Why is Twitter not Sending Verification Code To My Phone Fix

If you’re a regular user of Twitter’s microblogging platform, you may find yourself in a scenario where Twitter suspends some of your account’s capabilities and requires you to verify your phone number in order to reactivate them. If your Twitter phone call verification fails, you may lose access to your account until you solve the problem.

This problem typically begins with a Twitter notice that your account has been restricted or suspended (for whatever reason), and that you must complete a phone verification to restore full access. Now, when attempting to complete the necessary verification, you reach the stage where you must get a code from Twitter by phone call. You may get an error message instructing you to try again later, or the system may inform you that the call has been made but you have not received a call. Both indicate that Twitter’s phone call verification is not functioning.

Why is Twitter asking for verification in the first place?

 It may indicate that they discovered illegal access to your account, that you signed in from a different country’s IP, that you entered the wrong password, or that you’re attempting to log in from an unfamiliar device.

One cause for the error message “Twitter verification call failed” is that your Android device is blocking the call, most likely due to a blacklist. Some individuals who have had similar issues have verified that the Twitter number is on their blacklist, even though they don’t recall entering it. The problem of Twitter phone call verification not functioning should be resolved by removing the number from the blacklist.

To let the call through, remove Twitter from your blacklist.

There are two options for doing this.

You may call your service provider’s customer service line to see whether you’ve banned any advertisements or promotional calls from your mobile phone. If this is the case, ask them to unblock all such numbers, and then attempt the phone call verification again after 10 minutes. After then, several consumers claim that their calls got through.

The second method to solve the Twitter phone call verification not functioning is to check your blacklist of contacts in your phone settings. Although the exact location of the blacklist varies from device to device, the methods outlined below should suffice for most Android phones.

As though you were making a phone call, tap on the caller symbol.

At the right end of the search bar, tap the three horizontal dots.

Select Settings > Call Blocking from the drop-down menu.

This should now display a list of the phone numbers you’ve blocked from contacting your device. Search through the list for any number that seems to be an international number, or the standard Twitter code number 40404.

To remove a phone number from your blacklist, tap unblock. If you can’t find any numbers that seem to belong to Twitter, you may just unblock all of them. (After you’ve resolved the problem, you may go back and add numbers to the blacklist.)

Return to the login page and choose the call to verify your Twitter phone number option.

Use the Twitter text option 40404.

If the Twitter phone call verification still doesn’t function after clearing your blacklist, send an SOS message to reactivate your line. The reason for this is unknown, however it seems to function when both twitter sms and twitter phone call verification are not working.

Go to your phone’s messages. Select New Message and send a text message to 40404 with the word “help” in the subject line. This is typically the phone number Twitter has used to give you alerts in the past. You may need to do some research to see whether your nation has a separate Twitter number.

You will get a text from Twitter after sending the SMS saying that your phone number has been activated or something similar.

Return to the login page and choose the call to verify your Twitter phone number option.

Submit a ticket to Twitter’s customer service.

If you can’t get beyond the phone call verification step and aren’t signed in on another device to alter the settings, your final option is to send a ticket to Twitter with your username so that the problem may be resolved directly by Twitter.

To do so, go to the Twitter Help Center, choose the appropriate issue (Twitter phone call verification not functioning), describe the problem, and submit a support request. Take a snapshot of your explanation and save it. Make sure you have access to the registered email address in case Twitter chooses to use it.

Some users claim that Twitter doesn’t react to these complaints, so try submitting numerous tickets and sending follow-up emails from your registered email account. This has also worked for a lot of Twitter users.

Getting Around Twitter’s Phone Verification

If you are unable to verify your Twitter phone number due to a change in your registered phone number, the next step is to skip the Twitter phone verification stage and get access through another method. You must be signed in on a different device to skip the Twitter phone number verification. Another Android phone, a mobile browser, a laptop, or a desktop computer may be the culprit. Disable twitter phone verification from the settings after you have access to the device.

To access your Account settings, click on your picture (on your phone).

Select “Settings and Privacy” from the drop-down menu. pick Account > choose Security

If you’re doing this on a desktop computer, you’ll see an option to disable login verification. This will prevent Twitter from confirming any extra information, such as your phone number, when you check in from any device.

Password reset protection should be turned off. This eliminates the need to validate your phone number while updating your password.

After that, return to the device you were attempting to log in from and log in again.


If you were successful in doing so and have full access to your account, you should change your phone number as soon as possible in your Twitter profile. Also keep this in mind so that if your phone number changes, you can go back to your Twitter profile and amend it.

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