What Does the Number “12” Mean on Snapchat

You are conversing with others in a group chat when someone suddenly announces “12.” You truly have no idea what that implies. Does it include numerology? Are they referring to the age of a person? There are twelve months in a year.

You inquired, “What does the number ’12’ mean?” However, they are unable to respond, at least in the conversation. Here is the definition of “12” on Snapchat and in general.

“12” is mostly associated with narcotics enforcement officials, but it is also slang for the police. And if someone says this, they are likely implying that the cops are approaching or that they are being observed. In numerology, it bears the opposite connotation of “12,” which is harmony. “12” on Snapchat is probably associated with pandemonium.

However, some police officers also use the term “12” to refer to a criminal or a person with the propensity to engage in illegal acts. From their perspective, it is a hidden code for evil people or girls.

Now, what does it mean to say something on Snapchat? Does this imply that the police will review their conversations? Certainly not!

This article will discuss what “12” represents on Snapchat as well as different interpretations.

What Does Snapchat’s “12” Mean?

The police and other law enforcement agencies do not monitor Snapchat since it is illegal to check into someone’s online actions for no reason and without their agreement. However, the significance of “12” on Snapchat might be tied to the police.

Perhaps this individual is discussing them but does not like to use the word “police” directly.

It may also be used to caution someone to watch their language. Did you know that Snapchat’s community standards prohibit the usage of the app for unlawful activities? It is stated in their community standards that users are not permitted to purchase or sell illicit substances on the network.

As previously stated, “12” is utilized to alert individuals of narcotics enforcement officials. If someone says this to you on Snapchat, he or she may be advising you to stay quiet about your unlawful activities since Snapchat may catch you, ban you from the app, and even contact the authorities to arrest you.

When did people begin to refer to the police as the 12? Different accounts are being told about this.

Some think it began in 1968 with the debut of the police drama Adam-12. Others, however, assert that it is associated with “10-12,” the police radio code for “stand by.” The slang term “12” is prevalent throughout the southern United States. Many rappers also integrate it into their lyrical content.

Other Snapchat Meanings of “12”

If you and the person you are speaking with are not participating in any criminal activity or if what you are doing or discussing does not violate any laws, it might signify something different.

By the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the minimum age necessary to establish a Snapchat account is 13, with limited access to features.

If you are under 12 years old, you won’t be allowed to join up, and you shouldn’t lie about your age, since Snapchat will take action against you.

Now, if we base the significance of “12” on numerology, the individual may be referring to harmony, balance, self-expression, creativity, individualism, etc. If you are certain that the “12” they are discussing pertains to numerology, you should inquire as to what it particularly signifies to them.

“12” may also refer to the total number of months in a year, a person’s birthday, the number following 11 and preceding 13 as well as someone’s Snapchat score. It depends on the circumstances.

What Does the Number “12” Mean on Snapchat


On Snapchat, it is uncommon for someone to refer to the police as “12” (they will usually simply say “police”). Nonetheless, you may encounter someone who does this, therefore it is useful to know that the police number in the United States is 12.

Even while this is the most common interpretation, it might indicate anything else depending on the context. When discussing fortunate numbers and spirituality, you should investigate the spiritual significance of the number 12. (numerology). When discussing a person’s birthday, “12” may refer to a certain day of the month. If Snapchat is being discussed, it may be a Snapchat score.