Does Blocking Someone on Snapchat Delete Messages You Saved?

Everyone wants to establish new acquaintances and develop intimate connections, but is this always possible? Not at all While everyone has someone they feel fortunate to know, not every individual who enters your life will leave you with a positive impression. And it may take some time to recover from such a terrible event. The first step in doing so is disconnecting all ties that might allow them to contact you.

This means removing them as a friend on all social media networks and erasing their phone number. And if this individual persists, you have the option of blocking them. Why should you be required to cope with all the drama? Your sole responsibility is to repair yourself, and their continual reminders are hindering your efforts.

If you use Snapchat, you must block them on the platform. However, how would this action impact your previous messages? Will they be permanently lost? Or, will they remain in your conversation history? These are the questions we will attempt to address in our blog post for today. Prepared to discover their responses? Let’s go!

Does blocking a Snapchat user delete saved messages?

Snapchat was the first social media network to provide vanishing messages: messages that were accompanied by a timer and vanished immediately after being read. The site then included a feature that allowed users to prolong the lifespan of their messages to 24 hours.

Recently, a new function was introduced that gave users the option to save messages forever. Since its introduction, this function has been frequently utilized across the platform. This is because, as humans, we tend to cling to things that bring us happiness, even if they are only messages.

We regret to inform you that if you block a user, their whole chat will be erased from your Chat page, including any stored messages. Will these texts be permanently deleted? This is a topic we’ll discuss later in the blog.

After being banned, will they have access to the preserved messages?

We already explained that banning a user would delete their chats from your Snapchat. Are you interested as to whether the same thing will occur to their account? Because this is how other social media networks operate, correct?

Snapchat is unlike other social media sites, a trait that both flatters and frustrates its users. In terms of blocking, the application will just erase the conversation from the blocker’s account.

If the banned user has saved any of your messages, they will remain intact in their Chat tab. The only difference will be that they will see an empty silhouette instead of your bitmoji.

Here’s how to recover your previously stored messages:

We understand if the texts you lost in the process of banning this individual carried sentimental meaning for you. Leaving a person behind is frequently simpler than leaving behind the memories you had with them. And not all are prepared for the latter.

So, has the harm already been done? When you block someone, Snapchat does not destroy your stored messages; rather, it simply conceals them from view. How do you retrieve these messages? We’re concerned that unblocking them is your only option.

If you don’t want to unlock them permanently, you may unblock them temporarily so that you can see the messages and then click on the images from a different device. Thus, you will retain your memories while preventing their access. Does that make sense to you? Great!

In case you’re new to the technique, we’ve included step-by-step instructions for unblocking this individual.

  1. Locate the Snapchat symbol on the menu grid of your mobile device and press it to activate the app.
  2. Upon app launch, you will be directed to the Camera page.
  3. Here, in the upper right corner of the display, there is a cogwheel symbol. Tap this button to access the Settings tab.
  4. Upon arriving on the Settings tab, you will notice various sections with a variety of settings.
  5. On the following page, you’ll discover a list of all the accounts you’ve banned on the platform to date, each with a black cross drawn next to it.

Now you are fully aware of your following steps.


We’ve concluded our blog. Today, we deciphered how Snapchat handles stored messages when a user bans another. We also determined how these communications appear on the account of the blocked individual but not on the account that blocked them.

Finally, we’ve provided methods for unblocking them if you wish to view your stored messages or save a copy of them. Is there anything more you wish to understand? Share your Snapchat-related difficulties in the comments area, and we’ll be back soon with answers!