What Does Mutual Friends Mean on Snapchat When Someone Adds You

Without a question, if a single word could perfectly summarize all Snapchat stands for, it would be privacy. It is admirable how the snapping and talking platform achieves such popularity despite being more privacy-conscious than the majority of other platforms. Snapchat presents us with a variety of exciting features without sacrificing our security or privacy in any way.

While this feature is what distinguishes Snapchat from other platforms, it is also responsible for several surprising mysteries surrounding the Snapchat users we engage with, including our Snapchat buddies.

Snapchat is intended for use with friends. The program encourages you to be friends with individuals you already know but provides few details on other users. Even if you are friends with someone, you can only know what they tell you about themselves.

You may be able to view a Snap chatter’s number of “mutual friends” as one of their profile details. However, what does this imply? What does it imply when “3+ mutual friends” appears under a user’s name on the Quick Add list? Continue reading for the answers to these questions.

What are Snapchat mutual friends?

First, what is the definition of “mutual friend”?

If you are a Facebook user, you would be familiar with the word. On the profiles of some persons, words such as “15 common friends” and “6 mutual friends” appear in bold.

Mutual friends refer to users who are friends with a portion of your friends. In other words, mutual friends are those with whom you share friendships.

Suppose you have 50 Snapchat friends, and there is one person, let’s call him Sam, who is not yet your buddy. If Sam has five or more mutual friends, that implies that out of the fifty Snapchatters who are your friends, five or more are also Sam’s friends. Therefore, you and Sam share five mutual friends. Therefore, Sam and you share five mutual friends.

Even if they are your pals, Snapchat doesn’t reveal a lot of information about other users. However, it does provide an approximation of the number of common friends a person has.

What Do 3 Mutual Friends Mean When Someone Adds You on Snapchat?

The Quick Add area of Snapchat recommends persons you may already know and wish to add as friends. This area is selected based on several criteria, including your contact list, friends of your contacts, friends of your contacts’ friends, etc.

When a person on your Quick Add list is a friend of one or more of your friends, you would have the ability to recognize them. Below the name of each such individual on the list, you will notice text that reads:

3+ mutual pals;


6+ mutual pals;


11+ mutual friends;

…and so forth.

Now, you may appear as a recommendation in the Quick Add list of other Snapchat users, just as these persons can appear in your Quick Add list.

If you can see Sam as a recommendation and know that you share at least five mutual friends, then Sam can also see you on his Quick Add list and know that you share at least five mutual friends.

Therefore, if someone has added you on Snapchat and you can see that they have three or more mutual friends, it is probable that the other user has added you for the same reason. They may have discovered you on their Quick Add list and discovered that you share at least three shared friends.

In this situation, there is nothing to consider. You may add someone back if you choose, or you can disregard their request. The decision is yours to make.

Can you view a Snapchat user’s common friends?

On several other well-known social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, you may view the friends or followers of your friends. But it is scarcely to be expected from Snapchat, which is so unique.

Snapchat does not enable you to view your friend’s list or mutual friends list. You can only view a user’s number of mutual friends. There is no way to obtain further information without explicitly asking the user.

Open the Snapchat app and touch the Add Friends option at the top-right corner of the Camera tab to view folks you may know. You will see a list of users who have added you, labeled Added Me (similar to the friend request list on Facebook).

Underneath this list is the Quick Add list, which contains suggestions. The number of common friends is displayed underneath each user on these lists.

How can you prevent your account from being added to others’ Quick Add lists?

On Snapchat, you may keep your name from displaying in the Quick Add list of other users. This is also pretty simple to accomplish. To remove your account from others’ Quick Add lists, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Snapchat and hit the bitmoji symbol in the upper-left corner of the Camera tab to access your profile.
  2. Tap the gear-shaped Options icon to access your Account settings
  3. Tap See me in Quick Add on the Who Can section of the Settings page.
  4. Uncheck the option next to Show me in Quick Add

Thus, you will no longer be included in the Quick Add list of any Snapchatter.


Let’s summarize everything covered in this blog.

This blog was all about Snapchat recommendations and common connections. We described mutual Snapchat connections and how they appear in the Quick Add list.

We also indicated if you could view the friends of others on the platform. Finally, we explained how to prevent your Snapchat account from being suggested to other users.

So, have we dispelled your concerns regarding Snapchat mutual friends? Share your thoughts on this blog. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below.