How Safe Is To Use Your Real Name As Id On Twitter

How Safe Is to Use Your Real Name as Id on Twitter

A Twitter handle is the name you’ll need to sign up for the site. It begins with @ and is also known as a username. Because this name serves as an account identifier, it is unique to each Twitter user. No one else can use your Twitter username. When you log in to your Twitter ID on the web browser, it also displays at the end of your Twitter URL.

If your Twitter username is ‘Tec prevue,’ your ID will be @techprevue, and your URL will be

Your Twitter handles are not the same as your Twitter names. Other profiles with the same display name as yours are permitted, but no two Twitter accounts are permitted to have the same username. Here are a few more distinctions between the two –

Username on Twitter Display Name on Twitter.

Take, for instance, Display Name.

A Twitter user’s handle is their unique identification, while their display name is their personal identity. Even if you don’t use your actual name in your Twitter IDs, you may include it in your display name so that others can easily recognize your account.

The Importance of a Twitter Handle/Username

Whether you’re using Twitter for personal or professional reasons, your handle is an important element of your profile. It plays an important part in the social media marketing of your company. Here’s why it’s so important to choose the right username:

Professionalism will be shown by a good username.

It makes it simple to find or reference your Twitter profile.

It provides printed marketing materials a clean appearance.

Not only that, but it makes it simple for followers to remember and recall usernames while looking up your profile on the internet.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Twitter Handle?

Another well-known social media site is Twitter. People use it to update news, express their thoughts, beliefs, and support for any movement, in addition to sharing memorable experiences. Check out our insider’s guide to signing up for Twitter. You will seem more professional if you choose a distinctive and sophisticated username. Here are some pointers to help you choose the ideal Twitter handle —

  1. Make the name as short and simple as possible.

The first and most important thing to remember when choosing a Twitter handle is to keep it brief. Users on Twitter are limited to 280 characters in their posts. If someone uses your lengthy username to mention you in a post, the number of characters will be reduced even further.

  1. Make use of the original name

If you’re creating a profile for your brand or company, we recommend using your actual name. If your necessary title has already been taken, you may add terms like ‘HQ’ or ‘Inc’ to distinguish your account. You may also use a nickname to accomplish the same goal.

Maintain a consistent username

Having the same name across several social media sites may help you in a variety of ways. The most important benefit is that it will make it simple for your fans to locate or recognize you across various platforms.

Don’t Use Numbers or Underscores

Using unusual letters or numerals in your username may help you stand out (if your favorite one is not available). However, it makes it difficult for your followers to pronounce or remember your Twitter username.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

You may believe that cramming keywords into your tweets would make it easier to find you on Twitter. However, cramming terms into your Twitter IDs makes it difficult to distinguish them from spammer accounts.

Be cautious while using the terms ‘The Real’ or ‘Official.’

Some celebrities’ Twitter accounts may have used the phrase ‘the genuine.’ Some false account owners use them to draw attention to their profile in order to get more followers. You must authenticate your Twitter account in order for your profile to stand out among the spammers.




 Claim the Name Right Away

When your company or brand concept is still in the early stages, you may claim your chosen Twitter handle. Check for availability on several platforms and, if it is, create accounts on each of them. The number of choices available is determined by how fast you make a selection. If it doesn’t work out, you may remove the account forever.

Use the same spelling throughout.

Keep the spellings of your original name and your Twitter handle the same. Instead of altering the spelling of your name, you may use your initials to shorten or personalize it. Because various spellings may easily confuse your followers and make it difficult to find your profile, this is the case.

Don’t Use Any Private Information

Avoid using personal or sensitive information in your Twitter usernames, such as your date of birth, year, or zip code. Some platforms may need users to provide their date of birth in order to verify their ownership. As a result, disclosing this information to the public may expose you to hackers.

Don’t Use Inappropriate Phrases

Use no words in your Twitter handle that have an ambiguous meaning or are insulting to others. It will give your profile a misleading impression, particularly in front of your coworkers or friends.

Include your occupation.

To create the ideal Twitter name, combine words relevant to your job or service (given by your company or brand) with your actual name. When a user searches for the same service, it will be much easier to discover your profile.

Ideas for Business and Personal Branding on Twitter

Twitter is used by millions of individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and humor, as well as to promote their business or product. As a result, it’s not unusual to discover that your preferred Twitter usernames are being utilized by someone else. And, as you may be aware, no two Twitter users may have the same username or handle. So, what should you do if your preferred Twitter handle is already taken?

Here are a few pointers:

Ideas for a Twitter handle for a business account

Add Inc or HQ: These words may be added to your business or brand name to set your account apart from others. It will also give your company profile a more professional appearance and allow you to reach out to a wider audience.

Include The: Another smart way to make your profile stand out is to add ‘the’ before your brand or business name.

If your business has several branches in various areas, you may utilize the location in the username to distinguish them. It will also assist the user in identifying and selecting the appropriate account for his location.

Domain Names: Adding domain names that are spelt out can also assist to attract people. It will also be simple for consumers to remember and recall.

If your business offers customer support services or you are establishing an account for the same reason, adding words like ‘ask,’ ‘get,’ ‘join,’ or ‘help’ to the username will assist you. Customers will be able to recognize the profile right away.

Ideas for a Twitter handle for a personal account

Add Initials: Using your username’s initials as part of your username is a smart approach to keep it brief and distinguish it from other accounts.

Put ‘I am’ or ‘this is’: To make your name stand out, add the words I am before it. It’s like proudly introducing oneself on Twitter with the greatest handle.

Use Your First or Last Name: If your entire name is too lengthy and repetitious, you may use your first or last name instead. Instead, it will create a new picture for your profile.

Add ‘official’ or ‘the genuine’: To make your name stand out, use words like official or the real before it. Use it with caution, since it has the potential to make your profile seem spammy.

Final Thoughts

smart way to utilize your chosen username is to add an alphabet to the end or beginning of your Twitter handle. However, don’t use more than two repeating letters in your username; else, it will look unprofessional.

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