How Do You Unlock Your Twitter Account Without Phone Number

How Do You Unlock Your Account Without The Phone Number

When individuals are locked out of their accounts, Twitter will ask them to re-affirm their identity using a code. This is part of Twitter’s two-step verification procedure, which helps them determine if the person attempting to unlock your account is you.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Requesting a verification code is the simplest method to access your account. Sounds easy enough, but what if you didn’t provide a phone number when you signed up? How do you unlock your Twitter account if you don’t have a phone number to which they can send a verification code?

Why Do Twitter Accounts Become Inaccessible?

There are many ways for a person to be locked out of their Twitter account; in fact, even minor violations of their Terms of Service may result in your account being locked out.

Of course, there are several levels of severity, with the three most prevalent being:

Locked Account: Twitter will aggressively lock you out of all devices, and this is the most frequent scenario. This is typically done when Twitter detects suspicious activity in your account, such as repeated logins with an invalid password or unusually high account activity.

Restricted/Limited Account: These accounts may still be accessible, but you won’t be able to tweet, like, or reshare other people’s tweets. This typically occurs when Twitter suspects your account of spamming.

Suspended Account: This basically implies you’ve been banned from Twitter. A suspension, on the other hand, may be appealed and is often used as a punishment for accounts accused of spreading false news, spam, or harassment.

Again, there are many methods for your account to be limited, so it’s important to check Twitter’s terms of service, as well as its rules and regulations, to ensure that you’re not breaking any restrictions.

Four Alternatives to Using a Phone Number to Unlock Your Twitter Account

Fortunately, there are ways to unlock a locked Twitter account without an active phone number, and they are all acceptable methods (we don’t condone hacking, and neither should you) to persuade Twitter to unlock your account and allow you access again. Among these techniques are:

  1. Using a reputable VOIP service, such as Google Voice (which provides you a virtual phone number)
  2. Using Email, Reset Your Password (your first choice, really)
  3. Completing an Account Restoration Form (this takes some time, but it’s well worth it)
  4. Directly contact Twitter Support.

Use a VOIP service (but there’s a catch).

VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a kind of service that enables users to make localized landline calls via the internet. It is also known as IP telephony. While it may seem to be quite technical, you are most likely already using one: Skype and Google Voice are two of the most popular online VoIP services. Most VoIP services are free, but premium ones include additional features such as a functional phone number, text messaging, and so on.

But there’s a catch: most, if not all, VoIP’s, including Skype, aren’t recognized by Twitter. Because hackers and spammers’ methods are continuously changing, Twitter has forced to do the same and block most VoIP’s due to their lack of security. Twitter, on the other hand, still recognizes Google Voice, with a Google Voice number often being recognized upon sign-up. That’s because Google enables SMS to be sent to the Voice number that they create, and Google is one of the most reputable businesses out there.

If you’ve been locked out of your account, try signing up for a (free) Google Voice number and using it as your Twitter verification code. It generally works, however certain phone numbers generated by Google Voice aren’t accepted by Twitter (many complain about Twitter claiming it’s an unsupported phone number), so you may have to try several times. However, if it works, Google Voice will get the verification SMS that Twitter sends, and you will be able to access your account again.

Using Your Email, Reset Your Password

When attempting to get access to your restricted Twitter account, this should be your first choice. Simply locate and click on the “reset password” option on the login page. If you don’t have a cell phone, enter your recovery email instead (just make sure it was the same one you used during signup). When you’re finished, Twitter will send you an email with a temporary password to use to access your restricted account. Once you’ve logged in, you may change the password to something more personal.

Completing an Account Restoration Form (Or Contact Twitter Support)

Anyone attempting to regain full access to a locked Twitter account may use the Account Restoration Form. You may do so by going to the Twitter Help area and requesting it. In that form, you’ll be given a few questions to confirm you identify as the account’s original owner, including your original login information.

This takes some time since the form is very long, and the response time may be lengthy because it is checked individually by human operators.

If all else fails, don’t be hesitant to reach out to Twitter directly. Their Twitter Support website has a series of questions that will take you through the process of getting your password reset and regaining access to your restricted account. It’s the same procedure as completing the account restoration form, although it may take a bit longer.


You’re not alone, thankfully: people get locked out of their Twitter accounts all the time, typically temporarily and seldom permanently. A user may be locked out for a variety of reasons, including alleged spamming and uploading objectionable material, as well as something as easy as signing up for a Twitter account before reaching the age of 13. They are that rigorous.

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