What Does It Mean If Someone Adds You on Snapchat Without Specifying How?

Where do you believe you can make friends as a teen, or where do you recall establishing friends? School is one of the top locations on this list, as the other pupils there automatically become your buddies. You work beside them on projects and converse with them. In addition to school, you may meet new individuals at your favorite park or shopping center. The best venues to make new acquaintances are in public, as you never know who you may run into. Consider that everyone you’ve ever met has their own life, complete with experiences, pleasures, and tragedies. How thrilling would it be to take a peep inside someone else’s life for a change?

Today, you may consider how exhausting it is to be an introvert and how much you dislike extroverts (while secretly wishing you could do the same with your personality instead of having to tone it down). Today, it may appear nice to have no friends since you are so unique and no one understands you, etc.

And although there is nothing wrong with it, you are missing out on life by not interacting with an increasing number of new individuals. People are all we have, so wouldn’t it be fantastic if we just welcomed them with open arms rather than condemning and judging them?

Social media networking websites such as Snapchat and Omegle might also assist you in reaching your objective. These platforms and websites are teeming with kids who all want to make new friends and broaden their horizons, so they are an excellent place to begin.

This blog explains what it means when someone adds you on Snapchat if you read till the end, however, it does not explain how.

What Does It Mean If Someone Adds You on Snapchat Without Specifying How?

If you’ve been a Snapchat user for some time, you’ve likely noticed that Snapchat notifies you anytime someone searches for your username and adds you. The same applies whether someone adds you via your snap code, their contacts, or your mention in someone else’s story or snap.

You may have heard how Snapchat protects the privacy of its users. Doesn’t it seem rather contradictory for them to go ahead and tell everyone how you added them?

We understand why you may feel this way, yet there is a really useful feature behind this one.

Suppose you recently joined Snapchat and a person from their contacts adds you. However, you do not know who they are, and you have searched your contacts without success. Isn’t that a little odd?

This can only indicate that this person is a long-lost friend or family, or that they obtained your number from an unknown source and are adding you.

This function allows you to make educated guesses about who this person is and whether you know them.

There are five primary ways for someone to add you on Snapchat

  1. By searching for your name: this indicates they know you in person.
  2. By phone number or username: They might have added you to their contact list by storing your number or by entering your username in the search box. This individual is either one of your close friends (because they have your number) or a common buddy who provided them with your number so they could add you.
  3. By Snap code: Each Snapchat user has a snap code that allows other users to immediately add them. You may have handed them your Snapcode in person or shared it on Instagram, from where they obtained it.
  4. By quick add: these are the most remote requests you will receive for fast additions. Snapchat has launched a random list called Quick Add, which includes acquaintances and total strangers. It also includes those who have just joined the site. If someone adds you via fast add, you might consider declining.
  5. By mention: When someone mentions you in a snap or narrative, the receivers and viewers of that snap or story will be able to read your profile. Therefore, anytime someone adds you through mention, you have a common buddy from whom they obtained your profile.

If you cannot determine how you were added, update the Snapchat app on your mobile device. If that does not work, logging out and logging back in is always effective.


As we conclude this blog, let’s review everything we’ve talked about today. When someone adds you but doesn’t indicate how it suggests you added them a long time ago and they’re only now adding you back.

There are between five and six ways to add someone on Snapchat, and the site will always advise you of the method used. If our blog has benefited you, please let us know in the comments section below!