What Is Linkedin Premium? Learn More Here

Are you keen to get ahead in the industry? Knowing what is Linkedin Premium is an important step for those looking to take their professional networks to the next level. Linkedin Premium is an extension of the normal Linkedin experience. By paying a subscription fee, users can access exclusive resources, networking opportunities and more. If you’re thinking of signing up, read on to get all the information you need.

1. Introduction to LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription service offered by LinkedIn, an online platform connecting professionals and job seekers. It provides users with advanced networking and job search capabilities, giving them an advantage over the competition. This article will discuss the features of LinkedIn Premium and how to get the most out of it.

The core features of LinkedIn Premium include:

  • enhanced profile visibility and search ranking
  • access to detailed analytics about who’s viewing your profile
  • up to five InMails per month
  • more searches per month and ability to save your searches
  • the ability to send messages to, and connect with, other users through LinkedIn messaging

These features can help to maximize the connections you make with other professionals, as well as help qualify and track the candidates that are best suited for job openings you post. Additionally, members can also take advantage of LinkedIn’s Learning courses and get personalized job recommendations.

LinkedIn Premium also provides an Ad-Free Experience, giving members an uninterrupted experience while they search and connect with other professionals. Furthermore, exclusive discounts may also be available in select markets.

2. Exploring the Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn offers a number of premium services to its users, from career advice and additional online resources to improved networking opportunities. Here, we will explore the big benefits of upgrading to LinkedIn Premium.

  • Career Advice & Insights – Described as the experts in career development, LinkedIn’s career and job search advice consists of webinars, online courses and articles from industry experts to help you find new career paths, build a professional brand and develop skills needed.
  • Unlimited Messaging & InMail Credits – When you upgrade to a Premium account, you will benefit from unlimited free access to LinkedIn messaging and InMail credits, enabling you to communicate quickly with whom you want.

With a Premium account, you will also gain access to an exclusive collection of educational content mobile apps on LinkedIn Learning, receive job postings in your inbox, access the salary insights tool, and be able to view full profiles while searching in depth. As a user of LinkedIn Premium, you have the opportunity to view resumes from all around the world. All potential applicants, including possible future employees, can be researched and viewed, for use in decisions about applications.

3. The Cost of LinkedIn Premium

Unlocking Advanced Features

The core features of LinkedIn are free, but it offers a range of premium subscriptions to unlock additional features. The cost of the premium plans cover a variety of service levels, ranging from Basic for the occasional user to Enterprise for large businesses. Each plan comes with its own set of features.

  • Basic: Free access to the basic features
  • Business: $29.99 monthly, or $59.99 monthly for the Sales Navigator version
  • Sales: $64.99 monthly, or $129.99 monthly for the Team version
  • Hiring: $119.95 monthly, or $149.95 monthly for the Team version
  • Enterprise:$208.33 quarterly, or $794.99 annually for the Team version

In addition to the core plans, there are discounts available on 12-month and 24-month billing cycles, ensuring that businesses have access to the features they need at the most cost-effective prices.

4. Acccessing LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is an upgrade option that provides access to insights and services that help professionals to better progress in their careers. There are several plans available in LinkedIn premium, each of which uniquely fits different professional goals and needs.

To access LinkedIn Premium:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account
  • Press on the ‘Work’ icon on the top bar
  • Select ‘Premium’ from the drop-down menu

Once you access the Premium page, you’ll be able to select a suitable plan for your specific career requirements. LinkedIn provides two different categories for Premium plans – Career and LinkedIn Learning.

The Career plan helps you access the essential job search resources. It provides personalized insights, Insights from the experts, Open hiring and Placement Assurance features.

The Learning plans provide unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning courses. To improve professional development, you will get access to over 15,000 courses covering professional development, technical skills, and leadership.

5. Final Thoughts on LinkedIn Premium

Overall, LinkedIn Premium offers a variety of features that support business-minded professionals in the deployment of their digital strategies. With additional features such as the Learning Path, complex analytics, and commercial search, premium users have increased potential to expand their career development.

Another advantage of differentiating levels of service allows users to customize their experience. For example, the premium Lite subscription offers a great deal of engagement at a much lower cost than the Premium career package. Users can adjust the feature set for their personal or professional needs at varying levels of cost.

Finally, LinkedIn Premium completely replaces the requirement for users to store, parse, and manage contact information through complex desktop programs or applications. Accessibility and portability of information allow for greater interoperability with the business-focused user.

  • Connecting with employers and influencers – users can find desired contacts, customers, and peers with increased visibility and potential referrals
  • In-depth analytics – complete data is gathered and interpreted to inform user habits and behaviors
  • Learning Path – users can review additional related courses to help bolster areas of study

In summary, LinkedIn Premium offers unparalleled advantages to users seeking to develop their professional networks. With multiple customization options and expansive feature sets, users can optimize the service to their personal or professional needs. An improved level of accessibility, scalability, and visibility make this subscription an excellent choice for those in the business world. It is evident that Linkedin Premium is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to take their professional relationships to the next level. With the many different options available, users can choose a plan that best fits their networking needs. Linkedin Premium is an excellent choice for those looking for intriguing insights and an overall up-leveled user experience.

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