12 Creative Ways to Earn Money on YouTube

YouTube contains a wide range of content, including user-generated videos, official music videos, TV program snippets, and gaming content, among others. It has become the platform of choice for many individuals throughout the world who like to either learn or be amused. As one of the earliest popular video hosting services, the platform’s success is hardly surprising.

And with success comes possibility. YouTube provides the opportunity to engage with people through video, share your message, increase traffic to your website, create leads and sales, expand your brand’s following, and make money. But how do YouTube users generate money? This post will teach how to generate money on YouTube videos, covering the YouTube Partner Program and other avenues, as well as how to create a profitable channel with amazing content.

What does YouTube Monetization entail?

Once you’ve established your YouTube account and begun producing video material, you can begin increasing your following and identifying opportunities to monetize your videos. Depending on your themes and audience, the most effective YouTube monetization strategies may differ, therefore it’s useful to understand how to make money on YouTube through a variety of techniques. The most successful YouTube producers do not rely just on a single cash stream; rather, they employ many methods to monetize their videos.

For instance, firms may create movies describing their products and services and direct visitors to their websites. Individuals and influencers may generate ad money by inserting advertisements in their audience-relevant, compelling videos.

As one of the most prevalent ways to generate money from YouTube videos, let’s investigate the YouTube Partnership Program for additional information on how to make money on YouTube.

Comprehending YouTube’s Partner Program

For instance, ad income is one of the most prevalent methods to earn money through the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube adds advertisements to your videos, and you get compensated depending on the amount of video ad views.

While the YouTube Partner Program is one of the most prevalent methods to earn money on YouTube, there are more ways to monetize YouTube videos with fans or businesses outside of YouTube. Here is a list of 12 techniques to monetize your videos, which you may use to generate income on YouTube.

12 Creative Ways to Earn Money on YouTube

Twelve methods to generate money on YouTube

Ad income

You may generate YouTube ad revenue from display, overlay, and video advertisements that run on your channel. You may configure which ad formats display on your videos by selecting Edit > Ad Settings from the YouTube Studio Content menu. YouTube will require you to create an AdSense account to receive ad income payments. Joining the YouTube Partner Program is one of the most popular methods to earn money on YouTube.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium enables subscribers to view any video on YouTube without advertisements, while still supporting artists. Members may also download videos for offline viewing on mobile devices and play videos in the background. When a YouTube Premium user watches your material, you may earn a percentage of their subscription price. This may be a lucrative opportunity for any YouTube video maker, whether a person or a corporation.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

Using Super Chat and Super Stickers your followers may pay to have their messages highlighted in chat streams. These capabilities are beneficial for live streamers with engaged audiences on YouTube. Fans may purchase Super Chat and Super Stickers to express their support and stand out from the crowd. Your audience purchases live chat messages that stand out and occasionally pin them to the top of a live chat stream. During live streaming and Premieres, these tools provide fans with an additional means of interaction.

YouTube shopping

With YouTube shopping (also known as merch shelf or product shelf), you can sell things such as merchandise straight to your viewers. Simply link your store, and your items will be displayed on a shelf beneath your movies and live streams. On your watch pages, your followers may peruse and purchase authentic branded items. In addition, you will have access to the “Store” option on your channel, your very own storefront on YouTube. This is beneficial for merchants and influencers who sell and promote things on their YouTube channels.

Memberships on the Channel

With memberships on the Channel, your subscribers make recurring monthly payments in return for specific privileges. Paid, monthly channel subscriptions are a terrific way to offer your most devoted followers special perks like bespoke loyalty badges, emoticons, and members-only material. You determine the benefits to provide and how much to charge for each membership tier.

YouTube’s BrandConnect

YouTube BrandConnect allows you to be paid to integrate advertising material in your videos and provides campaign management resources. YouTube links you with businesses that are interested in collaborating on branded content projects. BrandConnect utilizes Google technology to comprehend your audience, pair you with outstanding brands, and deliver results with comprehensive campaign management. YouTube presents you with your alternatives, and you choose which businesses to partner with. BrandConnect is a relatively new program that is originally being implemented on a limited number of channels.

YouTube Shorts Fund

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a new initiative that gives creators access to $100 million throughout 2021 and 2022 as a reward for their commitment to generating unique, innovative Shorts that excite the YouTube community. YouTube notifies thousands of creators every month that they are eligible for a Shorts bonus from the fund. To be eligible, you do not need to have YouTube monetization enabled or be a member of the YouTube Partner Program, but you must have posted at least one qualifying Short within the past 180 days.

Super Thanks

Super Thanks (formerly known as Viewer applause) provides an additional revenue stream and a fun method for fans to express their appreciation for your material. With Super Thanks, fans may purchase a unique “clapping” animation that is shown above your channel’s videos. Additionally, purchasers will receive a special, color-coded comment in the video’s comments section, allowing you to readily communicate with your most ardent fans.

How to get income from YouTube videos using outside sources:

Promote your own-brand goods and services

You may use YouTube as a business to sell your products or services, provide informative material for your audience, and create videos about your firm, among other things. You may also include a call to action to bring people to your website to increase traffic, purchases, and money. There are several YouTube videos you may make to boost interest, depending on your company category, including how-to tutorials, testimonials, product films, training videos, and more!

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you may collaborate with businesses to advertise their products or services on your channel via links to their website. If your readers purchase a product after clicking on an affiliate link, you will get a commission. Affiliate marketing may be a particularly successful approach for YouTube users who publish product reviews or instructional videos to earn money. There are several affiliate programs, such as Amazon Affiliates, but it is vital to select a program and product connections that are relevant to your video content.


As your subscriber base grows, firms interested in gaining exposure to your audience may sponsor your videos or give you product placement opportunities to promote their brand. Sponsorships can be one of the best methods for YouTube artists to earn money, but they are more likely to occur after you have amassed a significant following than when you are just beginning. As your channel grows, you may contact businesses you’d want to collaborate with or use influencer sites to locate partners whose YouTube content and viewership are related to your own.


Similar to crowdsourcing a project, you may gather donations from your YouTube audience through “fan financing.” To develop a successful crowdfunding campaign, it is essential, to be honest about how the contributed funds will be utilized and to provide prizes for larger donations that make your loyal supporters feel appreciated. Patreon is one of the most popular platforms for regular donations, such as YouTube fan financing. While GoFundMe and Kickstarter are popular for one-time crowdfunding projects, Patreon is one of the most popular sites for recurring payments. Tipee and Buy Me A Coffee are additional websites that you might utilize.


Successful YouTube channel creation requires time, effort, and commitment. But if you’re ready to put in the effort, you’ll soon have a channel that your viewers will enjoy, save, and share with their friends.

What are you waiting for, then? Go forth and begin to create! Check out Screencast-O-additional Matic’s YouTube video resources if you want assistance getting started. Everything you need to create fantastic videos is at your fingertips.

Best wishes with your recording!