

Transfer your video to YouTube

At the point when you are done, you can rapidly transfer your video to YouTube straightforwardly from Screencast-O-Matic. Click “Done indeed” to complete the process of altering, then click the menu symbol for your transfer choices.

Click “YouTube” to see the Distributing Settings for this transfer. On the off chance that this is your first transfer from Screencast-O-Matic, you’ll be provoked to add your Youtube account. You can then set the accompanying components for your YouTube transfer:

  1. Add a video title.
  2. Add a short portrayal
  3. Add labels as a comma-delimited list
  4. Distribute as open, private, or unlisted
  5. Select the applicable video class
  6. If you’re transferring a screen recording, you can decide to eliminate the cursor or show the cursor without featuring it.
  7. Increment or abatement of the nature of the video to assist with transfer speed.

Click the Distribute button once you’re all set.

After your video is transferred, you’ll get a connection to duplicate and share, or you can utilize fast offer buttons to share straightforwardly to other virtual entertainment stages.

You can likewise generally save your video to your PC, and afterward, transfer recordings to YouTube straightforwardly when you are prepared.

Alter with YouTube Studio video proofreader

You can involve the YouTube Studio supervisor for essential alters, such as managing and obscuring portions of your video. To begin, go to YouTube Studio.

Sign in to YouTube Studio

To begin, sign in to YouTube Studio with your Google account.

Transfer your video

On the upper right of the page, click “Make” to transfer your video.

Snap “Content” on the left sidebar

Open the left sidebar and snap on “Happy.” This is where you will track down your YouTube recordings.

Select your video and open “Supervisor”

Click on the thumbnail of the YouTube video you need to alter. This will take you to the “video subtleties” page. Click “Proofreader” on the left sidebar.

Trim your video

Trim the start and end of your YouTube video by hauling the blue line over your video course of events. To manage the center of your video, click “split.”

Add an end screen to your video

Adding an end screen gives your watchers the choice to continue to draw in with your substance. To do this, click “end screen.” From here, you can add a layout, video, playlist, channel, or membership choice to the furthest limit of your YouTube video.

Save your altered video

Click “save” in the upper right corner to settle your changes. Presently you can transfer your last video to your YouTube channel.

Altering recordings in YouTube Studio is clear, however, you are restricted to fundamental altering devices. You ought to realize that this isn’t your main choice for video altering.

Why pick a free video manager

Altering programming makes the altering system basic while permitting the client an expert completion. Free video altering programming is superb for recording and altering on a tight spending plan or for individuals new to YouTube video altering. Numerous clients need to begin with the nuts and bolts and develop their abilities.

Most video-altering programming gives a lot of instructional exercises online to kick you off. For additional accomplished clients, premium records give an amazing set-up of apparatuses and highlights.

Most free video-altering programming has critical limits, for example, watermarks, advertisements, restricted transfer sizes, and elements.

Screencast-O-Matic is one of the most mind-blowing YouTube video editors with no record logins, advertisements, or watermarks. It likewise brags one the broadest arrangements of free highlights and apparatuses to alter your YouTube recordings.

Go past essential video alters with Screencast-O-Matic

Prepared to take your video past essential altering? Redesign from your free record to get to Screencast-O-Matic’s finished arrangement of altering devices and high-level elements.

Add subtitles

Adding subtitles to your YouTube recordings makes your video content more open and locked in. You’ll extend your crowd and increment your video view time by ensuring that all watchers can figure out your substance.

  1. Text-to-discourse inscriptions permit you to consequently choose your language and afterward
  2. Effectively add your subtitles with the intuitive inscriptions supervisor.

Green screen impact

Green screen foundations are famous for numerous YouTube makers. With a green screen foundation, you can record your recordings from any place you needn’t bother with an expert studio and afterward eliminate the green (or any strong variety) foundation to include a custom foundation during the video altering process.

Screencast-O-Matic’s green screen foundation expulsion instrument makes it simple to alter green screen recordings.

  1. In the primary video settings, click on “Choices.” Spot a mark close to “Eliminate variety” to eliminate the foundation tone consequently. Or on the other hand, select the variety by putting the dropper on the foundation variety you need to eliminate. Click “Done indeed.”
  2. Hit “Alright” close to eliminate the foundation throughout your video.
  3. Add your new foundation video utilizing the video overlay apparatus, and layer it under your green screen cut.

Add liveliness and Impacts

  • Add liveliness to tweaked text and overlays.
  • Custom haze delicate data or conceal the region of your screen after some time.
  • Zoom all through your video cut.
  • Make an image in-picture impact with video overlays.

Step-by-step instructions to alter YouTube recordings on iPhone or Android

Alter recordings in a hurry utilizing your iPhone or Android gadget. The Screencast-O-Matic portable applications make altering recordings straightforward for Android and iPhone clients.

Add changes

Tap on “Changes.” Here you will see sliders for splendor, tint, immersion, and difference. Changes to your video are quick. Select “Done” when complete or “Drop” to erase the changes.

Add impacts

Tap on “Impacts” to redo your video. With an overhauled account, peruse the library of video impacts from basic impacts for nothing or additional astonishing impacts. To review impacts before you overhaul, tap the “Play” button.

Add music

Tap on “Music” to see your music choices. Tap “Import Music” to transfer from your gadget or browse the Stock Music Library.

Pick a music class, and a rundown of tracks will show up. To see the music track, tap “Play.”

Tap “Add” to add a track to your video, or tap “Change” to see your choices once more.

To keep your unique sound and use music as a foundation, guarantee you select “Keep unique sound.” Then, change the music volume with the “Volume” slider.

Crop and Turn

Tap “Turn” to change the direction of your video. Tap “Save” once fulfilled.

Tap “Yield” to change the size and state of your video. Browse the preset sizes or select “Custom” to set your favored size and shape.

10 hints to make the best YouTube recordings

  1. Record your recordings at 1080p to give you the best outcomes while transferring, or you can resize and reposition the video to fill the 1080p size in a YouTube manager.
  2. Use components in the entirety of your recordings to draw in your crowd with overlays like pictures, texts, shapes, music, advances, and movements.
  3. Make eye-getting thumbnails for every video to draw in and give your watchers the best initial feeling with free plan stages right away.
  4. Focus on sound, and remember to adjust your sound levels so watchers can hear the significant discourse over the ambient sound.
  5. Exploit the regular light while recording your video, or consider a ring light as a reasonable choice for steady, excellent lighting for your accounts and film.
  6. Shoot the video from various positions or points to give visual interest.
  7. Utilize an outer receiver to get better quality sound and portrayal.
  8. Integrate a B-roll to give your video content a smooth storyline from one scene to another or to assist with laying out the setting.
  9. Add an end-screen to your video on YouTube to control your watchers’ insight and call your crowd to activity.
  10. Back up your recordings with secure cloud reinforcement or on numerous gadgets to limit the gamble of losing your unique and altered film.

When you begin making recordings for YouTube and developing as a maker, you might find you want an expert video facilitating arrangement notwithstanding YouTube. You can store, make due, host, and offer all of your video content on Screencast-O-Matic.