How Do You Trace Someone’s Ip Adress From twitter

How Do You Trace Someone’s Ip Address Through Twitter

Twitter is a very popular social networking platform that even global leaders and CEOs utilize. Apart from ordinary users who come to Twitter to keep up on trends, have fun, and legally advertise their goods, it is also a swarm of liars, fraudsters, and spammers.

With rogues on this site, as well as many other prominent platforms, it’s critical to have a method for learning more about a person. Interestingly, an IP address provides information about a person’s location, and since most fraudsters, hackers, and con artists lie a lot about their true location, you may use an IP address to identify a person’s true location.

Despite the fact that Twitter utilizes IP addresses internally, they do not make them public due to privacy and security concerns, since skilled hackers might use them to carry out attacks on victims. Twitter will also not disclose the user’s location, so you’ll have to figure out the user’s IP address on your own.

Interestingly, there are methods to figure out a Twitter user’s IP address with less effort, and you’ll receive the user’s IP address as well as some device and browser information. This post will show you how to find out a Twitter user’s IP address. You’ll also learn how to hide your IP address from people that wish to trace your IP address.

On Twitter, there are a few different ways to get someone’s IP address.

Because Twitter attempts to safeguard its users’ privacy as much as possible, you’ll have to get the IP address of a Twitter user outside of Twitter by enticing the user to a website that will extract the user’s IP address and provide it to you.

You’ll need some fundamental social engineering abilities to accomplish this, such as the ability to persuade someone to click on a link. There are essentially two ways for determining a Twitter’s IP address, which are described below.

Using an IP Logger that has already been created

Using an already-made IP logger is the simplest way to discover someone’s IP address on Twitter. An IP logger, also known as an IP grabber, is a website that collects the IP addresses of users who have been persuaded to visit it and then provides the recorded IP address to the person who has been persuaded to visit it.

Gratify URL Shortener and IP Logger is now one of the most popular IP grabbers on the Internet, and it is totally free to use with features that make collecting IP addresses of unsuspecting users simple. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize Gratify to get the IP addresses of Twitter users.

To utilize as bait, you’ll need a page. Look for sites and other online material on the Internet that you know your audience would like. It is his curiosity that will lead him to want to visit the website and, in doing so, unwittingly disclose his IP address. You may go on to the following stage after you have the URL of a page that he is interested in.

Go to the Gratify website’s homepage and enter the content’s URL into the given input box before clicking the generate URL button. This will create a shortened URL that may be used to. access the original content. You also receive a tracking number to check out logs for the created URL as addition to the abbreviated URL.

Now go to Twitter and utilize Direct Message to persuade the person to visit the page with the abbreviated form of the Gratify-generated URL. Gratify collects his IP address as well as another browser and device information when he clicks on the URL before forwarding him to the actual website.

Return to the Gratify site and, instead of clicking the generate URL box, input the tracking code you supplied before.

You will be sent to a website that has information on each of the logs. You will not only learn the user’s IP address, but also his geolocation, browser, operating system, and device information.

Create Your Own IP Logger – or Make Use of Your Existing Website

You may utilize your website as an IP logger if you already have one. This is due to the fact that all devices making web requests to web servers are required to give their IP addresses, which the servers record. This means you can simply build a new URL on your site, send the link to the person, and collect the IP address of the person who visits it.

It’s that simple: if you have admin rights to your own or a website, you have access to one’s IP address, just as Twitter does. If you don’t already have a website, you may establish one just for the purpose of gathering IP addresses. The benefit of making your own is that you avoid utilizing shortened URLs, which many people see as spam and avoid at all costs. The steps for making your own IP logger are outlined here.

A website’s code will gather IP addresses from web requests it receives. If you have access to IP records, you can use any programming language or even a content management system.

To keep costs down, you may host it for free, and low-powered servers will do for an IP logger. Learn about some of the finest free hosting plans available in this post.

To save money, choose a cheap dot com domain from Namecheap or GoDaddy.

After you’ve built up the website, you may entice your target to visit it and have his IP address recorded, which you can then use to gather the IP address from your IP logs.

How to Protect Your IP Address on Twitter

While it is simple to get the IP addresses of Twitter users using the methods described above, you should be aware that you may be supplied with the incorrect IP address.

Many users do not want their IP address to be monitored, therefore they use proxies and VPNs to disguise their IP address and offer online services with a new IP address. If you’re working with someone who uses a proxy or VPN, you won’t be able to determine his actual IP address.

You may also utilize proxies like My Private Proxy, Blazing Proxies, and High Proxies to hide your IP address and protect it from IP loggers and grabbers. Express VPN, Surf Shark, and Nord VPN are three of the finest VPN services available on the market.

Is it Illegal to Look at Someone’s IP Address Without Their Permission?

Even though IP addresses are meant to be unique and may be used to trace a person, you should be aware that they are not private information. Every device connected to the Internet is required to disclose its IP address whenever communication with another device is started. Your IP address is recorded on every website you visit. There is currently no legislation that renders obtaining someone’s IP address unlawful. Finding knowing someone’s IP address is not unlawful for these reasons.


Finding someone’s IP address on Twitter is simple since it requires no technical knowledge-just basic social engineering to persuade the user to click a link. When your target is using a VPN or proxy server, however, you may be misled since the IP address you get is not the same as his actual IP address.