Why Did My Red Heart Emoji Change to Yellow on Snapchat?

You may be perplexed as to why your red heart has suddenly gone yellow, but you’ve been conversing with your closest friend on Snapchat. If you’ve had the red heart for some time, seeing it become yellow is unsettling.

A yellow heart indicates that you have exchanged several snaps and conversations. The yellow heart becomes red if you continue to send each other numerous conversations and snaps for two consecutive weeks and maintain the top spot for best friends. Snapchat now considers you two to be BFFs. If you maintain the label of best buddy for two months, the red heart becomes pink. However, there are times when your crimson heart becomes yellow.

Is red superior to yellow? Why did your heart shift from red to yellow?

Continue reading the article. I will decipher Snapchat hearts and the reasons why they may reverse.

The Snapchat Hearts

Did you know that Snapchat allows you to track your friendship’s milestones? Snapchat employs emoticons such as red hearts, happy smiles, and a hundred more emojis to indicate the type of connection between users.

It keeps track of your most frequent conversation partners and awards you with hearts. The first heart a Snapchat user earns is a yellow heart.

Yellow Soul (Besties Symbol)

On Snapchat, the primary best friend spot is the most wanted. A yellow heart appears next to the username of your closest friend, and they will also see a yellow heart on your side. If you and another user are each other’s lead best friend and have maintained this connection for some time, you will receive a yellow heart.

There is a limit of one golden heart at a time. You must regularly send snaps to a certain buddy to boost your chances of obtaining this rare heart.

Red Chest (BFF Symbol)

Several Snapchat users receive a red heart. If you keep the yellow heart for two weeks without losing it, it becomes red and your best friend label becomes BFF (best friend forever).

You cannot possess several red hearts.

Pink Heart (Super BFF)

After two months, the red heart will become two pink hearts. If you keep the red heart for two consecutive months, it will occur. It’s a Snapchat achievement that only a select handful may appreciate.

Progressive hearts are present. Before acquiring a red heart, you’ll have a yellow one. Why then did your crimson heart become yellow?

Why Does the Red Heart Become Yellow?

To avoid reverting to a prior heart, you must regularly send snap chats and texts to your closest buddy. If you stop conversing, the position may be taken by another individual. You will return to being best friends rather than BFFs.

If you have been regularly communicating, the issue may lie with Snapchat. There is little you can do if it is a technological error. You will need to wait. But continue speaking with your pal.

Additional Friendship Emoticons on Snapchat

Grinning Face

A smiley face next to a friend’s username indicates that they are on both your and their best friends list. Snapchat allows you to have eight best friends. Therefore, a happy face indicates that the person is on the list of best friends but is not the primary best friend.

Frowning Face

A grimace indicates that you and the user share a shared number one best buddy. You both communicate often with the same individual on Snapchat.

Smirking Face

The emoji indicates that you are one of the user’s closest companions. However, they do not show on the list of your best buddy. The individual sends you several messages, but you do not respond in kind. It is a difficult friendship.

A Smiling Face Wearing Sunglasses.

The emoji indicates that you have a mutual closest buddy.

Little Face

A baby face emoji name signifies that a Snapchat buddy has just become your friend.

Snap streak

A fire emoji signifies that you have spoken or photographed with a buddy for several consecutive days on Snapchat. You will see a number next to the emoji. The more you give each other snaps or conversations, the more fire emojis you receive.


The hundred emoji will appear after 100 days of continuous back-to-back snapping.


If you cease back-to-back snapping, the fire emoji will be replaced with an hourglass emoji. It occurs within twenty-four hours to alert you that your streak is about to expire. Therefore, you must rapidly shoot a Snap to maintain the Snap streak emoji before 24 hours have passed.

Wrapping Up

The adorable icon makes Snapchat an entertaining platform. These symbols serve several purposes, including monitoring Snapchat friendships. On Snapchat, the hearts indicate how close you are to a particular person. Maintaining the heart or advancing to a higher level requires constant communication.


Q:Can a best friend be replaced on Snapchat?

A:You cannot determine who should be your best buddy or number one best friend. Snapchat determines your list of best friends. It utilizes algorithms to determine who should receive a red, yellow, or pink heart.