How To Block Someone On Linkedin

As one of the most popular online platforms for making professional and business connections, LinkedIn has transformed the world of networking. Though LinkedIn is often a useful and enjoyable platform, unfortunately you may come across individuals who you would like to block from seeing your content and from seeing your profile. Learning how to block someone on LinkedIn is a useful step for ensuring a positive and controlled networking experience. This article provides a helpful overview of blocking on Linkedin, outlining the steps and potential points of caution to consider.

1. Introduction to Blocking and Unblocking of Contacts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, by far the largest professional platform of its kind, allows users to freely manage connections and contact other professionals. In order to maintain an orderly networking platform and ensure a satisfactory user experience, LinkedIn has an effective system of blocking and unblocking contacts.

  • Blocking a contact on LinkedIn prevents them from messaging you, helping them to view your profile, or interaction with your profile in any way.
  • Unblocking a contact on LinkedIn allows them to interact with you and view your profile.

Whether you wish to permanently block some contacts or temporarily limit interactions, blocking and unblocking contacts on LinkedIn is quite straightforward. The platform allows you to easily access both features and add or remove contacts to either your blocked list or connections.

2. Steps for Blocking a Contact on LinkedIn

Muting a Contact on LinkedIn

If you don’t wish to unfollow an individual on LinkedIn, you can mute all their activities. To do so:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account.
  • Locate the contact you wish to mute and click on their profile.
  • Look for the ‘Following’ icon which has three dots beside it on the right side of the profile.
  • Select ‘Mute’ when the list of options drops down.

The contact’s posts, stories and other activities will no longer appear in your feed. This also applies to private message notifications – the user will not be notified about any of your reactions or comments to their posts.

You can always unmute the contact again from their profile, if you ever decide to follow the individual again.

3. Understanding Why You Might Want to Block Someone on LinkedIn

It may seem like a difficult decision, but people sometimes need to block someone from viewing their profile on LinkedIn. To make it easier to understand why, here are a few good reasons for doing so:

  • Safety & Privacy – By blocking someone from viewing your profile, you add an extra layer of protection. This can help to ensure your safety and the safety of your data.
  • Preventing Harassment – Are you receiving unwanted messages or being harassed by someone on the platform, then it might be best to just block that person completely.
  • Trying to Move On – Sometimes blocking someone on LinkedIn can help you to move on and away from the past – it helps to end all contact and makes it very clear that you do not want to interact in the future.

Of course, some people may take steps to circumvent the block and still try to contact you, so it’s important to remember that blocking is not a foolproof way to keep people from reaching out. However, it can be very effective in most cases.

Remember that when it comes to managing your professional profile, it can be beneficial to sometimes take control of who views and interacts with it. Blocking someone on LinkedIn is a good way to do that when the situation calls for it and should always be an option that is kept in mind if necessary.

4. Unblocking a Contact on LinkedIn

If you want to unblock anyone from your LinkedIn contacts list, it is possible to do so. In order to unblock someone who has been blocked from viewing your profile, messages, or recommendation requests, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the account belonging to the person that you have blocked by clicking on their name in your network or searching their name in the LinkedIn search bar.
  • Step 2: Click on the drop-down arrow next to the message button and select “View profile.”
  • Step 3: Scroll down to the “Unblock [Name]” section of the profile and click on it.

Once the “Unblock [Name]” button has been clicked, that individual will be unblocked from your contacts list, and free to view your profile, send you messages, and/or request recommendations. It is important to note that this does not delete the contact from your list, but rather it only changes within your account the visibility of that contact.

5. Keeping Professional Etiquette in Mind when Blocking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform, used by individuals and businesses to build their presence in the industry, share updates and gain contacts. Blocking is an effective tool to filter content that you may not want to be exposed to, or weed out users from following you. Therefore, it is important to keep proper etiquette in mind when blocking someone on the platform.

To minimise any possible misunderstandings, it is best to keep communications professional when performing a block. For example, if a user is bothering you with inappropriate messages or out of context conversations, let them know directly by messaging them that you have decided to block them and if there is anything they need to do, such as stop sending messages, be clear about it. This way, the user will understand why you have taken the decision and it is less likely to breeding resentment.

It is also recommended to be selective in who you block. Always think twice before deciding to block a contact who could potentially be beneficial to you in the future. Eliminating potential business development partners who could be instrumental in your growth is not a good long term strategy. As LinkedIn is a platform to build and nurture relationship, consider opting instead to simply hide/remove them from your contacts list or changing your privacy settings.

Blocking someone on LinkedIn is a useful tool that ensures your privacy and prevents those you may not want to connect with from contacting you. By following the instructions above, you can make sure that you are managing your online presence and interactions safely and securely.

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