How Do You See If Someone Is Following On Twitter

How Do You See Who Someone Is Following On Twitter

When you follow someone on Twitter, you are saying:

As a follower, you are subscribing to their Tweets.

Their changes will be shown on your home timeline.

That individual can send you Direct Messages.

What exactly are followers?

Individuals who follow you on Twitter are people who get your Tweets. If you are being followed:

They will appear in your list of followers.

When they check in to Twitter, they will see your Tweets on their Home timeline.

You may start a private discussion with them.

How can I tell who I'm following?

On your profile or home page, click Following to see who you've followed, which is shown in a list. If you no longer wish to follow such accounts, you may unfollow them from that page.

Do you want to start following someone new? Learn how to be a good follower.

How can I tell if someone is following me?

The followers link on your profile or home page will display the number of followers you have and who they are. Twitter automatically sends you an email when someone new follows you. Set your email settings to get alerts when you have a new follower or to disable these notifications.

Can restricted accounts have an impact on follower counts?

Yes. When an account is locked, we remove it from follower numbers across all profiles. As a consequence, if a follower's account is locked, the number of followers shown on your profile may decrease.

How can I get followers? Can I ask someone to accompany me?

There is no mechanism to request that others follow you on Twitter.

Third-party apps that claim to gain you a lot of followers should be avoided; these apps generally violate our Terms of Service and may result in account suspension.

Engaging with people, following those whose Tweets are fascinating or important to you, and being an active member of the Twitter community by reading and sharing high-quality content are the greatest ways to acquire friends and followers on Twitter.

Is it possible to limit who follows me or sees my updates?

Yes. You can secure your Tweets.

When you protect your Tweets, anybody who wants to follow you must first submit a request for your permission. Your protected Tweets will only be visible to followers you authorize, and they will not show in search engine results.

What is the process for approving followers?

You may approve followers from your account profile page if you have secured your Tweets.

Can I quit following someone once I start?

Yes. You have the option to unfollow other accounts at any moment. When you unfollow someone on Twitter, you do not get a notice.

If you want to follow someone whose Tweets are protected and subsequently change your mind, you may cancel to reverse your request. (The Cancel button shows on their profile beside the Follow button.)

I don't want anybody to be my follower. What am I supposed to do?

We suggest that you disable that account's ability to follow you. They will be unable to follow you, and when you visit their profile, you will notice a blocked symbol. To unblock a banned account, go to their profile and click or touch the block symbol.

Your Tweets will not show in their timeline, and they will not be able to view any of your Tweets if they visit your profile.

Is following someone the same as friending them on other social networks?

No. The following on Twitter is not reciprocal. Someone who finds you intriguing may follow you, and you are not required to approve or follow them back.

Protect your Tweets if you want to control who follows them. The same restrictions apply—you may approve followers but are not required to follow them back.

Wrap Up

Twitter has followed and update restrictions in place to ensure the site's reliability and to prevent abuse.

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